7 Games That Allow Team Killing

Friendly Fire divides opinions in the gaming industry. Some believe it adds an element of realism and even fun to the procedure. Others believe its inclusion encourages trolls who constantly engage in team kills and spoil the fun of the game for others. Developers appear to be similarly divided, with many major multiplayer games taking advantage of the feature while many others don’t.

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Since the mechanic has been around for a long time and these debates continue, it is unlikely that they will ever be a commonly accepted opinion on friendly fire. If you love the feature then the following games might be worth checking out. Alternatively, if you despise the concept, you might want to avoid them.


7/7 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

A screenshot showing IQ in Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege is far more tactical than the average first-person shooter. The game is all about using your equipment and skills to get the best out of your opponent.

Shooting down your own teammates isn’t usually a successful strategy, but it’s easy to accidentally do it. Sometimes people don’t stand far enough away from an injury charge. Alternatively, a simple case of mistaken identity can have disastrous consequences, especially given the speed at which bullets kill people in this game.

6/7 LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

lego star wars kylo ren and rey fighting

Team killing has always been an important aspect of the best LEGO games. This is because it’s so easy to hit a teammate as you try to destroy everything in sight to increase your collection of studs.

Combat isn’t quite as chaotic in Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga as the shooting mechanics are more advanced. That said, accidents still happen, and lightsaber attacks are a bit more dangerous than blasters for friendlies. But you respawn quickly, so there’s not much penalty for dying, meaning it’s perfect for light-hearted trolling.

5/7 magic

Magicka screenshot from Co-op Unified Beam

Who needs to use guns or blades to hurt their friends? In Magicka, you play as magicians who can turn each other off with magic spells. It can actually be a useful – albeit deadly – way to test different powers.

Finally, there is no tutorial for all spells in the game. So you discover many of your skills through experimentation. And maybe it’s best to have a live subject to test them on. Alternatively, you can unleash powerful beams on your fellow mages for fun and pretend it’s collateral damage, as is also common in this game.

4/7 towerfall

Towerfall gameplay screenshot

While Towerfall’s free-for-all games are a lot of fun, you don’t just have to fight your friends in this title. There is also a co-op mode. However, just because you and your buddy are on the same page doesn’t mean you won’t kill each other. In fact, a bit of friendly fire is almost guaranteed.

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This is a game that is very fast paced and chaotic at times. As a result, arrows fly in all possible directions. However, some inevitably go straight into the minds and bodies of your allies. And one hit is enough to kill someone.

3/7 halo 3

Halo 3 development 7

When it comes to Halo multiplayer, the third game might have the best version of it. It offers great maps, fun weapons, fun modes, and includes all the classic Halo PvP features, such as: B. Friendly Fire.

Team killing in this game is interesting as accidental kills are not all that common in most modes. After all, it takes a few bullets to eliminate someone. So much so that when a supposed ally fires so many shots at you, you know they mean business. Assassinating your allies is not only possible in PvP multiplayer, as you can also do it in the campaign. You don’t even have to kill a human player. You can shoot down friendly NPCs if you like.

2/7 Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 crew fights in the rain

Left 4 Dead 2 is a very chaotic cooperative game. You can’t play five minutes without facing a large horde of fast-moving zombies and their special power friends. It’s also not like these creatures fight from afar. They come in your face and try to surround you.

As a result, unless you’re incredibly talented at the game, your accuracy probably won’t be perfect. Your teammates will almost certainly snap a few shots at times. And the stats you get at the end of the game hilariously show which player hit the others the most.

1/7 Worms WMD

Worms WMD Screenshot of an exploding building

Friendly fire can be a problem in Worms WMD whether you play with other people or not. That’s because your team usually consists of a few worms and you control them individually. So killing your own worm with another is still team kill. And it’s very easy as there is a lot of collateral damage in this game.

That’s not surprising considering the game allows tiny worms to get their hands on some of the wildest explosive weapons in the game. Some of these things blow up huge chunks of the map at once. Of course, your worms will occasionally get into the fray.

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