Best Games Set In Terrifying Utopian Worlds

Developers like to play with the idea of utopian and dystopian fantasies, typically represented by the intriguing setting of the game. With an immersive story, titles must address the environment they place their fans in to accompany the overall theme presented, which is that of a suffering dystopia or an idealistic utopia. RELATED: The Best … Read more

12 Best Roblox VR Games to Play in 2023 (Free & Paid)

Despite being online for over a decade, Roblox remains an extremely popular platform for sandbox gaming. Aimed at both single players and teams, it has something for everyone. Recently, Roblox has started to introduce VR support for gamers around the world. While we previously talked about how to play VR games on Roblox, today we … Read more

33 Beach Games And Activities For Kids

Beach activities and games are a healthy way to spend your vacation with your kids. So hit the beach with your beach crew and lots of toys to stimulate mental and physical activity! You can try a range of activities, including making bubble wrap starfish, or simply pick up a Liberty Imports beach building set … Read more

Top Three Big 12 Basketball Games for Week of Jan. 30

The next week of the 2022-23 men’s Big 12 basketball season is here. Here we’re highlighting the three games that we think will be the best for the week of January 30th – February 2nd. 5 Baylor in Texas, Monday, 8 p.m. ESPN In a week packed with top-25 matchups, the week kicks off with … Read more

Sci-Fi Movies That Inspired Games

Science fiction is an all-encompassing genre, from future tech to aliens, subgenres like cyberpunk to intergalactic space travel. Many of the world’s most popular franchises, such as war of stars and star trek, are rooted in science fiction. Still, there are also iconic standalone films that captivate and delight audiences, like the groundbreaking classic 2001: … Read more

Islanders’ Mathew Barzal: First goal in 11 games

Barzal scored the winning goal in Saturday’s 2-1 overtime win over the Golden Knights. With 32 seconds remaining when he faked a one-timer, ran into the top right circle and Logan Thompson went to the blocker side. The goal was a welcome relief for Barzal, who has had just one assist in the last 10 … Read more

Best Games With Evil Houses

In life, a villain is almost always a person. In games, however, there is absolute freedom to make villains out of mythical creatures, corporations, super-powered people, or… houses. Whether they are haunted or created to make the hero’s journey even more difficult, some houses in games are more than just scary. RELATED: Is It Still … Read more