Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising Spearheads Bite-Size RPGs

We somehow made it to the end of 2022, so with that in mind, let’s celebrate some of the best games to launch in the last 12 months. This time we talk about how Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising makes the case for a new generation of small RPGs.

To be honest, it’s a bit odd to celebrate Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising considering it’s the game I started playing around the same time I finally got COVID. Those first few hours felt like a haze of cutscenes punctuated by nauseating coughing fits, but somehow I came out of my time playing Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising feeling positive. No, those weren’t the tests.

2022 was full of RPGs, because between Elden Ring, Citizen Sleeper, both Pokémon titles, Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and Harvestella, under a few hours, the genre was already quite crowded. In situations like this, it can be harder for smaller niche titles like Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising to find a foothold, but somehow this game pulls it off by almost feeling like a micro-RPG rather than a grand 60-hour adventure.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rise
Eiyuden Chronicle: Rise

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising has all the trappings of a standard RPG as you form a party, go on quests, slay monsters, and level up both your stats and gear. However, Eiyuden works a little differently by restricting the plot to the events of a small town. You play as an adventurer drawn to a growing city to scour the ruins for treasure and personal riches, but along the way you’re bound to help the city’s facilities grow.

While most of the game’s formula boils down to fetching and killing quests, which can get a bit repetitive, the small scale of Eiyuden Chronicle’s world and incredibly generous fast travel system means you can generally complete even any side quest fairly quickly if you need to do a little sanding for some of the items. What could have been a confusingly boring series of quests turns into a lightning-fast series of quest clearing and tons of experience. You’d better get used to hearing the level up jingle.

Honestly, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising isn’t the most original game out there. It’s a solid game with decent combat mechanics, beautiful graphics, and charming characters. Any other year it might have just slipped by as another decent RPG ultimately lost in your backlog, but Eiyuden Chronicle’s smaller scale works to its advantage.

Eiyuden Chronicle: Rise
Eiyuden Chronicle: Rise

As we all get older, time becomes more precious and life finds a way to get in our way, it becomes less and less possible to pour ungodly time into massive RPGs, which is why a game like Eiyuden Chronicle has incredible value : rising. I was able to 100% play the entire game in less than 20 hours while still enjoying the full RPG experience of becoming more powerful as you play. As much as there are loads of fetch quests, it feels like there’s very little filler as well.

While Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising can never compete qualitatively with games like Elden Ring and Xenoblade Chronicles 3, both of which are fairly well represented at award shows and GOTY lists, Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising occupies its own place as a micro-RPG, and it is a Trend I would like to continue into 2023.

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