Conor McGregor trashes new UFC games in latest Twitter outburst

Released: 2022-12-23T06:08:08

updated: 2022-12-23T06:08:30

It doesn’t look like two-time UFC game cover star Conor McGregor is the biggest fan of EA’s recent attempts at capturing MMA in video game form, as the Irish megastar just smashed the latest title in an outburst on Twitter.

When it comes to video games centered around the often brutal martial arts of MMA, only a handful of developers have dabbled in it over the years. Most prominently during the PS3 and Xbox 360 era, we’ve seen THQ lead the way with its wildly popular UFC Undisputed series. Since then, EA has carried the torch with the newly launched and simply titled “UFC” games.

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Four entries in this revamped series have been released since 2014, each progressively implementing new features and fighters. After the debut title with Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson on the cover, Conor McGregor was the face of the series for the next two releases.

Despite being the big name that stole the spotlight, the cover athlete doesn’t appear to be a particularly big fan of the games he helped fight for. In fact, McGregor just took the opportunity to address EA’s latest release, UFC 4, amid a flurry of tweets in a Dec. 22 burst.

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While his attention was mostly focused on British YouTuber KSI, a fellow celebrity who happened to fight McGregor’s former training partner Dillon Danis in January, McGregor soon turned his attention to UFC games.

The Irish MMA icon shared a picture of himself playing UFC 2 with none other than KSI and couldn’t help but throw a haymaker at the game’s developer.

“Damn those early UFC games [were] the best,” he said. “The new one is currently garbaiste.” Translated directly into English, this Irish term means “garbage”.

McGregor is clearly not the biggest fan of the latest UFC titles, preferring the undisputed style, perhaps for its action-packed gameplay or even more aggressive fights. The former double champion, who seems to have tried out the newer versions of EA, isn’t quite the biggest fan.

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In previous years, we’ve seen McGregor play Call of Duty in the background of various videos, talk about his teenage streak of lengthy gaming binges, and even have a small villain role in 2015’s Infinite Warfare. He’s obviously an avid gamer himself and no doubt hopes the next UFC game can recapture his former glory.