Games That Use Quick Time Events Well

Whether a player hates them or loves them, Quick Time Events are now a part of gaming. Quick time events are considered by many to be gaming’s buzz killington. The groove is set, the boss is on the ropes, and then everything suddenly grinds to a halt as on-screen buttons start blinking. Not only does this stop the action, but it can often diminish the sense of achievement for defeating a difficult opponent or mission.

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Not all quick-time events are bad, however. Sometimes developers figure out how to fit them into the game in a way that adds to the action and sense of urgency. As such, quite a few games have been improved with Quick Time Events over the years. Some entries will cover an entire game franchise known for quick time events but will focus on one title in the series that has handled quick time events well.


10/10 Shenmue series

Mention is required by law shen mue Play in an article about Quick Time Events. This game handles almost every challenge with a quick time event. What’s surprising is how Sega managed to keep a game full of fast-paced events from repeating itself.

The games in this trilogy are overloaded with fast time events. This will get the player used to being ready to hit a random key when it starts flashing on the screen. This can get tricky as there are some quick events that the player doesn’t need to pass (ignore) in order to progress.

9/10 Asura’s Wrath

This game is quite unique and is more of an interactive comic book or anime series than a game. None of that means Asura’s Wrath is a bad game…sometimes weird is good. There are lengthy cutscenes followed by intense action sequences.

What earned this game a spot on this list is how good it is The fast time events draw the player into the action, instead of invoking the opposite reaction. There are standard beat ’em up sequences that play out like many third-person action games, but where this game shines is in the quick-time events.

8/10 Batman Arkham series

That Batman Arkham series is known for many things, but their Quick Time Events are not one of them. Many of the fast-paced events in the series seemed forced; like battering the shark (literally). Arkham City. However, the Joker fights his way through Arkham origins is a great scene with some very satisfying quick time events.

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This series is making this list due to a fast time event in particular – the parrying system. When Batman is surrounded by enemies, one of them will inevitably attack. When this happens, a series of wavy lines will appear around her head. This is an indicator for the player to quickly press the parry key to parry the attack.

7/10 Resident Evil 4

How good are the quick time events in Resident Evil 4 implemented? So good that this is still considered the best of the series despite being full of it. Some of these, like the bouldering sequences, are a bit tedious and perhaps should have been left out (or at least shortened).

Lots of quick time events in Resident Evil 4 are a combination of Jump Scare and Quick Time Event. Even if the player knows or suspects what’s about to happen, it’s silent normal to get a little adrenaline rush from some events. There is one quick event that earned this game a spot on this list. This is the epic knife fight with Krauser.

6/10 Defeat

There are many players considering the quick time events Defeat to be the best in gaming. Whether that’s true is up to the individual player, but they’re certainly unforgettable. Vanquish is perhaps the most overlooked game of the seventh generation of consoles. It was known for fast-paced action and huge bosses that take a while to defeat.

When the massive bosses are about to be defeated, the player has the option to perform a finishing maneuver that plays out as a fast timed event. The showdown with Bogey Alpha and Bravo ends with one of the most satisfying quick time events while playing.

5/10 South Park: Stick of Truth

There are two types of quick-time events in the South Park: The Stick of Truth. The most common are the quick-time events of the combat system Allow the player character to use special attacks in battle. The best example of this type is fart magic; The image above this entry shows Randy teaching the player this technique.

The other type is the standard quick-time event, where the action stops to force the player to press a button on the controller. These aren’t too bad in this game due to the comedy of nature surrounding many of these events – some of which are quite racy (and hilarious).

4/10 wolves among us

Pretty much everyone Treacherous Game could have been listed here instead wolves among us. They all contain their fair share of quick-time events, and with few exceptions, they’re all well implemented in the games. Similar to Asura’s WrathTelltale’s games are both interactive movies and games.

Many of the conflicts in wolves among us are completed via successful quick-time events; However, the player does not have to perform every feat perfectly in every event. This game is different from other Telltale games advanced quick-time events this can take several minutes.

3/10 Yakuza series

When a quicktime event begins in a game, the usual response is often, “Really…a quicktime event?”. This is rarely a player’s reaction when playing a game in the yakuza Series; all of which are full of such events. Many of these are fast-paced action sequences that actually represent something new, a challenge for quick-time events.

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Yakuza 0 is the game in the series that is probably the most praised for its quick time events. Most of them are elongated cinematic action sequences that have the feel of a Tarantino film.

That metal gears Franchise is another one known for its fast paced event sequences. However, there is one game in the franchise that has taken the use of quick time events to the next level. Metal Gear Rising: Revenge. The driving soundtrack certainly helps to make these events more exciting and memorable.

Few games are like that good at combining standard combat encounters with quick-time events like this one. A few notable quick time events are the fights against MG RAY, Jetstream Sam and Senator Armstrong. All three of these fights are so epic that players will immediately want to repeat them.

1/10 God of War series

Many gamers first got into the game with quicktime events from the games God of War Series. The player fights bosses with normal gameplay and then gets the chance to punish the bosses with quick time events. Unlike many such events in games where God of War games that are extremely rewarding watch.

A special Quick Time Event in this series is being hailed by players as one of the best Quick Time Events of all time – the end of the Poseidon fight God of War 3. This sequence is particularly brutal, at least for Poseidon.

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