Devin Booker to return on Christmas Day after missing last three games

It was, of course, another opportunity for Booker to maintain ties with the city he has represented for the past eight years. That, as well as some of his Latino heritage, which comes from his Mexican-American mother. His grandfather was born in Los Nogales, Mexico, right on the Texas border. Booker has said in the past that this was much easier for him in Phoenix, a city with a population that is 42.7% Hispanic or Latino, where he can feel that culture. “It’s always been my plan,” Booker said of his connection to the city and his Latino roots. “Being down here near the arena, I feel like she’s here more than ever. And you can feel the love, you can feel the passion. It’s in the arena every night. These are the original Phoenix Suns.” -via Arizona sports site / December 24, 2022