CD Projekt Red to Test Games on All Platforms Equally Going Forward, Not Just on PC

The launch of Cyberpunk 2077 on the console will be remembered by players for a long time. The release was virtually unprecedented in terms of the game’s shocking state of not appearing to have been literally tested on PS4, and has acquired a sort of mythical status. Where were you the day Cyberpunk 2077 was pulled from PlayStation Store?

In a deep-dive video interviewing CD Project Red developers, CTO Pawel Zawodny explains how the company plans to be more forward-thinking and proactive about game development in the future, avoiding the pitfalls of the past. Zawodny notes that “a major risk in the development process is stability and performance across all target platforms” and that “we test gameplay quality on each platform from the start, not just focusing on the developers’ PC build.”

This is part of CDPR’s proposed better technical practices that the company hopes to implement in future games, including the “Always Working Game Rule,” which aims to ensure all core systems in a game work from the start to allow for constant iteration enable.

The entire video itself is quite an intriguing watch and we hope CDPR has learned from the launch of Cyberpunk and will continue to use these practices in future titles like the Cyberpunk sequel, these two Witcher games and the new IP currently in the Development is implemented. What do you think of the better technical practices proposed by CDPR? Are you ready to let the past rest? Learn to trust again in the comments section below.