All Picross S Games Are Getting Patched With Touchscreen And Multiplayer Support

Picross S8
Image: Jupiter Corporation

Picross S8 arrives to the Switch 09/29but in a move that might shock followers of this addictive puzzler series, it will bring an update for Everyone from developer Jupiter’s other Picross games and brings both “touch panel operation” and “4-player simultaneous play” to the series.

As far as we know, this update will be active together with the release of S8. So be prepared to download an update for all previous games later this month.

News of a new Picross game shouldn’t come as a surprise anymore, especially with this post marking it tenth Released solely in the S-series (more on that later), but news of an update for all Picross S-series games that came before it – we didn’t expect that.

Fans (including us) had been clamoring for touch support all the way to Jupiter at last implemented it in S7, and now this update will ensure that all other titles get the same treatment. The four-player option will also be a first for the series, with Jupiter saying the following about the S8’s multiplayer option:

Play together with family and friends for a fresh new experience different from the usual single player mode.
You need the same number of controllers as players. The Joy-Con™ controllers (L) and (R) can also be used as separate controllers.

Well, we get it, the news of a series-wide update is pretty daunting, especially if you haven’t played Picross before. Which characters have died? who is in a relationship Let’s not even get started on S4’s wedding drama! (Don’t worry, Picross doesn’t actually work that way).

There’s a lot of catching up to do, nonogram fans. Luckily, so far we’ve reviewed every release on Switch for your reading pleasure and compiled them into the list below. So here it is. Everyone. Single. Jupiter. Picross. Review.

Of course, the release of Picross S8 will also be accompanied by a sale of all previous Picross S series titles, allowing you to pick up a Picross at a reduced price.

Picross S8 will be released on the Switch eShop on September 29th £8.99/€9.99/$9.99.

What do you think of this Picross update? Paint your thoughts on the series in the comments below!