Best Games Set In Terrifying Utopian Worlds

Developers like to play with the idea of utopian and dystopian fantasies, typically represented by the intriguing setting of the game. With an immersive story, titles must address the environment they place their fans in to accompany the overall theme presented, which is that of a suffering dystopia or an idealistic utopia.

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Though perfect on the front, most video games that captivate their players with utopian worlds retain an uneasy feel behind them that expresses a sense of fear, anxiety, and concern about why it’s so perfect. The ultimate goal is to fool its fans, but once the jig is complete, these curated games brilliantly capture the ghastly essence that once lurked in the dark.


5 Horizon Zero Dawn – The Holy Land

Horizon Zero Dawn logo and environment



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RPG (role-playing game)

guerrilla games


However, most RPGs tend to enjoy engaging storylines to connect the player with the game Horizon Zero Dawn surpasses that as the popular title from Guerrilla Games transports its fans into the heart of a seemingly utopian version of planet Earth surrounded by amazing greenery, scenic viewpoints and remarkable landscapes. Take control of the legendary hunter AloyPlayers can traverse’The Holy Land‘, searching for loot, interacting with other villagers and completing numerous side quests, however, fans of this cherished game will inevitably be confronted with the robotic creatures that dominate, decimate and destroy the troubled territories they invade.

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Abominably titled ‘machinery‘ From the tribes of the land, these technologically advanced beasts terrorize those who stand in their way, posing a destructive threat Horizon Zero DawnThe utopian world. With an extremely capable character, players can fight this terrifying army of monsters Aloy‘s parkour skills, catastrophic archery skills and focus device while using her knowledge of the landscapes to her advantage. Despite the mesmerizing setting presented in Guerrilla Games’ masterpiece, the horrific aspects rooted in it will surely cloud its alluring perfection.

4 Mirror’s Edge – speed

Introduction and environment of Mirror's Edge



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A unique entry into the gaming scene with a variety of elements such as parkour, fighting and deep lore mirror edge, a highly absorbing title with a charmingly explorable setting. In the futuristic utopian city ‘speed‘ the players are put in charge of control Believe Connorsa highly experienced parkour artist with a vendetta against the dictatorship city ​​regime. DICE’s pride themselves on responsive gameplay mirror edge offers fans not only cutting-edge missions meticulously crafted to fiercely challenge them, but also the deceptively terrifying mysteries of the controlled city speed holds back.

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The Alluring City speed not only provides an apt description for a utopia, but also boasts a crime-free, metropolitan lifestyle, but the repressive tactics used to achieve this result obviously show a deeper, darker game at hand. Exceptionally high-energy gameplay requires players to navigate city ​​regime via nerve-wracking parkour and vicious fighting techniques, albeit in the safe hands of Believe Connors. A closer look into the city reveals what may appear flawless from the outside speed reveals a very sinister motive ready to fool fans of this cherished title.

3 ARK: Survival Evolved – Valguero

Ark - Survival Evolved logo and environment



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Studio wildcard


Considered by many to be one of the greatest survival titles gaming has ever seen, that would be by ARK: Survival Evolved, a wildly exclusive, prehistoric extravaganza. Despite the plethora of intriguing maps available, players immersed in the world of ‘Valguero‘ will not be disappointed as this aesthetically pleasing utopia has the ability to captivate its fans with enchanting mountains, colorful landscapes and enticing wildlife. With endless possibilities to construct indestructible bases, forage for supplies, ambush unsuspecting enemies, and even tame pets, it’s no wonder ARK: Survival Evolved has established itself as a multiplayer classic, but within the vast forests lurks the terrifying threat of wildly advanced dinosaurs laden with hunter-killer instincts.

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depicted blissfully, Valguero offers a sense of peace and harmony with its surroundings, but the hideously vicious dinosaurs that roam the grounds think otherwise, as defeating these beasts is no easy task. Wielding an extensive list of their kind, these intimidating creatures pose the ultimate threat to fans’ chances of survival as their ability to loot the HQ is immensely dangerous. Despite this, players can tame these carnivores to defend themselves against others, minimizing their risk, but the inevitable sense of danger is always nearby, whether gathering materials or hunting for food, these terrifying beasts are constantly lurking safe utopia.

2 We Happy Few – Wellington Wells

We Happy Few logo and surroundings



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forced games


Infinite in its freedom but terrifying in its concepts, the horror genre continually manages to spawn some of gaming’s most unique ideas, with titles like poppy playtime and Survive Thrust fans into the realm of truly heartbreaking fear. However, standing out from the crowd is We Happy Few, a retrofuturistic horror that blends aspects of a hideous war and a delusional merry city. For newcomers to the title, the wondrous village ‘Wellington Wells‘ denotes a sense of happiness represented by the rainbow-filled streets, colorful displays and quaint monuments, but this 1960s English utopia is not what it seems as ubiquitous Uncle Jack feeds on the player’s panic, distrust and downright terror.

Obsessed with joy, conformity and control, Wellington Wells tries his best to pin the player down and make them submit to the scandalously terrifying drug of their choice, denial. Tasked with dodging the dictating enforcers, fans of We Happy Few must fight their way to freedom while discovering the dark history of this deceptively cheerful city. Viciously captivating, seductively intense, and despicably frightening are all aspects that relate to this seemingly happy utopia, but one that lies beneath sickening comfort Wellington Wells offers a whole new meaning to the word horror, destined to keep players up at night.

1 BioShock Infinite – Colombia

BioShock Infinite logo and environment



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FPS (First Person Shooter)

irrational games


Renowned in the gambling hall of fame BioShock Infinite, an immersive steampunk classic that involves the rescue of a damsel in distress. Set in the floating utopia of ‘Columbia‘ players will be provided with a capable veteran, Booker DeWittas a tool to save not only the mysterious Elizabeth but also uncover the ignominious truth behind the idealistic city. fans of the BioShock Infinite Titles will see themselves traversing this perfected city with blimps, ziplines, and parkour-like maneuvering abilities while utilizing it all Booker DeWitt‘s adept knowledge of his retro-futuristic weaponry and tactical skills. During Columbia seems to be the best place to live, which features exceptionally extreme lengths United States government are willing to take over this city are truly heartbreaking.

The utopian aspect soon dissipates once the player fully immerses himself in the title’s plot, like Columbia presents a rather terrifying army of brainwashing enforcers attempting to silence, censor, and in any case eliminate anyone who defies their strict regime. The task of fending off these hordes of enemies while protecting the precious lives of Elizabethcan become a real challenge BioShock Infinite Lovers, but rest assured Booker DeWitt is able to delve deep into the deceptive nature of the city. Although many games use utopian fantasy as a misleading motif for their dystopian outcome, Irrational Games’ popular title is sure to unveil an unprecedented sense of dread in its fans.

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