6 Ambitious But Flawed PS2 Games That Need Modern Remakes

The PS2 is a gaming console that remains a personal favorite of many gaming fans to this day. However, in all the time since the PS2 became obsolete, there have been surprisingly few remakes of games from that era. Many games released on the PS2 are now over twenty years old and, despite having excellent plots and mechanics, need updates.

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With so many remakes of classic games reaching massive numbers today, it may only be a matter of time before some of these games are finally remade. But games that were ahead of their time may need fan support to garner enough support for a remake.


6/6 Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2 wasn’t actually originally released for the PS2. Instead, it was released on the PS2 in its entirety in one collected edition with all additional content, and was considered an excellent game by critics and fans alike. Set in the town of the same name, the game follows a widower who receives a letter from his dead wife telling him that she is waiting for him in Silent Hill.

The spooky atmosphere and incredible gameplay of Silent Hill 2 could easily be updated for a modern version of the game. With similar survival horror games like resident Evil Having achieved great success in recent remakes, it’s likely that such a great game could have similar success. New silent Hill Projects have been the talk of the town for the first time in years, and a remaster of this hugely successful entry, or a collection of several early games, could serve as a prelude to new games in the franchise.

5/6 The Simpsons: Hit & Run

The Simpsons: Hit & Run was a brilliant idea to make a more family friendly game in a similar vein Grand Theft Auto. While those games focused on more adult violence and even sexual content, Hit & Run delved into the world of Homer, Marge and Co, including all the cartoon violence and nonsensical history a video game can handle.

Hit & Run is still very much loved by fans and would do well with a proper remake or remaster. A sequel with all the Disney branding The simpsons now available could also be very successful. Few other attempts have been made to create more inclusive, family-friendly versions of games such as GTAand even fewer have succeeded.

4/6 final fantasy 10

It’s strange that there haven’t been more remakes of final fantasy games. The hugely successful franchise saw the release of a Final Fantasy VII Remake in 2010. While there have been previous remakes of other games in the series, an update is on final fantasy 10 would be a good idea today.

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Set in the world of Spira, final fantasy 10 or Final Fantasy X has an engaging story pitting a cast of heroes against a powerful, destructive force known as Sin. The world of Spira, based on Southeast Asia, was a big change from many other European worlds that players were used to at the time, and it would be an amazing world to be restyled in their style Final Fantasy VII

3/6 lifeline

One of the most unique ideas for a PS2 game ever, lifeline was a sci-fi game with an incredibly surprising control system. The game was controlled entirely via a microphone, with players giving specific instructions to the in-game characters. While this is one of the more unusual methods for the only controls in a game ever attempted, it didn’t always work as well as it needed to make it a truly great idea at the time.

Twenty years later, however, it’s likely that voice activation added to a game at this level could work. lifeline is about two humans trying to survive a mutant outbreak of humans on a space station stemming from experimental attempts to recreate the Philosopher’s Stone. Rio, the character controlled by the voice commands, was able to understand 500 commands in the PS2 version, but there could potentially be more in today’s remake.

2/6 bell tower 3

That bell tower Games were survival horror with point and click elements and had stories and enemies reminiscent of the Resident Evil games. While for the first there was no such success bell tower games, it’s possible they could find a new audience in a world full of Resident Evil remakes.

bell tower 3 was the best of the games and managed to give the series a great cinematic style of presentation. If put to good use with some new mechanics, a new one bell tower Game or a remake of this entry in the franchise could have great success. Games in a similar way as resident Evil are unusual, and it would be great to see a new attempt at reviving a series that has been around for a long time.

1/6 the thing

the thing was a legendary John Carpenter film starring Kurt Russell that turned the idea of ​​paranoia into a visual, intellectual masterpiece. Released in 2002, the game acted as a sequel to the film and was more of a third-person shooter. However, this could be fixed in a remake as this game offers a great opportunity.

With the success of other paranoia games such as Between us lately and the successful game adaptations of horror films such as Friday the 13th and extraterrestriala new the thing Game could work out fantastic. With a multiplayer feature where one of the players is the creature, this game could really take off today.

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