Games With Over A 90 On Metacritic That Never Got Sequels

So many games that people consider the greatest games of all time are either sequels or spawned long-running franchises. This differs from films, where many of the most critically acclaimed and enduring works are one-offs that stand on their own as a complete statement. Where are such games?

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They’re rare, but there are some games that have cemented their place as iconic classics in history without being part of a franchise. The following games all have a Metascore rating above 90 and never continued their stories. Developers have in most cases created other games, but the game stands on its own and players can enjoy it without additional context.


10/10 trip (92)

Before almost every developer tried to make their own multiplayer modes unique, Trip found a way to make cooperative play more special by cutting off players’ ability to communicate clearly.

As they wander through the game, players will encounter strangers controlled by another player throughout the world. They help each other, fight and overcome the game’s obstacles without exchanging a word. Not being able to speak makes the interaction even more special.

9/10 Okami (93)

Hideki Kamiya is known for directing intense, stylish action games bayonet and Devil May Cry. However, it also has more variety in its catalog, like the traditional adventure game Okami.

It has a lot that people will find familiar with action/adventure games, but with the added feature of the brush for solving puzzles. This is accompanied by a beautiful and timeless watercolor art style. The title is notable for not selling well despite the overwhelming critical acclaim.

8/10 Shadow of the Colossus (91)

You could call Shadow of the Colossus an open world game, but it wouldn’t accurately describe its atmosphere. In fact, the vast emptiness of the play area plays into the game’s themes. The world is essentially lifeless save for a few birds, lizards, and the giants that players are tasked with killing.

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The moral ambiguity of the goal builds and builds with each colossus slain to its dramatic conclusion. There’s no need for this game to have a sequel when its concept says all it has to say over the course of a title. Also, the PS4 received a visually stunning remake.

7/10 Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem (92)

Developer Silicon Knights is no more, but their legacy lives on in this psychological thriller for the Nintendo GameCube. It doesn’t rely on jump scares or grotesque violence, instead using the medium to freak out players.

It’s normal to walk around the field and see the player’s head chip off immediately. Furthermore, the game behaves as if the memory card is corrupted and will delete every file, proving that it understands what gamers fear most.

6/10 braid (93)

weave builds his puzzles around time. This is a cool concept in itself, but the narrative tells an interesting story that makes the player question the heroes’ intentions.

Some of the puzzles are extremely obtuse, but all are cleverly designed. Released 2008, weave also marked a revolution in independent gambling. It proved that a smaller studio could make something and get as much mainstream attention as a triple-A title.

5/10 Tramp Story (92)

While vagabond story While it is a standalone title, it is set in an established universe. Ivalice is the same setting as Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII. However, it is difficult to see connections between the two. They are not spin-offs, they just take place in the same setting.

The gameplay is also completely different. vagabond story is a dungeon crawler with stunning 3D graphics. Combat is also extremely unique and involves rhythmic inputs as opposed to a simple turn-based system.

4/10 Grim Fandango (94)

Older adventure games might be a bit difficult for newer players, but that doesn’t stop there Grim fandango from one of the most famous games of the 1990s.

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It’s also one of the last great adventure games of its time. Due to low sales, the genre slowly disappeared at the beginning of the next millennium. Fortunately, players can still play Grim fandango thanks to its remaster on modern platforms.

3/10 Celestial (92)

Celeste comes from the same developer as Towerfall: Rise. Instead of a fun party game about shooting arrows at other players, players play Celeste must navigate to the top of a mountain in traditional platform fashion.

Players will be aided by the ability to charge mid-air, but otherwise the gameplay should be familiar to most. This simplicity is paired with a dramatically impactful narrative that will stay with players long after the story is complete

2/10 Icon (90)

Aside from being a visual spectacle early on in the life of the PlayStation 2, icon was also a revelation in terms of gameplay. Players escort a princess through the game’s environments, solving easy puzzles along the way.

They cannot communicate with each other and the princess’s dialogue is not subtitled until the second playthrough. However, this is not important and does nothing to break the connection between players and Yorda. Just like Agro in Shadow of the Colossusbond grows through gameplay rather than through cinematics and verbal communication.

1/10 Bloodborne (92)

Even when it comes to the extremely high standards of developer FromSoftware, bloodborne manages to shine and excel. The subtle gameplay changes from the Dark Souls Games enforce a more aggressive approach to gameplay with a focus on confrontational combat and parrying.

The beautiful art style also sets it apart from the developer’s other games. Fans still rejoice in games like elden ring and Sekirobut they would love nothing more than a proper sequel.

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