5 N64 Games That Could Save the Expansion Pack

Nintendo Switch Online’s Expansion Pass has been lackluster due to the current lineup. However, there are certain titles that can save the service.

When Nintendo first announced the expansion pack for Nintendo Switch Online, fans were hoping to see some of their favorite Nintendo 64 titles. However, the services were lackluster and were criticized for their sheer choice of titles. Nintendo has recently started releasing titles with announcements from cult favorites such as 007 Golden Eye and Pokémon Stadium.

While the announced titles help improve the service, there are still more games to add to the lineup. Offering games from older systems allows players to experience the nostalgia of when they first started playing. Adding titles like this could ultimately help save the service.

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Conker’s Bad Fur Day would bring fans days of gaming

Conker with wads of money in Conker's Bad Fur Day.

Conker’s Bad Fur Day was a game that broke with video game form at the time and featured a swearing drunkard brandishing his trusty frying pan as the main character. As the title suggests, the entire game takes place in a single day, although some may find it hard to believe just how much is packed into the game. This game takes the player through a vampire mansion, down a drain into a prehistoric society with dinosaurs, into outer space and more. Players have wanted to see this game since the introduction of modern gaming systems and after the lackluster remaster Conker: Live & Reloadednow would be the perfect time to reclaim the title.

Diddy Kong Racing took the racing genre to a new level

Diddy approaches Tricky's boss in Diddy Kong Racing

Diddy Kong Racing is so much more than a kart racer. In addition to the classic car, racers can also control airplanes and hovercrafts. Choosing the right vehicle can lead to victory, but the wrong choice and a player can be left behind. In Adventure Mode, players can traverse the story and fight bosses to unlock an additional mode. Diddy Kong Racing also features battle modes where players can capture eggs or engage in death fights. The grand return of such a legendary racer could kickstart the expansion pack and open the doors for players to compete online rather than the limited LAN play the original stuck to and improve the service even further.

The original Super Smash Bros. can show players where it all began

Super Smash Brothers Nintendo 64 box art

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, MultiVersusand similar titles owe part of their success to the original Super Smash Bros. The original changed the fighting genre, with fighters instead of depleting a health bar instead damaging opponents until they reached a point where they could be knocked out of bounds. By returning to the place of origin, fans can feel the nostalgia of playing the platformer’s grandfather. This also allows players to see how far the title has come and test its modernity Super Smash Bros. Tactics on the original title.

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Bomberman 64 was a staple of the move to 3D gaming

Hi-Ten_Bomberman gameplay cropped screenshot

Bomberman 64 is, as the title suggests, a game where players throw bombs and destroy boxes. Players become a character called Bomberman who can use various upgrades to create bigger and more powerful explosions with bombs. This landmark piece was unique because it marked a drastic shift in video game visualization from the 2D side-scroller style to 3D. Many fans have lasting memories of playing solo or multiplayer and being able to run around and blast blocks before trapping a friend in a corner with planted bombs. Add to Bomberman 64 into the Expansion Pass series could help attract other influential older titles and bring a whole new breed of player to the service.

Glover was an odd game that lives on in fans’ memories

Glover stands on a print block and stares at the camera with a slot machine in the background

Glover follows the story of a magic glove. Players take on the role of the Gauntlet and traverse a mystical land with a ball that can change shape to fight enemies – while also attempting to defeat the Wizard’s other Gauntlet and return the land to normal. Since the majority of the reviews for the re-release on Steam are related to the port and not the actual game, should Nintendo correctly port the game to the online service, Nintendo could persuade many gamers to replay one of their favorite childhood games for the expansion Pack.