Best family-friendly racing games of 2022

You're annoying when parking... but don't spend time with your family in 2022

Traxion’s Crystal Scuor recalls the racing games she’s most enjoyed with her family over the past year by reviewing some fan favorites.

Video games have always been a gateway to happiness for me.

When I was a young girl growing up in a suburb outside of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, my brother and I discovered our admiration for playing together. NHL games were our thing mixed in with a bit of Sonic the Hedgehog and Combat Cars.

Our video game adventure began with Sega Genesis and from then on we begged our parents for every console that came out. My favorite is the Nintendo brand. Shocking right?

The thing is, it didn’t really matter what games we would play. I just enjoyed spending time with my big brother…even if I threw my controller at him when he kicked my butt Mario Kart.

Since the ’90s, many video games have made their way into our homes for us to play for hours (and hours) at a time. Fast forward to today, I’m living one of my brother’s childhood dreams by reporting on the gaming industry and writing those very words you’re reading right now.

Jokes aside, 2022 has gifted us with a wealth of gems, including some of the best family-friendly racing games to enjoy with your little ones too.


Nickelodeon Kart Racers 3 - Slime Speedway PS5 Review

As the title suggests, this is the third installment in the Nickelodeon Kart Racing series. Many of the previously revered characters fill the roster, which also includes some Nick newbies like Jimmy Neutron and Ren & Stimpys Powdered Toast Man.

Don’t worry kids. SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star have never karted. Actually three new faces out Kamp Koral: SpongeBob’s Younger Years– a prequel/spinoff of the Nickelodeon classic, exclusive to Paramount+ – are also available.

In addition to the elite cartoon selection, each character finally has a voice. Trust me, this makes the overall feel of the game feel a lot more interactive. It is nearly like taking a trip to Bikini Bottom every time you play.

As you win Grand Prix-like events, you’ll unlock the whimsical kart racers. Or you can buy them from the in-game shop. Mario Kart seems to be an inspiration for even more customization offered to Nickelodeon Kart Racing 3 players, with a choice of bodywork, wheels and exhausts regardless of which driver you hire. In the previous version, each character’s kart body was predetermined and immutable.

Slime Speedway has also added bikes to their garage for that extra dose of hardcore action without sacrificing kart handling.

Hopefully you own a PS5 though because this version of the game is great when it comes to frame rate and overall quality. Please, for the love of kart racing and everything in between, don’t bother with the Nintendo Switch version.

Graphics aside, the general layout of the levels and the addition of the sticky slime bar makes for a lively night out with your young kids or extended family over the holidays and beyond.


The 2022 Formula 1 season is coming to Rocket League on May 4th

Okay, so Rocket League was it technically first published in 2015. However, this year has unleashed an insane amount of licensed content. And it was pretty epic.

If you haven’t yet gotten yourself into high-flying multiplayer combat between two teams playing basically basketball, soccer, or hockey using a cool car to score instead of some sort of legged creature, you’re living under a rock.

It’s taken me over 30 years to try Rocket League, and just like when I first tried Butter Chicken at the age of 21, I was instantly sad that I’d waited so damn long.

Rocket League is electrifying for people of all ages. It’s fast-paced and gives users the freedom to endlessly pimp their rides. Be warned though: Similar to Turbo Golf Racing (which I’ll tell you more about later in this article), controlling the ball can be a challenge.

The goal of the game is simple. In five-minute rounds, teams of up to four players must score the most goals by calculating each boost and using powerful boosts Only the right moment.

2022 has seen some fantastic updates, with elaborate collaborations (think Formula 1 and NASCAR), real-world cars and even some fan-favorites like the Batmobile. Many big companies have recognized the value of Rocket Leagues, particularly over the past year, which has paved the way for vehicles like the Bugatti Centodieci and Lamborghini Countach LPI 800-4 to appear in the game.

Creating our family-friendly list was an easy decision, as developer Epic Games also introduced cabin accounts for children under 13 for the 2022 RL season. Cabined accounts essentially block all in-game purchases and chat communication features, keeping things kosher for the kids even when Mom or Dad isn’t around to oversee their play.


