15 Best Xbox One First Person Horror Games To Scare You Witless

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The new and popular genre of video games lately has been horror. What’s better than coming home after a long day at work, wrapping yourself in a blanket and playing some terrible games before bed? Today we bring you a list of top 15 best Xbox One first person horror games.

#15 Blair Witch

Blair witch is a survival horror video game inspired by the Blair Witch cinematic lore. Experience a new story-driven psychological horror game that explores your reactions to fear and stress. As with previous Bloober Team games, Blair Witch is a single-player, first-person survival horror game in which the player controls ex-cop and veteran Ellis Lynch, who joins a search party in the Black Hills forest of Burkittsville for a missing boy connects. Maryland. Explore a semi-open world that can sometimes lead to abandoned buildings, campsites or small crevices that only Bullet the dog can access. Along the way, you’ll find items like wooden dolls, missing person polaroids, dog tags, and psychiatric notes to store in the backpack. There are also dog treats that can be stowed in the backpack to feed Bullet.

#14 Layers of Fear

in the layers of fearthe player takes control of an artist who has returned to his studio. The initial goal of this artist is to complete his masterpiece and the player’s role is to figure out how to accomplish this task. The challenge consists of puzzles that require the player to search the environment for visual clues. At first glance, the house seems simple, but it changes around the player as they explore it in first-person. This is a first-person psychedelic horror game with a strong focus on story and exploration.

#13 Layers of Fear 2

fear layer 2 is a first-person psychological horror game with an emphasis on exploration and story. Players control a Hollywood actor who answers the call of an enigmatic director to take on the lead role in a movie that will be shot aboard an ocean liner. Beware, things may not be as they seem. Darkness will surround you as you stand silently in the spotlight, the only sounds that can be heard over your heartbeat are the distant waves breaking against the hull and the sound of cameras pointed your way and capturing the moment hold on to eternity. A deep and commanding voice rises from afar. Law. what role will you play

#12 observers

What would you do if your fears were hacked? observer is a cyberpunk horror game from the Bloober Team, the creators of layer of fear. Play as the Observer, the new front line of neural police as you hack into the jagged heads of the lunatics. The player plays as Dan Lazarski, an elite neural detective who is part of a corporate-sponsored police force. In this future, 2084 to be precise, anything you think, feel or remember can be used against you in a court of law. As you hack into the unstable minds of criminals and victims in search of clues, you’ll relive their darkest fears, forcing them to question your own reality… and even your sanity.

#11 Alien Isolation

Discover the true meaning of fear in Foreigners: Isolation, a survival horror set in an atmosphere of constant fear and mortal danger. When she left Earth, Ellen Ripley promised her daughter that she would return home to celebrate her 11th birthday, but she never made it. Fifteen years later, Amanda Ripley learns that the flight recorder has been recovered from her mother’s ship. Amanda enters the Sevastopol space station to finally solve the mystery of her mother’s disappearance, only you face an unknown threat. Embark on a terrifying quest for survival as you navigate the labyrinthine station of Sevastopol. Unprepared and ill-equipped, it will take all your wits and courage to make it out alive.

#10 face

face is a first-person psychological horror game. Explore a mysterious, ever-changing house in a slow-paced, atmospheric world that combines both eerily soothing and terrifyingly realistic environments for a truly terrifying experience. Insecurity is at the root of all fear… and you are not alone. Stroll down the hallways, exploring every room and corner of the house in search of an escape route. The uncertainty will keep you on your toes as you explore the creaky and noisy house. What would you become if you couldn’t even recognize yourself in the mirror? Every death has its face. How will you face them?

#9 Outlast

Hell is an experiment in which one cannot survive Survive, a first-person survival horror game. As investigative journalist Miles Upshur, explore Mount Massive Asylum and try to survive long enough to unravel its terrifying mystery. A long-abandoned home for the mentally ill, recently reopened by the translational Murkoff Corporation’s Research and Charity Division, is being operated in top secret…until now.

#8 Survive 2

outlast 2 introduces you to Sullivan Knoth and his followers who left our evil world behind to give birth to Temple Gate, a city deep in the wilderness and hidden from civilization. Knoth and his flock are preparing for the tribulations of the end times, and you are right in the middle of it. outlast 2 is a first-person survival horror game that resembles its predecessors Survive and Outlast: whistleblowers, is a single player campaign. It takes place in northern Arizona.

#7 Soma

From the makers of Amnesia: The Dark Descent comes soma, a sci-fi horror game set beneath the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Fight for survival in a hostile world that makes you doubt your existence. soma takes place in a remote underwater research facility that contains machines that exhibit human characteristics, such as B. Consciousness. Simon Jarrett, a fish-on-water protagonist, finds himself there in mysterious circumstances and sets out to uncover his story while trying to understand his predicament and potential future.

#6 Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is a first-person adventure survival horror game. An experience that will shake you to the core. The player takes control of Daniel, who must navigate around Brennenburg Castle, avoiding various dangers and solving puzzles along the way. Smaller items can be stored in an inventory menu, while larger items can be picked up by holding a mouse button and pressing or dragging the mouse. Objects such as doors or levers can be manipulated with the mouse in such a way that the movement of the object is imitated.

#5 Chernobyl

Chernobyl is a sci-fi survival horror RPG set in a sci-fi open world. Uncover the disturbing mysteries of Chernobyl in a 3D scanned replica of the real Exclusion Zone. From the makers of become equal. As Igor Khymynyuk, a physicist who used to work at the Chernobyl power plant, he enters the mysterious and dangerous contamination zone in an exciting adventure of survival, conspiracy, horror, love and obsession. It’s not about how you face your fears, it’s about how you survive them. Compete with the enemy military presence, other stalkers and supernatural creatures, and the harsh and unforgiving environment in your quest for the truth. Get ready for an exciting adventure of survival, conspiracy, horror, love and obsession. Can you survive your fears?

#4 Dying Light 2

The world has collapsed. Discontinued 22 years later dying lightPlayers follow in the footsteps of Aiden Caldwell as he tries to survive the post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested city of Villedor. Choices made in the game affect the game world, and the map is four times larger than the original game. If you’re looking for a game to play through next year, this is a solid choice.

#3 The evil in me 2

If you already own The Evil Within 2, switching to first-person view is as easy as flipping a switch in the menu…literally! You can change this setting at any time so you can experience the game the way you want, whenever you want. First-person mode was added to The Evil Within 2 back in 2018 and brings a fun new way to play the game by offering a very different experience from traditional gameplay.

#2 Resident Evil Village

The next generation of survival horror rises in the form of Resident Evil Village, the eighth major entry in the Resident Evil series. With detailed visuals, intense first-person action, and masterful storytelling, terror has never felt more realistic. Fight for survival as danger lurks around every corner. Following the events of Resident Evil 7, players once again assume the role of Ethan Winters, who has started a family with his wife Mia. However, the horrors of the past return to haunt Ethan once more. Now Ethan must fight all sorts of new horrors on his way through a mysterious village.

1st place Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is a survival horror game in which the player controls Ethan Winters as he searches for his long-missing wife, solves puzzles and fights enemies on a derelict plantation inhabited by an infected family. Arm Ethan with a variety of weapons including handguns, shotguns, flamethrowers, explosives and chainsaws to battle against the estate’s residents, the Baker family, as well as humanoid mushroom creatures known as the “Molded” and mutated insects.