Forgotten PS2 Simulation Games

That PlayStation 2 is a popular era in video gaming history as it saw the rise of Sony in the console space and the launch of some of the biggest gaming franchises that remain popular to this day. However, there were so many games on the console that it’s easy to forget some that came out.

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Looking back at this generation, simulation games were neither at their peak nor very popular. As such, there are some experiences in this genre that are easy to forget almost two decades after their release.


7/7 All Star Baseball 2002

Before San Diego Studio began its journey as the sole developer of the premier MLB game, there were other studios that had worked with the extremely valuable license for some time. Among them was the now-defunct Acclaim Sports, which plays games like All Star Baseball 2002.

A critically forgotten entry in the plethora of baseball video games. The entry includes all 30 teams, which players can use in both exhibition matches and full seasons. The unique feature of this game was its Hall of Fame team, which included famous retired players who had been inducted at Cooperstown.

6/7 bass beat

While it tends to be a minor mechanic in games these days, fishing games seemed to be more popular and common when the PlayStation 2 was around. One of the less popular simulators to come out during this period was bass beat.

Published by the original THQ, bass beat Advertised as a game that, with its “beautiful graphics” and high-stakes action, Bass Masters Tournament Trail would take fishing to the next level and challenged players to try to be the best in the sport.

5/7 dog life

Technically an adventure game, dog life is one of the few games out there that actually puts players in control of a normal dog doing things that normal dogs do, which is why the game felt like a simulation too.

The story revolves around Jake on his journey to rescue fellow dogs who were accidentally kidnapped while trying to find the exact reason behind it. Along the way, he digs up bones, finds random foods to eat, and participates in challenges that ultimately make him a hero.

4/7 The Urbz: Sims in the City

One of the most popular simulation games out there is EA The Sims Series. For years, the series made its mark on PC, but in the early 2000s it began releasing a few spin-off games exclusively on consoles. The Urbz: Sims in the City was among them.

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unlike most sims games, The Urbz actually had a story centered around the player character’s increasing popularity, taking on villains in every district of the game environment. Also, the game features both the members of Black Eyed Peas as characters, as well as some original music sung by the group and translated into Simlish.

3/7 city ​​crisis

It’s always fun to be the hero in dangerous situations, but it’s rare for players to do so while always in a helicopter. city ​​crisis provided an opportunity to get behind the controls of the plane and do some really wild things with it too.

The premise of city ​​crisis puts players in control of a rescue helicopter that can do almost anything. Missions include putting out fires with an attachment that sprays water and rescuing people from dire situations. The goal of each mission is different, and there is a time limit, which means there is a lot of pressure to understand a situation and approach it accurately.

2/7 Odyssey of Heaven

Many forgotten simulation games on the PlayStation 2 are the ones that didn’t get good reception at launch, but Cross’ Odyssey of Heaven was so well received, in fact, that some outlets even argued that the game should be a must-have in every library.

The game follows a mission-based structure that requires players to fly through fictional locations in borderline dangerous conditions. While this is happening, objects such as artifacts and pieces of a map can be found throughout the area. There are many modes, from free flight to the sky canvas mode that challenges players to write words in the sky.

1/7 sub rebellion

Since several games have been treated with airplanes, it’s worth noting that some PS2 games came out that featured the exact opposite: underwater traversal. One of the most intriguing titles with a deeper plot than usual sub rebellion.

A spiritual successor to the arcade game On the hunt, Sub Rebellion focuses on exploring the underwater area, collecting weapons and using them to attack enemies trying to bring down the player-controlled submarine. It takes place in the year 2145 in a world almost completely submerged thanks to apocalyptic events.

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