Smurfs Kart Karitng Game Switch Drifting

There’s something I don’t tell many people about my middle school days. My two best friends and I used to call ourselves the Smurfettes and even dressed up as the blonde blue bombshell for Halloween. My love for all things Smurfs runs deep, that’s for sure.

My obvious fondness for the brand aside, Smurfs Kart itself is surprisingly awesome, following the Mario Kart model of greatness for what we enjoy most about kart titles. The circuits are colorful and cute. And the characters are All.

Each Smurf possesses a unique attack, while handling also varies between Beaters.

A tiny bug: the blue creatures just make incoherent sounds. There are no funny and flirty phrases or dialogues. Still entertaining considering the rest of the game is smurfdown (that’s smurf for touchdown). We wish there were more courses because there are only three Cups of four races (12 circuits in total with a mirror option).

There’s a split-screen mode for up to four players on one Switch, making for an ideal family game night to take on even the smallest members of your household. Like Mario Kart, following your Smurf enemies will give you better boosts to ensure an exciting race no matter where you are on the grid.

Simply put, this game is perfect for virtual karting beginners and a smurf good time for the entire fam jam.


Aztec Run is now available as part of the Turbo Golf Racing Season Two update

As I briefly mentioned, Turbo Golf Racing requires a specific ball handling technique, similar to the same skills you would use in Rocket League.

Many people say that the two games are almost copies of each other; Aside from using a car to bash a bullet to (hopefully) shoot it in your chosen direction, the goal is basically to play a round of golf with your online friends.

Yes, your car is your putter. The main difference is that each opponent lines up at the beginning of each round – in a futuristic setting with bunkers and grass, just like the real green – and races through the course while hitting their individual balls on the fairway to the hole.

The first person to sink their ball is on the podium and each player who follows claims a spot on the starting lineup, with a scoring system in place to reward those who finish better. Whoever has the most points after the set course round wins. not how In fact Golf where you want to finish with the lowest score.

There’s a nifty shop where you can buy all your customization needs, including badass balls and intricate shields.

Despite TGR’s lack of multiplayer, I still think it’s family-friendly. Even if you can’t actually play together on the console. Taking turns against people online every round is pretty stupid too. My nephews definitely approve of Turbo Golf Racing.

Tip: If you’re playing on PC, make sure you connect a controller. The keyboard is not for small fingers.


Rudy the Rudolph reindeer expansion in You Suck at Parking

I could write a book about this beautiful disaster of a game.

The year 2022 brought some sensational titles to the world of racing games. We were also introduced to the world’s most frustrating gaming experience ever. Enter you suck when parking.

Yes, I had multiple seizures trying to park mine Rudi (a Rudolph add-on for your car) in a spot that was on the brink of extinction. I even screamed so loud my neighbor knocked on my door to check on me after my vehicle burst into flames during a test run of the December Inferno update.

Regardless, the top-down parker is just the right amount of cheeky thrill, which is why I personally enjoyed playing this gong show most This last year.

YSAP ‚Äč‚Äčtakes the boring aspect of driving – having to park the car – and turns it into an absolute circus of entertainment. However, that’s not why this annoying yet endearing game gets my vote.

In November I had the opportunity to visit my family in Canada for three weeks. I hadn’t been home for over a year since I moved to Italy, so every second I spent with my four nephews meant more than usual. Every morning before work, I had breakfast with my sister’s children: one is 10, the other 8.

On one particular morning, we’d spend about an hour playing You Suck at Parking, alternating between getting mad at ourselves for missing the spot by less than the length of an in-game banana. My nephew’s reactions were priceless.

This day is one I will forever cherish simply because this silly game brought us together in the most frustrating way.

Games are meant to be enjoyed with the people we care about in this world. Thanks to the amazing developers of the above titles, I’ve been creating lasting memories with my special ones, all from the comfort of my home.

Personally, I’m looking forward to the new year by welcoming my first baby into the world in March. She’ll be playing alongside me in no time and likely throwing a controller or two after experiencing YSAP.

But hey, at least we’ll feel drained together… right?