Battery Gauge Drops To Zero

Battery Gauge Drops To Zero. Once in a while just driving along. the battery voltage gauge on the dash will drop to zero (well not really zero its 8 but you know what i mean). After it drops to 0. check gauges appears on my dash as well.

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When the alternator worked. it worked. Obviously im not going to wire to the constant because of the battery drain. If so where is it.

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Put it back together and no issue yesterday. Went through all the trouble of pulling the alternator. getting it tested and it was fine.

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Does anyone know why my battery gauge drops to 0 after a heavy rain or car wash? After it drops to 0. check gauges appears on my dash as well.

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Clean battery connections and all grounding connections. If so where is it.

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I drove the truck another thirty minutes to my house and after shutting it off and turning it back on the light was cleared and the gauge was normal. The battery is putting out plenty of volts on its own with engine off.

Put it back together and no issue yesterday. The battery gauges on most vehicles i have owned stays around 13 to 14 volts and doesnt move much unless something that consumes a lot of power is turned on.

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Fortunately. the car keeps driving. I have a 2001 dodge dakota slt 4×4.

If So Where Is It.

Had this exact same issue about a year ago. Also the check gauges light comes on. However when i turned off my truck and parked. then started it again the gauge would return to normal.

There’s A Code P1682 Battery Charging Voltage Low.

A normal battery will see some voltage drop. but a drained one will fall to almost zero with a starter load. Discussion starter · #1 · jun 2. 2013. Pull up an obdii reader and see if it also reports the voltage being that low.

When Driving. Occasionally All The Dash Lights Will Come On. But The Gauges Like Gas. Battery. And Mileage. Will All Drop Down To Zero.

This is usually sign of a bad alternator. but if your car didnt just die on you then it might not be that. After testing the battery (per larrys suggestion). i have a few more details. However. after awhile everything goes back to normal.

Obviously Im Not Going To Wire To The Constant Because Of The Battery Drain.

Again. no charge at the battery. The battery is putting out plenty of volts on its own with engine off. Mine does this with nothing additional running on the truck other than the radio and a/c.

It Still Fires Up On First Crank. But The Volt Meter Now Reads 12. Then About 2 Minutes Later It Drops Back To 9 Or Lower And The Check Gauge Light Comes On.

I got a problem with my 02 dodge ram 5.9 check gauges light comes on and op drops to 0. this happens when the temp gauge is at normal and rpm are at 650 if rpm are at 700 or temp gauge is a little bit. It just seems really strange. The next day i spoke to a friend who has a decent knowledge of cars. and a computer reader so he could tell me what was wrong. but the check gauges light didnt come on that day or for the next week. so i assumed it might have.