Best Fantasy Games With The Most Playable Characters

Fantasy games have some of the most exciting and magical worlds, as well as well-crafted and unique characters. Players can choose to become all manner of mythology and fantasy-inspired characters, from sneaky villains and iconic heroes to gargantuan monsters. While many of these characters will have dark endings, there are also many motivational characters who have had happy endings even if their characters started out as evil.

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These brilliantly crafted storylines and character arcs make these fantasy games all the more exciting and complex. Some of these fan-favorite gaming characters provided unforgettable experiences, and a few select games even offered fans the best opportunities to embark on their journeys with multiple meticulously designed characters instead of just one hero. This allows players to experience the same story in completely different ways, experience new adventures, and even get a new ending with each new character every time they play.


7/7 World of Warcraft

The world’s most popular fantasy MMORPG is also one of the best fantasy games for gamers who want to play with multiple characters in the same game. World of Warcraft is not only one of the best MMORPGs with great customization options, but also one where players can choose from fifty different characters.

The modern Impressive Games offer much more flexibility when it comes to character account limits, allowing fans to create dozens of unique characters while getting lost in this magical and exciting fantasy game. Players can freely explore one of the most famous open worlds while completing quests, building their characters, making new friends and of course fighting in epic battles.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the most popular fantasy open world games with a rich story, stunning graphics and a fine cast of brilliantly designed and very different playable characters. Players can choose from ten different races, each with unique looks, special abilities, and backstories that make gameplay feel new with each character.

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This multiple award-winning fantasy RPG is one of the most cinematic games in which players can become epic heroes and fight dangerous enemies. Players can explore a rich and atmospheric world while interacting with NPCs and using some of the coolest weapons during their adventures. While it’s a harder game, especially when it comes to combat, it’s certainly worth it.

5/7 Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade Chronicles X is one of the most action-packed and longest-running Nintendo games with a beautiful sci-fi and fantasy-inspired world. In this breathtaking action RPG, players can choose from eighteen different playable characters to embark on their epic adventures as they embark on quests and fight evil aliens in an intergalactic war.

It is one of the most complex open world games that is perfect for players who love to explore and improve their combat skills in epic and futuristic battles. It’s more combat and less story-driven gameplay, but thanks to the unique weapons, brilliant characters, and stunning open world, it’s still one of the most exciting options with lots of great playable characters.

4/7 Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 is one of the best options for both casual and experienced gamers with a great love for superheroes and supervillains. Thanks to this fun role-playing game, players can choose from 36 of Marvel’s most beloved and loved heroes and villains.

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Players can experience their epic adventures as their favorite characters while fighting and solving some easy puzzles. You’ll have to make wise decisions when choosing your characters because, just like in the comics and movies, all of the greatest heroes in the game have different powers and abilities. Players must use their skills and knowledge to find the Infinity Stones from Thanos and save the world.

3/7 League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the most exciting PC games with low system requirements. This free fantasy MMO game is perfect for beginners and casual gamers as it is complex yet easy to learn. Players must use and improve their strategic and combat skills if they want to advance and win their battles.

Players can choose from over one hundred and forty playable characters and can even use unique skins to further customize them. Players can become assassins, mages or tanks, among many other powerful beings that will support their team and make them one of the greatest lol. Players get the chance to prove their skills in epic battles and explore one of the most iconic game worlds ever created.

2/7 Cold steel tracks 4

Cold steel tracks 4 is one of the most beautiful and action-packed fantasy JRPGs in which players can choose from thirty-nine playable characters. This story rich game is not only for anime lovers but for everyone who likes vivid designs and epic battles against powerful supernatural enemies.

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Players can choose from some of the franchise’s greatest heroes as they battle their way through the Erebonian Empire. However, it’s also a great choice for casual gamers, as there’s a fine selection of fun mini-games, including creative puzzles, as well as other non-combat and more relaxed adventures.

1/7 DOTA 2

DOTA 2 is one of the biggest and most beautiful free-to-play fantasy MOBA games with 120 different playable characters. Players can choose to become some of the most iconic heroes inspired by mythology and fantasy as they live their unforgettable adventures.

It is one of the most complex team-based fantasy role-playing games with millions of players around the world. Despite being a more difficult game, beginners and casual gamers can start with the Hero Demo mode to hone their skills before getting lost in this adrenaline-pumping iconic online world. Players can choose to play with their friends or use the game’s fine matchmaking system to find their gaming partners and maybe even new friends.

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