Extension Cord Gauge Meaning

Extension Cord Gauge Meaning. Instead. gauge refers to the thickness of the wires inside the extension cord. To determine the cords capacity. consider the cord length along with the wire gauge.

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However. don’t get this confused with the actual thickness of the cord itself (though the thicker the gauge. the thicker the cable. to an extent). 16 gauge=light duty 14 gauge=medium duty 12 gauge=heavy duty 10 gauge=very heavy duty Use the following list to select the proper gauge extension cord.

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Common household extension cords are available in 16 gauge (smallest). 14 gauge. 12 gauge. and 10 gauge (biggest). Most devices will do fine with 12 gauge extension cords.

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Wire gauge is the measure of the diameter of the metal conductors in the extension cord. The lower a gauge is. the thicker the wire’s diameter is.

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One o means the jacket is resistant to oil. Most people have several extension cords they keep on hand for this purpose.

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Thicker diameter wires can take more current without overheating. But. you also do something worse.

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Regarding this. which is better 12 gauge or 14 gauge extension cord? One o means the jacket is resistant to oil.

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The gauge determines whether or not the cord will work for your application. For example. to provide the power required to operate a microwave or a refrigerator. two appliances that draw a lot of power. you need an extension cord that can deliver the necessary power.

Whenever You Use An Extension Cord. You’ll Need To Know What Gauge It Is.

The lower a gauge is. the thicker the wire’s diameter is. When choosing the length and the gauge of the extension cord. your main concern will be what you will be using the extension cord for. Extension cords for heavy duty jobs are different than your average lightweight extension cord.

Keep In Mind. The Lower The Gauge Means The Thicker The Cord.

More information about amps. watts and how extension cords work: Awg means american wire gauge. If the plug and power outlet are of different types. the term adapter cord may be used.

Common Extension Cord Wire Gauges Are:

Power hungry devices such as lawnmowers. heavy machines. require a lower gauge such as 10awg. The wire is coated in pvc. It is an easy way to make an extension cord as good as new at a much lower cost than complete replacement.

Gauge Is A Numerical Rating Of Copper Wire Diameter And Is Identified By An American Wire Gauge (Awg) Number.

Use an extension cord that doesn’t carry the correct thickness (gauge) wire and you “starve” your tool. Thicker diameter wires can take more current without overheating. How many watts will a 14 gauge extension cord handle?

It Designates The Size Of The Coppper Wire In An Extension Cord.

If your tool load is between 10 and 15 amps and the length of the cord is 50 to 100 feet.. So. a number like ‘12 3’ means the cord has 12 gauge diameter wire and 3 wires. Click to see full answer.