20 Gauge Round Ball Mold

20 Gauge Round Ball Mold. Melting and casting lead objects will expose you and others in the area to lead. which is known to the state of california to. This mould casts a perfect hollowbase slugs which do not require rifling.

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Features steel sprue cut off plate. Round ball mold 14mm (.551). Lyman has a full line of round ball moulds for the black powder shooter.

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Similar to the antique possibles bag style ball mold used by mel gibson in the movie the patriot. this.600 ball is ideal for use in a.62 caliber rifle. or our 20 gauge smooth bore barrel. The round ball/slug into the wad.

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Lee mould.600 round ball single cavity. That is all i doo.

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I use a lee.690 round ball in an aa wad and aa hull. Made for pedersolis 20 gauge howdah pistol. double barrel shotgun or indian trade musket.

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Brass construction with wood handles. The size and weight of the bullet depends on the quality of lead.

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That is all i doo. Made for pedersolis 20 gauge howdah pistol. double barrel shotgun or indian trade musket.

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16/20 ga 15.5 bullet round ball casting mold svarog 610 new. Pedersoli.437 diameter double cavity steel round ball cast bullet mold.

Lyman 20Ga Foster Slug Mould 345 Grain (7/8 Oz.) A Very Reliable Slug With Hollow Oburating Design.

This item is currently backordered. That is all i doo. Slug mold can be sent by two or more parcels.

Original Shot Weight And All Is Ok.

Features steel sprue cut off plate. Brass construction with wood handles. About 262 grains that is less than 5/8 oz (a relative just showed me the mold.

Svarog 20 Gauge Bullet Mold (Mould) Round Ball.551(14Mm) New $ 56.

Lee 45 cal (.440) 200 grain r.e.a.l. 12ga.690 round ball slug mould.690 round ball mould. Lyman 20ga foster slug mould.

This Is A True 20 Gauge.

If an 20 ga has an normal weight of 7/8 oz then i am fine. Throw perfect. ball after ball. with a minimum sprue to ensure the kind of accuracy that target shooters have come to expect from lyman precision moulds. Made like an original antique ball mold. from the 1750 to 1870 era. this single cavity mold is made of forged steel. neatly fitted and hinged.

Made For Pedersolis 20 Gauge Howdah Pistol. Double Barrel Shotgun Or Indian Trade Musket.

Dont quote me on it. but i think the lee.600 round ball mold is appropriate for 20 gauge. The single cavity steel blocks cast a.614 round ball of approximatley 350 grains. Lyman 44cal.454d round ball mould dbl cavity.