Games Like Turbo Golf Racing

Rocket League has become one of the most popular sports games. Adding cars to a soccer game turned out to be a brilliant move that helped take the game’s fun factor to a whole new level. Now Rocket League is one of the most popular esports games out there, with the gameplay loop remaining relatively unchanged years after the game’s release.

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It seems that adding cars to any sport can make it endlessly interesting, which is the idea behind Turbo Golf Racing. This game wears its inspiration on its sleeve and lets players channel the fun and mayhem of Rocket League, but in a game of speed golf instead. Turbo Golf Racing fans should check out the following titles to enjoy a similar experience.


10 Motor Storm: Apocalypse

The Motorstorm series of racing games on PS3 has been pretty excellent and it’s a shame more people aren’t talking about it. The first Motorstorm game was great, and its two sequels were pretty decent too.

With Motorstorm: Apocalypse, however, the series got truly epic with its racing vehicles. Having to avoid natural disasters, wars and the like in this destructive title made for a great time where every race felt really dynamic and immersive.

9 burnout paradise

Burnout Paradise is one of the very best games in this popular series. If you have either Xbox Game Pass or an EA Play subscription, you’ll have constant access to this brilliant title that deserves all the love and more.

In this game, chasing through levels and taking out racers is a lot of fun. It’s a gameplay loop that never stops being entertaining and shows why so many people love playing Burnout Paradise.

8th Mario Golf: Super Rush

Mario Golf: Super Rush features Speed ​​Golf very similar to the chaos found in Turbo Golf Racing. That being said, there’s no denying that Super Rush doesn’t justify its price point given the sheer content of the game.

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That being said, playing through Mario Golf: Super Rush is still a blast when everything clicks. You still get everything that makes a quick round of golf great, with a Mario twist to top it off.

7 Grand Theft Auto Online

The sheer chaos of Grand Theft Auto Online makes it a perfect candidate for games similar to Turbo Golf Racing. Of course, there’s a lot more stuff to get your hands on in this mode, but this entry is purely focused on racing.

The amazing driving mechanics of Grand Theft Auto 5 has helped the multiplayer shine with the sheer number of races and other game modifications for vehicle enthusiasts. You’ll love hurtling through the tracks trying to bring down your competitors in these high-octane competitions.

6 Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

The idea of ​​turning a game show into a massively multiplayer experience is something people should have thought of a lot sooner. Fall Guys used that first mover advantage to great effect with this brilliant game.

Each segment of Fall Guys features matches that eliminate contestants until there is an ultimate winner. It’s a great gameplay loop that shows why gamers love Fall Guys so much.

5 Mario Kart 8 deluxe

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a kart racer that’s chock-full of content you should check out. It’s by far the best racing game on the Nintendo Switch.

With numerous characters, vehicles, maps, game modes, and everything else along the same lines, it’s easy to see why so many people love Mario Kart 8. This kart racing series has been brilliant throughout and makes for many memorable moments between friends.

Most people fondly remember Twisted Metal’s destructive gameplay. The fact that this series hasn’t seen a modern take is downright a crime.

It will be a great loss for the gaming industry if this series becomes a forgotten relic of the past. The large number of unforgettable characters and the adrenaline-pumping gameplay of this series deserve a faithful revival.

3 ForzaHorizon 5

Forza Horizon 5 was a monumental success at launch, partly due to the game’s inclusion in Xbox Game Pass. The sheer variety of races, a beautiful open world, and tight racing mechanics all contributed to the extremely positive critical reception and commercial performance.

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You can try different types of cars while racing through the many tracks of this title. Forza Horizon 5 is simply a must-read for racing game fans who want to see what the next step in this industry really is.

2 Carmagedon

Speaking of classic racing games akin to a demolition derby, Carmageddon cannot be overlooked. This violent title contained so much blood at the time that it had to be censored in many countries.

Replacing human pedestrians with zombies is a hilarious piece of censorship that has become iconic. If you’re feeling nostalgic about a violent racing game, you’ll have loads of fun with Carmageddon.

1 rocket league

Given how much praise Rocket League received early on in this list, it was only a matter of time before it showed up. It is the most obvious and fitting recommendation for Turbo Golf Racing fans.

The sheer chaos that can ensue during a match is what makes Rocket League an absolute blast. If you’re a fan of multiplayer arcade racing games with a touch of soccer, you’ll have a lot of fun with this title.

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