10 Spooky Characters Not From Horror Games

The great thing about video games is that they all feel like moving works of art, with different themes constantly colliding and creating unique contrasts. A lot of games have fairly light tones and might even have an E rating, but contain characters that get a little creepier.

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The characters that are mentioned are some that are iconic in their market but don’t have much to do with the general themes of their game. They’re a piece of spooky fun for gamers who like different Halloween themes mixed into their games.


10/10 Pumpkin Banjo and Kazooie – Banjo-Kazooie

Pumpkin Banjo and Kazooie in Banjo-Kazooie is a small part of the game, both figuratively and literally. The character is not used very often, although his small size allows Banjo and Kazooie to access secret areas that they would be too big for in the other form.

The transformation is one of the cutest in the game and will add some nice Halloween cheer to those who were lucky enough to beat the game during the fall.

9/10 Jack SkellingtonKingdom Hearts

Jack Skellington in Kingdom Hearts is creepy, but not in a frightening way of breaking away from me, more of a misunderstood guy trying to do the right thing. This dichotomy, evident in both his personality and his design, is part of what makes his design so endearing.

In the Kingdom Hearts games, his story arcs are usually set in Halloween-like environments, but neither he nor the environments ever incite even a hint of dread in the player.

8/10 Sans-Undertale

Sans in Undertale is very special as he is one of the most loveable characters in the game or one of the most difficult to defeat. It depends on how the player starts his journey and whether he is friends with Sans and his brother Papyrus.

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What makes Sans a bit creepy is that he’s a skeleton, but his design isn’t that menacing. In fact, it’s closer to the sweet side of things.

7/10 Heroic Spirit – The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess

Depending on the player’s age and the time of day, Hero’s Spirit from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess can appear extremely menacing or be a sinister looking friend trying to help Link on his journey. He has a cool design and is said to be Link from the future but also from a different timeline.

Hero’s Spirit’s story makes him all the more interesting as it makes him a well thought out character that fits the purpose of the game’s grand scheme.

6/10 The Snatcher – A hat in time

The Snatcher in A Hat In Time is one of the main antagonists of the game. And while the area he lives in has an element of horror, the game is primarily a platformer above all else. The Snatcher catches the protagonist Hat Girl and takes her soul. After that, he forces her to perform tasks if she wants to get her soul back.

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Its appearance is similar to that of a ghost as it has many spooky elements accompanying it. However, he also has a huge, happy smile, which distracts him from his menacing tendencies.

5/10 Boo – Super Mario Bros

Boo from the Super Mario Bros series is one of the cutest ghosts ever invented in gaming. They perfected the art of creating a non-threatening spirit as it seems like most people could never have been afraid of them even when they were children. His design is very simple and his huge sneaky smile suits him well.

Boo is always fun as in the games it is available in like the Mario Kart and Mario Party series. He’s a wonderful creepy little guy.

4/10 Zappa – Guilty Gear

Zappa is a character that appears throughout the Guilty Gear series. The character has an interesting history as he believes he is just extremely unlucky and suffers from a rare genetic disease that renders his legs uncontrollable. But the truth is that ghosts move his limbs whenever they want.

Zappa’s body can distort in strange ways and he has various attacks based on the spirits controlling him. These factors make him a haunting yet funny character.

3/10 Scarecrow – Batman Arkham

Scarecrow in Batman Arkham Asylum takes the action-adventure game and turns it into a nightmare. Scarecrow ends up using his hallucinogenic gas on Batman, causing him to experience a minor meltdown as he discovers what’s real and what’s not.

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The boss isn’t horrible, but it has a much scarier theme than the rest of the game, which says a lot given that the game takes place in an asylum, after all. Scarecrow’s design is also particularly spooky as he appears to have a noose around his neck and grows larger in hallucinations.

The Sorrow in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is an apparition-type boss that the protagonist Snake has to face. The boss will be fought in a river, and any enemies Snake has killed up to this point will return to this fight. This ensures that this area becomes more difficult as the player chooses a more violent route.

The boss isn’t too difficult and isn’t one of the biggest parts of the game, but in a game that’s mostly focused on stealth combat, it’s extremely memorable.

1/10 Drowned – Minecraft

Minecraft is a game known for having a much softer tone than what’s presented, but those tones are often contrasted by some of the mobs that roam the area at night. One of these mobs was not included in the first game but was later added in an update to stoke fear among players. That mob are the drowned.

The Drowned are drowned zombies that are great swimmers and will attack players who get too close as they are constantly hungry for meat.

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