Best Looking Nintendo Switch Games

While many simply embraced Nintendo and grabbed their Switch as technology evolved, others tended to have options as they played. The ease of switching between playing at home and on the go has made this machine a fan favorite over the years. What it offers in portability makes up for its lack of sophistication in the graphics department.

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That being said, there were plenty of games that looked their best despite the Switch’s limitations. If stunning graphics are required, players should check out the titles on this list.


7/7 Hollow Knight

The knight is sitting on a bench in Hollow Knight

During Hollow Knight may sound dated when gamers hear it’s a 2D sidescroller, it’s actually a beautiful masterpiece. Not only does it look great when docked with the Switch, but it also looks really awesome when played in handheld mode.

Although it is 2D, Hollow Knight has made a name for itself as one of the best looking games to be released on various platforms. In addition, the gameplay is smooth and without hiccups. It’s no surprise that this simply designed game with its beautiful worlds has captured the hearts of many.

6/7 triangle strategy

a battle in triangle strategy

Classified as a 2.5D game, triangle strategy stands out from the other retro style games by adding a modern element. Players will appreciate the homage to the genre’s traditional strategy games as they marvel at how each story, combat, and overworld map unfolds, showing how stunning this game truly is.

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With the feel of a storybook brought to life by the added 3D elements, players will be hooked from the start with the way this game looks and plays. In addition, the special effects made this game very special.

Link fights an enemy in Link's Awakening

As a remake of the original The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening has really overshadowed its predecessor with the new 3D graphics. Some might have thought the choice risky since the world almost resembles a bunch of moving toys, but in the end it turned out to be one of the best looking games produced on the Nintendo Switch.

The design of this remake gave the game a whole new life and allowed players to have a similar experience to the Game Boy version while reinventing the world from top to bottom. The decision to go with a full 3D claymation effect completely changed the game, taking it to new heights that a 2.5D remake just couldn’t have reached.

4/7 Monster Hunter Ascension

Fighting a Tetranadon in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Ascension was quite a surprise with its stunning looks. While many parts of the series didn’t come as close to a great presentation on the Switch as they could have, this game went over the top. The game features highly detailed monsters and a lush, beautiful landscape.

In addition to the amazing graphics, players experienced many changes in gameplay. Weapons even had the appearance of the various monster parts incorporated into them. It was clear that a lot of care and planning went into the development of this game, making it one of the best installments in the series for the Switch.

3/7 Luigi’s mansion 3

Luigi in the kitchen in Luigi's Mansion 3

It was really a surprise when Luigi’s mansion 3 was released and the graphics were so stunning. Although the game was expected to be as great as its predecessors, few expected how good it would look. Wherever Luigi goes, the environment around him will catch the players eye with fantastic detail.

Players will also enjoy exciting gameplay where they have to deal with something different everywhere they go to keep them on their toes. Despite the fact that there are so few ghost types, they need to tweak their strategy to get to the top and make sure the game never gets boring.

2/7 Kirby and the forgotten land

Kirby in the City in Kirby and the Forgotten Land

Kirby and the forgotten land was an amazing part of the series that brings Kirby into the world of 3D where he belongs. Each level has unique elements that stand out and make them pop. Each enemy also has new visuals to work with.

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The fun never ends, either, as Kirby stretches across different types of objects. Players can enjoy Kirby’s goofy looks while finding the best tactics to survive the level they are in. Additionally, all of his skills shine with amazing clarity with the enhanced graphics in this installment.

1/7 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Link fights Bokoblins in Breath of the Wild

An absolutely amazing addition to the series, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild was a landmark release for the Nintendo Switch. Not only did it look great, but it gave players the ability to do things that were basically unheard of in any other game zelda Game. With breathtaking views of Hyrule, despite its corruption at the hands of Gannon, players are immediately immersed in the world.

years after its release, breath of the wild is still a popular seller and many fans are still excited to get their hands on a copy. From the amazing gameplay options to the visual masterpiece that the game truly is, it’s easy to see why so many people care deeply about this title.

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