Best Games To Play If You Love John Wick

No one could have expected the current pop culture flair to be amplified when it comes to the internet’s healthiest celebrity, Keanu Reeve’s latest franchise. John Wick. That John Wick Movies offer an abundance of well-choreographed action and excitement from a retired hitman who was feared as the best of the best. Look at the… John Wick Movies, many might want to feel the similar thrill when they are that great, and there are many games that allow such a feat.

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To the John Wick Fans, many game experiences will test their skills and create the experience they are looking for to become Baba Yaga themselves. Many games give players a sense of overwhelming odds, but also intense skill to prove why You can be like John Wick in video game form.


7/7 John Wick Hex

When fans are looking for an experience that connects directly to it John Wickthen look no further than John Wick Hex. This fast-paced and action-oriented strategy game will turn players into John Wick. Although a strategy game is a strategy game, the control is not entirely in the player’s hands, but in their mind of what to do next.

This game’s graphics are artistic and the color scheme is an incredible vibrancy of neo lights that many have come to expect John Wick. With John WickHexthe strategy and quick thinking of the protagonist are rewarded thanks to the player who is John Wick.

6/7 Fourteen days

Fortnite - John Wick skin

Players cannot buy just one John Wick skin Fourteen daysbut the overall battle royale experience feels like a behemoth John Wick Movie. Players must navigate a large map with many different points of interest while 99 other players chase each other and the player. It’s an exciting battle royale experience that’s constantly changing.

No two games are alike, and victory is only assured by those with the skills and wits. Plays as John Wick in Fourteen dayswill give players the confidence to take on the 99 other players and earn that crown of victory to show why John Wick is the best.

5/7 Max Payne 3


One of the most important aspects of a John Wick Movie is the combination of kung fu and gunfight. Max Payne 3 The latter certainly has it covered, with a heavy emphasis on amazing gunplay. With Max Payne 3players will not only step in as well-known and disgruntled veterans of combat like John Wick himself, but will also wield a range of exciting weapons.

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There is a state-of-the-art shooting mechanic Max Payne 3, and some of the best in a video game. Not only is the story dark and exciting, but the gameplay of a man searching for the truth independent of the fight offers the player a highly cinematic and action-packed experience.

4/7 dishonored


The story of a talented fighter forced to return as a vengeful assassin may sound familiar to fans John Wick. dishonored is exactly that, except it’s set in a dystopian steampunk world where the protagonist has supernatural powers. These powers are exciting and open up many different ways to play the game. Whether stealthy or loud, non-lethal or deadly.

There is much to love dishonored, and how each player’s action ultimately matters in the grand scheme of things. The way Corvo Attano works with a blade and the powers of the Outsider make him someone to be feared, much like John Wick himself.

3/7 super hot

Player shooting at enemies in Superhot

With super hot, Time mover when the player moves. This means the player is outgunned, has fewer weapons, and must rely on their wits and strategy to come out on top. The fact that time only passes when the player is actually playing makes for some tense combat situations and gives them the reflexes of John Wick.

Fast thinking is the key to this super hotand knowing which enemy to attack next and what weapon to take from the myriad of enemies trying to kill the player. super hot is intense, with plenty of excitement for its many levels.

2/7 Hotline Miami

The video game adaptation hotline for boys in Miami

High-octane action that overflows with an intense amount of gore and brutality is guaranteed Hotline Miami. This top-down action shooter has players navigating intricate buildings while killing everyone and everyone in their path. Players can use their fists, melee weapons, and a plethora of bone-crushing weapons to kill everyone in this Miami-based game.

Combat is close quarters and tense, with a rogue bullet spelling the player’s end. Have the vivid colors and the intense effect Hotline Miami Players remember the intensity and gory nature of the best fights in John Wick.

1/7 Cyberpunk 2077

Johnny Silverhand

There are many things that Cyberpunk 2077 and John Wick have in common. The wonderful Keanu Reeves not only stars two main characters, Johnny Silverhand as a rocker boy terrorist and John Wick as a disgruntled killer, but there is so much more. Cyberpunk 2077 may have had a rocky release, but the game is regularly updated and better than ever, with the best yet to come.

When the players start their journey Cyberpunk 2077they are invited into a much larger world, much like what has evolved with that John Wick movies. There are many different gangs and secret societies to explore and fight Cyberpunk 2077 It’s the story of one person taking on all of Night City to become a legend.

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