12 of the Best Nintendo Switch Games to Play at Work, According to Reddit

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Work means something different to all of us, but close many our workday includes some periods of downtime. If you don’t have anything to do between meetings, or if a colleague takes the time to reply to you, consider picking up your Switch for a quick gaming session. But a story-heavy game will only disappoint if that colleague calls you back in the middle of a cutscene. Instead, you need a game that’s easy to pick up and play for a few minutes, like one of these 12 titles.

This list is inspired by Redditor Certain-Ad-2118. Their work essentially consists of making phone calls, with two to three minutes between each call. They went to r/NintendoSwitch looking for games that could fill those short bursts of time, and the subreddit answered their call. I’ve picked what I think are the 12 best suggestions for the situation, but let us know in the comments if You have a favorite that you don’t see here.

Of course you could play any Game at work, thanks to the Switch’s sleep mode: you can e.g. B. play two to three minutes, breath of the wild, receive a call, put the switch to sleep, and start it up again when the call is over. It’s doable and good, but not the same. What OP was looking for and what this list focuses on is games with mechanics that are suitable for quick sessions, whether because they play in short rounds or because you can make great progress in just a few minutes.