Breaking Down UCF Knights Defensive Performance Through 8 Games

Games have come to an end in the 2022 football season for the Knights. That’s two-thirds of the regular season. It’s a good time to assess where the Knights did well and what needs improvement.

With the Knights in the Associated Press Top 25 poll, a few changes to defense could allow the Knights to win the remaining games and the American Athletic Conference Championship Game before playing in a desirable bowl game.

Here are the UCF defensive stats (number is national rank).

Points: 17.6 points allowed per game (16).

total defense: 352 yards allowed per game (40).

Rush: 116.4 yards allowed per game (28).

pass: 235.6 yards per game allowed (75).

Opponent’s first downs: 19.3 allowed per game (49).

bags: 16 total, averaging two per game (76).

Meets Loss: 50 on the season, averaging 6.3 per game (48).

passports broken: 37 times defenders got a pass (17).

intercept: Two passes intercepted (125).

Fiddly restores: Received eight opposing fumbles (48).

third below: Opponent held to convert 33.3% (28).

Fourth down: Opponents converted six out of 18 for 33.3% (12).

red zone: Prevented the opponent from scoring just 62.1% of the time(1), including just eight touchdowns.

Opponent 10-plus-yard gains: Allowed 110 (61).

Opponent 20-plus-yard gains: Allowed 37 (68).