Damar Hamlin to watch Bills game from hospital as teams, players honor him before Week 18

Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin remains hospitalized after suffering cardiac arrest on the field Monday, but his presence will be felt everywhere Sunday as the NFL wraps up its final games of the regular season.

As players began preparing for the 1:00 PM ET games, one thing was clear: everyone was talking about Damar. Many of them wore Hamlin’s Bills jersey as they headed into their respective dressing rooms, sending him love before the stadium doors even opened.

Baltimore Ravens safety Geno Stone, who played youth soccer with Hamlin in the Pittsburgh area and ran against him on the stretch in high school, echoed his childhood friend by wearing his jersey.

Sauce Gardner, Tyler Boyd and Cam Taylor-Britt wore Hamlin’s jersey while warming up on the field.

And of course, the Bills players were all decked out in Hamlin gear.

Other players and coaches wore the t-shirts in honor of Hamlin during the warm-up.

Hamlin caught Bill’s QB Josh Allen in his jersey as the Bills tweeted a video and was so thrilled he had to post his thoughts.

Hamlin will be aware of that. He has made remarkable strides since collapsing on the field on Monday as the Bills played the Bengals. His breathing tube was removed and he is now talking and tweeting. He FaceTimed with the Bills Friday and told his teammates that he loves them.

The NFL has also reportedly been working on wiring Hamlin’s hospital room so he can Watch the Bills play their final regular season game.

There were also several other honors. The teams sketch the number 3 on their pitches.

Sarah Taylor, the wife of Bengals coach Zac Taylor, asked her children’s classmates if they wanted to make cards for Hamlin. This resulted in 53 schools in the Cincinnati area writing cards for Hamlin, who received all of those cards on Friday.

The Highmark Stadium ambulance added a new damar decoration to its rear windows.

Just under two hours before the first games started, Hamlin tweeted video of the Bills running through the tunnel at Highmark Stadium and said he wished he could be with them on Sunday. But even if Hamlin isn’t physically there, his teammates (as well as players in the league) will carry his fighting spirit with them throughout the game.

Buffalo Bills secures Damar Hamlin before the start of the first half of a preseason NFL football game on Saturday, August 28, 2021 in Orchard Park, NY (AP Photo/Joshua Bessex)

Bill’s Safety Damar Hamlin is loved by the whole NFL less than a week after collapsing on the field and suffering cardiac arrest. (AP Photo/Joshua Bessex)