Best Movie And TV Show Games In Roblox

Roblox offers a wide variety of games for all types of gamers, with some of the platform’s best being based on popular movies and TV shows, offering audiences an alternative perspective. Instead of just watching them through your screens, why not step it up a notch and live out their stories in Roblox form? Finally, video games are actually one of the most effective ways to experience a story.

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That’s why we’ve compiled a list of Roblox games based on movies and TV shows that combine both mediums brilliantly. Immerse yourself in your favorite fictional world today and experience life like your favorite TV characters!


9 Home Alone (story)

Home Alone's Kevin and Roblox are standing and two burglars are staring from outside the window

What happens when children are left home alone and burglars try to break in? Do you think you have what it takes to protect yourself and keep your home safe? Find out by trying your hand at this exciting story game inspired by the classic vacation film of the same name.

Work together with a group of six to twelve players and use your wits to thwart the villain’s evil plans without being eliminated. Use the in-game items to fend them off and make good choices along the way to get the happy ending you deserve.

8th Lightsaber Battlegrounds

A Roblox Jedi with his lightsaber

Whether you’re an avid fan of the Star Wars films or new to the galactic world, you’ll be thrilled to play this fun and competitive game based on the series. Lightsaber Battlegrounds transports players into the Star Wars universe and lets them experience the thrill of a lightsaber duel in virtual space.

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It features a fast, intuitive combat system that lets you channel your inner Jedi in real-time. Sharpen your lightsaber skills and use your power wisely to take over the galaxy and become the last Jedi alive.

7 The Hawkins Conspiracies

El (from Stranger Things) is holding a walkie-talkie and Eddie (from Stranger Things) is watching as Max (from Stranger Things) is floating in the air

Known for its incredible cast and suspenseful storyline, Stranger Things has managed to draw in huge audiences, making it one of the most-watched television shows of all time. So it’s not surprising that fans want to consume as much Stranger Things content as possible. Luckily, The Conspiracies of Hawkins lets you delve further into the supernatural world that Stranger Things has to offer.

Join your friends and other players in this role-playing game by re-enacting some scenes from the show or creating an original story. You can even turn one of your Dungeons & Dragons campaigns into a Stranger Things adventure. After all, D&D was a big inspiration for the show. Bring your Stranger Things vision to life and deliver an Oscar-worthy performance on the platform.

6 The Maze Runner

The Roblox character faces a maze with his back to us while holding a spear

If you love a challenge, then why not take part in The Maze Runner counterpart developed by Revolution Games? Work your brain and carry out a plan to escape the mysterious maze. Search the map for treasure chests, collect items and keys, piece together the clues and discover the hidden secrets of the maze.

Chin up, keep an eye out for the ferocious monsters lurking in the corners, waiting to strike and devour you! Wear your best armor and draw your most powerful weapon as you make your way through the gigantic maze. Keep pushing forward and eventually you may or may not find your way out.

5 Spider-Man simulator

Spider-Man runs away from Doctor Octopus in the middle of the street

Many have dreamed of becoming a Marvel superhero at some point in their lives, one of them being none other than web shooter parkour expert Spider-Man. So we bring you good news. Finally you can live out your superhero fantasies by playing Spider-Man simulator. Though it’s just happening across your screen, the action-packed gameplay will make it feel like it’s happening in real life.

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Here you’ll find criminals and villains on the loose, and as Spider-Man it’s your duty to eliminate anything and everything that threatens to disturb the peace of Roblox City. Find out if you have what it takes to lead an intriguing double life like Peter Parker and Miles Morales.

4 Wednesday (story)

Wednesday Addams has long been a pop culture sensation, and now that her Netflix show is releasing, her popularity will only continue to rise. For this reason, more and more people are interested in her story and want to know more about the infamous pale, dark-haired gothic girl. Luckily, Mousetrap Studios has created a game inspired by Netflix’s Wednesday where fans can befriend her and join her at Nevermore Academy.

Embark on a spooky adventure with Wednesday and a group of players to investigate the strange things happening in Nevermore. Take your courses, complete goals and face off against supernatural creatures. And all while trying not to get killed. It’s up to you and Wednesday to save the day.

3 The hunger Games

Roblox character standing in the arena and holding an arrow

A Roblox adaptation of the Hunger Games trilogy was something we didn’t know we needed. Its concept offers everything that makes a perfect fighting/survival game. Similar to the movie, players gather in multiple arenas to compete against each other and see who can survive to the end.

Aside from combat and defense, however, you must also find a way to quench your thirst and hunger in order to maintain your health. It’s survival of the fittest. Invite your friends to the arena and find out who in your group will survive the Hunger Games. May the odds always be in your favour!

2 we are all dead

Two zombies (from All of Us Are Dead) are chasing a Roblox character

All of Us Are Dead by Ranimated did a great job recreating the Korean thriller/zombie series of the same name. There was a lot of curiosity among fans as to whether or not they could survive and outsmart these zombies. What better way to find out than by playing a game based on it?

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Run fast, load your strongest weapons and shoot as many zombies as possible. Find out how many days you can survive without being eaten alive. Use your sniper skills to put an end to the zombie invasion once and for all.

1 Squid Game

Roblox character standing in the center of the room with a bat on his back

Squid Game has grown into one of the most successful shows in Netflix history, taking over the media world and even leading YouTubers like MrBeast to recreate Squid Game in real life. Thanks to Trendsetter Games, who turned the show into a Roblox game, fans can now compete and compete in the numerous deadly Squid Game challenges.

Play fair, play by the rules and if you’re lucky you might get out alive. With a large sum of money at stake, players tend to get sneaky and greedy, so it’s best to always be on the lookout, especially when night falls.

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