6 Games To Play If You Like Metal: Hellsinger

While playing Metal: Hellsinger, it’s hard to imagine that there aren’t already similar games on the market. Metal: Hellsinger turns out to be quite an enjoyable experience, but it certainly didn’t break new ground with its mission-to-hell idea.

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Metal: Hellsinger is a fast-paced demon hunter game with an epic heavy metal score pounding through your TV screen as you shoot to the beat. While innovative in its premise, it’s not the only game with demon hunting or strafing mechanics. If you like Metal:Hellsinger, you will surely like these games too.


6 shadow of the damned

Shadows of the Damned was released in 2011 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Since its release, the game has had a rather niche but noisy audience. Almost everyone you know who has played the game raves about it. You play as Garcia, a demon hunter trying to rescue his girlfriend from the underworld – a primitive concept at first, but ultimately the gameplay and level design are enough to make this game a success.

The world is almost like stepping into a Rob Zombie movie with its overly vulgar and wacky enemy design. The enemies are confused and very punchable, which makes it so cute when you defeat them, and the underlining humor is true most of the time. The game is currently backwards compatible on Xbox, so grab your copy and experience the wild underworld of Shadows of the Damned.

5 Duke Nukem

From the original Dukem Nukem to Duke Nukem: Forever, you really can’t go wrong with any of them. Of course there are some that are better than others, but the overall shooter mechanics and themes remain the same. If you’re willing to look beyond the questionable dialogue at times, you may find yourself enjoying these titles at their superficial level.

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In each game, aliens are invading the earth and it’s up to Duke to save the world from them. He is a relentless and successful mercenary with an occasionally cocky and somewhat intolerable attitude. That being said, there are qualities of Duke to like, and if you want to kick back and play a strafe shooter with demonic aliens, the Duke Nukem franchise is a solid choice.

4 quake

One of the original first person shooters is Quake. The franchise was well known during its heyday. So much so that it even spawned a Quake-Con. Quake reinvented how we play video games today, with a more aggressive and competitive edge for the experiences we crave.

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In Quake, you play as a Ranger, a marine-like character who must navigate through slipgates and defeat the enemies within. What set this game apart from so many others in its day was the movement. Quake requires you to understand movement. Much like Metal: Hellsinger, if you stay still you die. Movement is key, and it’s a skill that takes time to master. The faster your speed matches your accuracy, the more success you’ll have and the further you’ll advance in Quake.

3 dark clock

If you are a fan of horror and shooters, Darkwatch is everything you could wish for. It mixes the tight western genre with horror as you play as Jericho, a gunslinger who is turned into a vampire right at the start of the game. Darkwatch is in some ways the closest thing to the game as Hellsing’s Alucard. You are a vampire fighting on the good side and trying to wipe out all evil in the world. In fact, Jericho is almost as cool a protagonist as Alucard, and you get the same sense of badassery playing as Jericho as you do watching Hellsing.

Surprisingly for the 2005 release, the game’s mechanics still hold up. The shooting is satisfactory and the art is acceptable. Demon Hunt is a concept that has been told numerous times, but Darkwatch seeks to set it in a world unlike any other – a western steampunk society overrun by evil. It’s a game that’s sadly been relatively forgotten and deserves a remaster so more people can enjoy the fun.

2 dusk

Unfortunately, Dusk is the most hidden and underrated game on this list. Released for Switch and PC, this game takes everything Quake created and puts it in a dark, dystopian farmland. When explorers and military find out about dangerous ruins in Pennsylvania, they try to determine their exact location. If found, the ruins will capture those who discovered them. It is now up to you to enter the farmland and destroy the evil within.

The gameplay is very similar to Metal: Hellsinger due to its terrific heavy metal soundtrack and your character’s ridiculously fast movement speed. Just like Quake, Dusk can take some getting used to as the timing of your shots is crucial. Progress through each stage to eliminate the possessed beings that lurk within and headbang to the congenial score, played over the top.

1 demise

There could only be one game on this top spot. That is destiny. Doom is a franchise with many iterations. You couldn’t go wrong with any of them, but the best and most modern are Bethesda’s two – Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal.

These games really have mastered the art of fast-paced first-person shooters. Everything from movement to the balance of the demons attacking you at any given point contributes to why so many of us gamers adore the franchise. While playing Doom you will feel absolutely badass. It’s almost impossible not to feel powerful playing Doom because your aggression is at an all-time high. Blast your way through Hell with a plethora of weapons and the movement of a god sent to discern the warlike demons that roam free.

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