Best Survival Games On PS Plus Extra & Premium

In June 2022, Sony introduced the new version of PlayStationPlus. By combining the previous iteration with PS Now, the tier-based subscription service offers an extensive game library, allowing a user to opt for either PS Plus Extra or Premium. While both of these tiers have PS5 and PS4 games, the latter also has a curated catalog of PS3, PS2, PS1, and PSP classics. Overall, PS Plus offers hundreds of PlayStation games covering almost every genre imaginable.

Survival games have grown in popularity in recent years, often overlapping with other genres such as open world and horror. While these titles occasionally feature storylines, they’re usually at their best when players are left to their own devices as they try to persevere in harsh climates. What are the best survival games on PS Plus?


Stranded deep

platform PS4
release date April 21, 2020
developer beam team
genre First person adventure
Approximate game length (main story) 16 hours
Available with PS Plus Extra Yes

extraction of a page Throw away, Stranded deep abandons players after a plane crashes in the Pacific Ocean. After making their way to one of the map’s islands, survivors must quickly search for resources to stave off things like hunger and thirst.

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Like most survival games Stranded deep very focused on the minute-by-minute action, and the early hours are spent exploring the grounds in search of necessities. Eventually, players will be able to craft more complicated items and build bases, and that’s when the game really picks up steam. Mechanically, Stranded deep is a relatively prototypical entry into the genre, but the aquatic setting helps set it apart.

How to survive 2

platform PS4
release date October 29, 2015
developer EKO software
genre Third-person action-adventure
Approximate game length (main story) 30 hours
Available with PS Plus Extra Yes

How to survive 2 is a pure survival experience, in the sense that the only goal is to exist in a zombie apocalypse. There’s no helicopter waiting atop a building, or a complex narrative pondering whether humans are the real monsters. Whether alone or with a few friends, players will spend their time exploring the map in search of resources, crafting items and strengthening their base of operations to withstand the undead hordes.

As simple as that may sound How to survive 2 successful as it builds on a strong gameplay loop. How to Survive: Storm Warning Edition is also on PS Plus Extra and Premium.

Frostpunk: Console Edition

platform PS4
release date October 11, 2019
developer 11-bit studios
genre urban construction
Approximate game length (main story) 11 hours
Available with PS Plus Extra Yes

In most Survival Games on PS Plus Extra, players just need to protect themselves. However, Frostpunk goes a hundred steps further by putting players in charge of an entire group and soon a city. In a grueling winter, The Captain must manage productivity and morale while making difficult decisions such as B. which buildings should be closest to the steam engine and thus to the heat.

Frostpunk is unforgiving, especially during its opening hours. Mistakes will be made and when things go down the drain, players must decide how far they are willing to go to survive.

This war of mine: the little ones

platform PS4
release date January 29, 2016
developer 11-bit studios, Deep Silver
genre strategy
Approximate game length (main story) 10 hours
Available with PS Plus Extra Yes

This war of mine: the little ones is staggering. Death may be around the corner in most survival games, but these titles are still “fun” in general; However, this adjective does not describe the project of 11 Bit Studios. Instead of sending players onto the battlefield, This war of mine focuses on the civilians caught in the crossfire.

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Whether alone or with people to protect them, the survivors are ordinary people who have been through hell, an experience that can bring out the best or the worst in people. The base game has 12 playable characters, each with their own personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. The small Expansion adds a child character and introduces a whole new dimension to the horror shown.

The long dark

platform PS4
release date August 1, 2017
developer Outback Studio
genre First person open world
Approximate game length (main story) 22 hours
Available with PS Plus Extra Yes

The electronics of the world have gone offline, requiring players to survive in the frigid Canadian wilderness. The long dark has two modes: Survival and Wintermute. While the gameplay loop is largely consistent between the two, the latter follows a story broken up into episodes. The storyline isn’t anything special, but it does provide a sense of structure for players who prefer a certain direction.

survival mode is The long darkis bread and butter and it’s fantastic. After spawning in one of the map’s many regions, players must try to survive as long as possible. Wildlife and frostbite are just a few things that can lead to a quick death.

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