33 Beach Games And Activities For Kids

Beach activities and games are a healthy way to spend your vacation with your kids. So hit the beach with your beach crew and lots of toys to stimulate mental and physical activity!

You can try a range of activities, including making bubble wrap starfish, or simply pick up a Liberty Imports beach building set to build sand castles like a pro!

If you’re planning a beach vacation or a kids’ lesson, here are 33 games and activities to add to your list.

1. Build sandcastles

Building sandcastles is one of the most popular classic games. Just plan a trip to the beach, carry basic beach toys, and ask the kids to build sandcastles out of wet or dry sand. Teach kids teamwork by asking them to build neighboring sandcastles.

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2nd water polo relay

One of the best family beach games you can play is Beach Ball Relay. Family members or classmates can pair up by splitting into teams. In this outdoor game, kids balance a beach ball without using their hands and run to the finish line.

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3. Musical beach towels

Have you ever played musical chairs? This is the beach version! Instead of a circle of beach chairs, you have a circle of towels. Arrange beach towels (1 less than the number of players) in a circle, then start the music. When the music stops, players must find a towel to sit on. If you don’t have a towel, you’re out.

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4. Tropic Castle

Beach days are incomplete without building a castle, and this one adds a nice twist to the classic version. You will need many buckets of water since your drip castle is made of wet sand. Simply take extremely wet sand in your hand and let it drip off.

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5. Fill a hole with water

This is a fun beach game where you use beach shovels to dig a deep hole and see how much water it can hold. Turn it into a fun competition and measure the amount of water using a beach bucket or plastic water bottle.

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6. Beach bowling

This is a simple game where players have to dig small holes and roll a ball into one of them. Award points according to the difficulty of getting to a hole and make sure to use a light ball to increase the difficulty.

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7. Treasure hunt on the beach

Download a free printable version from the web and look for the listed beach treasures. Use shells, seaweed, beach rocks and other common beach items from one collection. Give each kid a beach bucket and ask them to collect as many beach treasures as possible.

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8. Water bucket relay

Relay races are a hit among kids and this game puts a twist on the classic game of egg and spoon racing. Here, instead of balancing an egg, the children will carry water; Make sure it doesn’t spill out of its container. Give each child a beach bucket and paper cup. The buckets stop at the finish. The children have to race to carry water in their cups and fill their buckets.

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9. Sand Arrow

Take a twig or stick and make a dartboard on the sand. Give the kids beach stones and ask them to aim them at the board. They get more points by hitting inner circles – the highest score is awarded when the middle circle is hit.

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10. Catch game

This is another classic game you can play with a ping pong ball on the beach. Give each child a plastic cup and ask them to toss the ball to their partner, who will catch it in a cup. To make it more difficult, ask partners to take a step back after each shot.

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11. Sand Angel

Making sand angels is one of the easiest and fun activities for kids. With this activity, kids simply lie flat on their backs and flap their arms to make angel wings. The best part? The list of required items has nothing but sand!

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12. Fly a kite

All children love kite flying; and with the strong beach breeze your kite will surely go higher and higher! Just don’t forget to add a kite to your beach vacation packing list.

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13. Beach Volleyball

Another classic game, beach volleyball is the perfect sport for some action on the beach. It’s one of those beach ball games that people of all ages love! Divide the kids into two teams, secure a net and start hitting the ball.

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14. Limbo Beach

Limbo is a fun game that kids can play anywhere. In the beach limbo version, two adults grab a towel, umbrella, or stick to represent a bar, and the kids move underneath. Reduce the height of the towel to increase the difficulty. The one who can cross the lowest bar wins the game!

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15. Beach cleaning activity

Spend an active beach day with this simple and mindful activity. Go to the beach and give each participant a garbage bag. Make it one of the best family beach games by calling out a prize for the person who collects the most litter.

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16. Bubble Bubbles

This is one of those activities that is perfect for any open site. Buy a bubble stick and make your own bubble mix and watch the kids chase bubbles.

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17. Beach Habitat Activity

The beach atmosphere is ideal for teaching students about beach habitats. Download printable sheets about the animals found on the beach and ask the kids to look for them. It’s like a treasure hunt for animals living in the beach habitat!

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18. Sandhanger

The sand executioner is no different from the classic executioner – sand and a stick simply replace paper and pencil. In this game one player thinks of a word and the others have to guess what it is. The children have nine chances (corresponding to the nine body parts) and if they guess wrong, the Sandman will be hanged.

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19th water polo race

This activity is better played in a swimming pool. Blow up the beach balls and have a swim race while the kids push the ball with their noses.

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20. Boogie boarding with kids

If it’s a nice beach day, gather up your boogie boards and have some beach day fun. This fun activity is perfect for a lazy day at the beach.

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21. Clam Hunt

For this hunt, give the kids a printable shell and ask them to search the beach and collect as many of the shells listed as possible. Make it a competition by challenging the kids to get the biggest shell or the maximum number of shells.

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22. Obstacle course on the beach

The sky is the limit when preparing your beach obstacle course. Collect as many objects as you can find and design your own course. Jump over towels, crawl under open umbrellas and jump over self-dug holes for fun family time.

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23. Water Balloon Toss

Divide the kids into teams of two for this fun tag game. One player throws the balloon to his teammate and the other has to catch it without popping it. The goal is to catch more balloons than the opposing team.

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24. Host a beach music party

Throw a beach party and dance to your favorite beach music. It’s a fun activity with no rules. Just make sure everyone is aware of the area and follows all beach safety rules to avoid accidents.

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25. Family photo shoot on the beach

Plan a beach-themed photo session and enjoy the beautiful scenery. If you live near a beach town you have many options, but if you are on vacation this is a must!

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26. Rock painting

Paint rocks for an artistic beach day and have fun with the family at the beach. Gather your art supplies and enjoy one of the most fun activities.

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27. Beer pong

One of the most common drinking games on the beach! Children can also play beer pong (without beer, of course). This mini beer pong version has two teams, each with 6 cups and two ping-pong balls. Teams must aim for the opposing team’s cups; The team that successfully throws a ball into each cup wins the game!

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28. Bury a friend

Beach time with kids can easily get messy if you don’t know how to keep them busy. Ask the children to dig a big hole using a beach shovel. It must be big enough to bury a friend. Now have a child wear beach goggles and lie down in the pit. Ask the children to bury their friends and have fun.

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29. Beach reads

This is a self-explanatory beach activity that you can take your time while reading a story to your child. Enjoy the story and enjoy the soothing sound of the ocean in the background.

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30. I spy

To play this game, a child finds some object on the beach and the other children have to guess what it is. For example, the child says, “I spot a yellow beach tent,” and all the children look for and point to the yellow tent.

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31. Tug of War

In this classic game, two teams play tug of war. Divide the kids into two teams and use beach towels instead of ropes. Use seashells as markers to create the dividing line!

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32. Build a sand snowman

A snowman made of snow is not a big deal, but one made of sand can be very fascinating, especially for children. When you find yourself on an attractive beach like Bennett Beach, sand activities are a must, and you don’t need an 18 piece sand toy set for this one. Just dig up the sand and make a sandman the shape and size you want.

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33. Play tic-tac-toe

In the beach version of tic-tac-toe, do the board with tape on a beach towel. Now ask the children to collect similar types of shells, rocks and mirrors to represent their Xs and Os.

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