10 Surprisingly Dark Kids Games

Video games aimed at children have been around for a long time in the history of the gaming industry. As soon as technology became accessible to them, families and children began to enjoy all the fun that video games can bring. However, some kids games, like other types of kids content, aren’t necessarily as friendly as they seem.

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While the debate about what is and isn’t appropriate for children of a certain age may never end, there are certain issues that most people agree are not for children. These are concepts that can scare children or are too complex for them to understand while their brains are still developing, such as: B. interpersonal manipulation and death.

10 Roblox shows the dark side of customization

Currently one of the most popular video games for children Roblox. This stylish and colorful game offers players the opportunity to customize the world to their liking.

In spite of Roblox’s overall family-friendly design and image, this freedom of design means that not all of the game’s content is safe for younger players. Whether it’s servers replicating mature content like horror stories and TV shows, or original creations with challenging themes and elements, many popular games in the Roblox Community are much darker than a casual observer would assume.

9 The Pokemon Black And White Show N Sad Story

Many Pokemon Games have earned a reputation for surprisingly disturbing content throughout the franchise’s history. One of those surprisingly stirring stories in the series comes from Pokemon black and white.

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With these entries, Team Plasma’s rival leader hopes to encourage humanity to free their Pokémon, as he sees them as gentle companions who don’t need to fight for the sake of sport. However, both the player and N find out that Ghetsis was using N’s ideals to cover up his plan to become the only human with power over Pokémon and conquer the world.

Many gamers remember Oregon Trail as one of her earliest encounters with video games. This simple, pixelated RPG is often used in schools to teach the history of the settlers who traveled the treacherous roads of the Path.

However, a closer look reveals the realistic nature of the Oregon Trail‘s story gets a little too terrifying for kids. Characters can die from dysentery seemingly out of nowhere, starve to death due to the player’s poor resource management, or even accidentally drown in poorly-traversed rivers.

7 The Legend Of Zelda: Majora’s Mask tells many tragic stories

The Legend of Zelda is another series with several chillingly dark moments. However, none can compete with those of The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask.

This particular entry in the series focuses on how a village copes as the end of the world approaches and the apocalyptic moon is fast approaching. Whether Link reunites lost lovers in the shadow of this impending doom or fulfills a dead character’s last wishes, he faces trials far beyond what society would normally consider child-friendly.

6 Minecraft’s story mode takes a dark turn

While Minecraft is widely regarded as one of the safest games for children, Minecraft: Story Mode something different. Over the course of the game’s two seasons, the main characters encounter several situations that might be considered too grim for children.

Several mature themes are present in the first season of Minecraft: Story Modealone. The main characters are framed for crimes they didn’t commit, trapped in a house with a killer they must find, and confronting a villain bent on controlling the entire world’s mind with redstone chips.

5 EarthBound is known for its dark undertones

When it comes to children’s games with surprisingly dark elements, most gamers will turn to them mother Series, the second game of which is also known as earthbound. in the earthboundthe otherworldly force known as Giygas has covered the world, turning many of its inhabitants into horrific monsters.

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The kids inside earthbound must face not only the terrifying creatures Giygas made of their homeland, but also the darkness within themselves to restore normality. That’s a big responsibility for a child, especially in such a scary situation.

4 Epic Mickey conjures up concepts of existential dread

The popular Wii title Epic Mickey offers fans of old Disney cartoons a trip down memory lane. In this game, Mickey explores the wasteland where characters go when forgotten.

As a result, many of the dialogue conversations and cutscenes are in Epic Mickey depict these sane Disney creations who face existential crises where people forget about them or don’t care about them. Many of them remember working with Mickey, who didn’t even really realize they were gone and is surprised to see them in the Wasteland.

3 World Of Goo contains a wide range of horrors

While world of goos It may seem like a simple resource gathering and bridge building game, but there is a lot of darkness lurking beneath the surface. Although the gameplay may be simple, the story hides in it world of goos unsettled in many ways.

Several aspects of world of goos are incredibly disturbing. Some examples include a woman sacrificing the ability to move her face so her beauty can continue to empower the world around her, innocent creatures being captured and used to create products, and a sinister enterprise trying to expand the dimensions of the world at the expense of all living beings in it.

2 Among Us has developed a huge user base of children

Even though Between us was not actually intended as a child’s game, the indie hit enjoys unabated popularity among younger players. Given the bright colors and low learning curve, this makes sense Between us would resonate with children as they grow and gain experience of play as a whole.

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However, Between us’ The premise and story are a little dark for a younger age group. While it’s easy to downplay the concept, it might be a bit scary for kids to be being chased by a bloodthirsty monster that has substituted and stolen the looks of someone they know.

1 Bugsnax isn’t exactly as cheerful as it looks

Even though Bugsnax originally marketed as a family-friendly entry for the PlayStation 5 premiere, it contains many elements that aren’t particularly kid-friendly. When the Grumpus characters eat Bugsnax, part of their body morphs to resemble the Snak in question, eventually turning these beloved friends into uncanny food amalgamations.

Depending on how the player distributes these transformations, the characters can end up looking pretty disturbing. Additionally, it’s possible for the characters to succumb to their interpersonal and emotional hurdles if the player doesn’t help them, leading to some truly heartbreaking endings.

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