How To Play ‘Fortnite’ On iPhone And iPad Via Xbox Cloud Gaming

You can now play Fortnite for free on iPhone (or whenever the servers come back online). Epic Games It’s a big weekend for Fourteen days. Chapter 3 ended with a bang with the spectacular (but somewhat overwhelming) fracture event. Chapter 4 begins sometime on December 4th. Unfortunately, you can no longer play the game through … Read more

Michigan vs. Purdue, Big Ten championship game

Michigan had already ticked off two of its four goals for the season: beating Michigan State and Ohio State. Now it’s time to validate another of those goals: winning the Big Ten championship. Michigan may not have dominated possession time, but it did capitalize on its scoring chances. Purdue couldn’t, and settled for five field … Read more

Predicting final five games in 2022 season

Can the Green Bay Packers stay in the playoff hunt in their last five games? Five games left. The Green Bay Packers have just four wins on the table and will likely need to win each of their remaining games to have any chance of a playoff spot. It begins Sunday afternoon at Soldier Field … Read more

The Next Pokemon Games Should Be HD2D

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet look terrible. They’re the worst looking Pokemon games ever made, and I include the weird Wii-era offshoots like Pokemon Rumble in that description. This is a game, by the way, where the Pokémon themselves are mechanical hybridizations of the monsters you know and love. Paldea is a mess. There are tons … Read more

Sifu’s Fighting Game Nod Highlights a Category Issue

Indie gaming returns this year with the Game Awards Sifu was recently nominated for Best Fighting Game, which confused many fans. While Sifu deserves credit, its title as a fighting game doesn’t quite match the beat ’em up action game it is. The Game Awards themselves even seem to acknowledge this by nominating as well … Read more

‘Hopefully our best is ahead of us’

The Buccaneers’ 2022 season was not smooth compared to 2021, when the team finished with a 13-4 record and clinched their Premier League title since 2005. Tampa Bay currently sits at the top of the NFC South going into Monday night’s home game against the New Orleans Saints with a 5-6 record. With the Atlanta … Read more

Pong’s influence on video games endures 50 years later

A game easy to learn but difficult to master. This was the concept Atari founder Nolan Bushnell instilled in then 24-year-old engineer Allan Alcorn before creating one of the most iconic games of all time. ponga little over 50 years ago. pong, a video game in which a square bounces between two player-controlled rectangles, was … Read more