60 Icebreaker Games To Get To Know Someone

Looking to bring your team together in a fun way? Icebreaker games can help build community in your workplace. Yes, some icebreakers are cheesy, but you can easily skip the eye-rollers. Creative icebreakers help teams bond and work better together.

Even if your co-workers know each other already, fun activities generate inspiration, creativity, and (occasionally) are a much-needed break from the workday. Remote work certainly has its perks, but it also makes it difficult to connect with teammates virtually.

Check out this list of 60 icebreaker games for every work scenario. The best part? Each game can take place virtually for remote teams. Whether you need ideas to kick off a meeting, get to know your co-workers, or have some lightweight fun on a Friday, we’ve got you covered.

60 Icebreaker Games To Get To Know Each Other

1. Fast Fives

If you could only introduce yourself in five facts, what would they be? Go around the room and share your fast five. These can be favorite shows and movies, things you’re passionate about, or where you call home.