11 Best Pokemon Clone Games That’s Worth Playing Today

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Pokemon is one of the best selling franchises of all time. Check it out, it’s true. If you have something that popular, as these games show, people will try to rip it off. However, if you are looking for something different, you might find some enjoyment in these games.

#11 Temtem

Let’s start with the one that is clearly a rip off. temtem puts you in a world where you are destined to be a “monster tamer”. Got it? Because they don’t want to be called “trainers”? It’s subtle, but it’s there.

Anyway, you will go to a mysterious floating archipelago and try to catch, train and fight a variety of monsters that you encounter.

The game is everything Pokemon is; It’s just that this title is an MMORPG. That’s correct; other players roam around the islands, which means you can fight people around the world during gameplay. If nothing else, it has to do with the OG series.

#10 Chocobo Mystery Dungeon: Every Dude

Chocobo Mystery Dungeon: Every Dude is a very long name, but what would you expect from a JRPG title that tries to show both cuteness and depth?

This game is more of a rip off Pokemon Mystery Dungeon franchise than the main series. Here you will explore endless dungeons and fight monsters on your way. The world changes every time you take a step, move/use an item, or anything else. That means you have time to think about your next move or just jump in and see what happens.

When you defeat monsters, you can make them allies! They will help you on your journey and try to make it easier to complete the dungeon.

#9 Monster Crown

For another direct Pokemon Rip off, let’s get in touch monster crown. Although, to be fair, this game has deeper mechanics than the series it steals from.

The game takes place on Crown Island, where many monsters roam and many people have tried to seize power in the past. So if another future tyrant appears on the island, you must rise up and stop her. To do this, you make pacts with different types of monsters on the island and work together with them to defeat other monsters.

A fun twist is that you can fuse monsters to create new species. Also, the end of the game will be determined by your choices.

#8 Ooblets

Ooblets put a twist on the Pokemon Play by making it more about fun than fighting. Because the only “battles” you’ll fight in this title are card-based dance-offs! Yes, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds, although Star-Lord would likely be a part of it.

Also, like certain other titles of this generation, you get a farm that you can manage, renovate and improve. So take it from the shack you start with to a massive farm full of crops from different worlds.

As you gather items and materials, you can open a shop to sell them! This gives you even more variety in the game.

In short, this game is perfect for those looking for a relaxing time catching monsters. Oh, and you can pet the ooblets.

#7 Koromon

Do we have to say how big a rip off this is coromon is? It has “Mon” in the title! It doesn’t even try to hide its rip-off form! Plus, it only gets worse from there!

In the title you are in the region known as Velua, where you become a researcher for a global society. So basically you are helping a scientific person explore the world. That sounds familiar!

When something goes wrong, you must go out into the world, collect the monsters known as Coromon, and then raise them well to fight the threats of invaders and other Coromon!

With over 100 species to catch and a dynamic endurance-based combat system, you’ll find plenty to enjoy in this game.

#6 Nexomon series

Oh look! Here’s another one that has “mon” in its name! Seriously, can’t you think of anything smarter? You made a whole game but you can’t glue the name?

Let’s go, the nexoma Series is a set of titles that are very much Pokemon, just with a different skin. In this case, you’ll travel through a series of regions trying to capture a series of monsters in order to save the world.

The original game alone has over 300 creatures, which is very impressive. Also, it has vibrant graphics, multiple entries, and a lot to do with the monsters you get. While it’s a rip off, it’s still a deep title.

#5 World of Final Fantasy Maxima

No, this is not a sequel to world of final fantasy; This is the expanded/updated version of the original title.

World of Final Fantasy Maxima puts you in the shoes of Reynn and Lann, siblings who find themselves in the magical world of the RPG series.

As you work your way through the world, you’ll be able to capture and summon monsters known as Mirages final fantasy characters by your side. Cloud, Sephiroth, Balthier and more will be there when you need them.

So find out the truth about your past and see where this takes your future!

#4 Slime Rancher series

We’re going to be fair about this title. That slime grower Games are less about catching monsters and more about collecting them for profit. No, you participate in the sale of animals to the highest bidder! Instead, you collect slimes to breed and distribute across the universe.

You play as Beatrix LeBeau. She has just inherited a ranch far away from earth and has to use her special vacpack to collect the slimes in this alien world.

As she does so, she must build up her ranch to deal with as many slimes as possible, and then feed the slimes to grow big and strong.

There’s more to this world and these games than meets the eye. So don’t be afraid to try them out.

#3 Digimon survived

Finally we come to the original Pokemon Rip off. That Digimon The franchise remains popular to this day, although it never quite reached the level of its rival. But it went further than most, including multiple anime, films, and video games.

The one we’re about to talk about is the newest title in the series, Digimon survive. A title that goes much further than that with its history and consequences Pokemon ever dreamed of leaving.

You play as Takuma Momozuka. A young boy who ends up in the digital world after a school trip goes wrong. Now he and his new friends must survive this harsh world and make important decisions that will affect the story and who will live through it.

#2 Monster Hunter Stories series

To put it bluntly, the monster hunter Franchise is NO Pokemon Rip off as a whole. The mainline games take a different approach to everything, including hunting monsters instead of catching them. But with that Monster Hunter Stories Series, These two titles play much more similarly Pokemon Title as you awaken monsters from this world to ward off threats.

In both games, you slip into the role of a young monster trainer who must save his tribe and his world from growing dangers. Including your own monster that becomes the “Wings of Ruin”.

Travel the world, explore mini-dungeons to get new eggs to hatch monsters, and assemble the perfect team to fight alongside you!

#1 Yo-Kai watch series

That Yo-Kai clock is without a doubt one of the most popular Pokemon rip off out there In Japan, it’s huge because of its connections back into their culture. Also, it got an anime adaptation on Disney XD, and that’s a big deal.

The game focuses on your player character traveling the world finding Yo-Kai partners to fight the evil Yo-Kai. These Yo-Kai are trying to take over the world, so it’s up to you to stop them! In turn-based battles, you pit your team against the enemy and even rotate the Yo-Kai you must have to ensure you come out on top.

Plus, just like pokemon, The games sometimes have “variant” versions where each one is just a little bit different.