10 Must-Play Games On The Steam Deck

The Steam Deck is Valve’s portable gaming PC that’s a fantastic tool for gamers on the go. It has the depth to be customized just like a gaming PC, but also works out of the box perfectly for gamers who are new to PC gaming and more used to the feel and style of consoles.

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There are many video games available through the Steam platform that are optimized for the deck itself, so they don’t require any additional configuration to work. Players can download them and start playing right away. There are some games that still need a bit of tweaking to get them running at their best, but these challenges are often worth the fight. Many games are great fun on the deck, but there are some experiences that must be played as they offer something truly unique, either as an amazing gaming experience or a truly nostalgic journey.

10/10 Engage in a sci-fi strategy with In The Breach

The makers of FTL: Faster than lightthe roguelike space simulation game, followed along into the breach, a turn-based strategy game. As FTL, into the breach offers players a new adventure every time as the levels are randomly generated. Players control giant mechs in a futuristic sci-fi universe and battle alien threats on small maps.

Pilots have various abilities to use during battles, and there are numerous mechs and weapons to choose from. The game makes use of the Steam Deck’s trackpads, providing very accurate and easy-to-use controls and smooth overall performance. For a little on-the-go sci-fi strategy, into the breach is a fantastic option.

9/10 Bright Memory Infinite is a flashy and fun hybrid action shooter

Bright memory infinite is a first-person shooter that, in addition to shooting aspects, also combines sword fighting with special abilities. It’s quite a short game, lasting only a few hours, but it has incredible graphics, weather effects, and incredible gameplay. Stringing combos is fun and the performance of the game on the deck is pretty smooth.

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For gamers looking for a flashy, fun, on-the-go action shooter, Bright memory infinite is a great option. It’s also worth noting that the game was developed by Chinese developer FYQD studio, which consists of just one person, Zeng “FYQD” Xiancheng.

The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion Game of the Year Edition took the already iconic game and improved it with several expansions. Now one of the greatest RPGs of all time is ready to play on the Steam Deck on the go. Players can explore the vast world as their own created character and fight enemies with weapons and magic.

Although a bit of configuration is required to change the resolution, these minor issues are dwarfed by the overall impact of playing such an iconic game on a handheld system. The controls are intuitive and easy to use, even on the go, so that every role-playing game or Elder Scrolls Fans can pick up and play one of the best games available.

7/10 Collect rings along the way with both Sonic Adventures

Sonic adventure has seen quite a few releases since the original rushed onto the scene via the Sega Dreamcast via PC ports and updated versions. The original was a new way for fans to experience sound Plays and would influence future titles in the franchise, including a direct sequel that introduced a Shadow the Hedgehog who would become a fan favorite.

Both games run exceptionally well on deck with smooth high frame rates and crisp graphics, tickling the nostalgia of gaming Sonic the Hedgehog Games on the Sega Game Gear. That Sonic adventure In games, players can control multiple characters, from Sonic to Amy, as they race and explore 3D levels to defeat Dr. to thwart Eggman.

6/10 Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is worth revisiting

The Square Enix classic and sequel to one of the greatest games of all time Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII just saw that a remaster was released. Fans of the series can return to the Republic of Galbadia to pilot Squall and his companions on a journey of rebellion, love and war.

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Final Fantasy VIII is optimized for Steam Deck, so it runs smoothly and looks great in both gameplay and cutscenes. While the game polarizes itself within the final fantasy Community, it’s still a great JRPG experience worth trying on the deck.

5/10 Spartans, elites, and strategy await you in Halo Wars: Definitive Edition

Players can pack the UNSC in their bag and save the universe on their travels. Halo Wars Runs beautifully on the Steam deck, offering players crisp graphics and stable frame rates as they blast away the Flood and the Covenant in the real-time strategy game.

The Definitive Edition has improved graphics and all the DLC packs from the original game. Players control big gloriole Armies engage in action-packed warfare in familiar environments in a story that reflects the future events of the gloriole Universe.

4/10 Take on the challenge on the go in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

in the Sekiro: Shadows die twice, Players are sent to Sengoku, Japan in the early 15th century to play as a disgraced warrior tasked with protecting a young lord. When this lord is captured, players will have to embark on a dangerous journey where they will have to face numerous enemies and mythical creatures.

Combat is challenging but rewarding, the story is a great redemption story, and the boss challenge mode puts players in a gauntlet against their toughest enemies. Sekiro: Shadows die twice is optimized for the Steam Deck, so the resolution is clear and crisp, the controls are intuitive, and the performance is smooth and seamless.

3/10 Adrenaline rushes with slow motion footage in Vanquish

Defeat is the flashy, action-packed third-person shooter from Platinum Games and resident Evil Game director Shinji Mikami. Players control Sam Gideon, a highly skilled soldier in an augmented reaction suit that allows them to slow down time and slide through levels. There is a wide arsenal of weapons to choose from and each is upgradable.

The story may be cheesy sci-fi, but the gameplay makes up for any pathetic moments, and the combat is a barrage of bullets and explosions. The game is deck optimized so it runs at a smooth 60fps with crisp graphics and controls making it an awesome experience worth playing.

2/10 Play a milestone shooter with Half-Life 2

One of the most fundamental games in video gaming history becomes portable. half-life 2 helped transform the first-person shooter genre when it launched in 2004, introducing a mind-blowing physics engine and fantastic story. The game is optimized for the Steam Deck, so it looks great and runs smoothly.

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For all players who have no experience half-life 2 because they’re too busy to sit and play at a PC, there’s no excuse now. Fans of the series will love jumping back into the HEV suit as Gordon Freeman, whether they’re on the bus, on the couch, or in the middle of the park. Being able to play one of the best games of the last 30 years on the go is truly a privilege.

1/10 Aperture Desk Job serves a great story and real purpose

Aperture desk job is a free game developed by Valve as a Steam deck tutorial for new users. It offers players a quick, hands-on learning session for basic deck controls in a fun, whimsical way that will have every Valve fan yearning for a new one portal Game.

Players control a new worker at Aperture Labs while a GLaDOS/Wheatley-like orb robot guides them through their quests and new inventions. The dialogue is fantastic, the graphics are great, and it moves extremely well, showing the potential of the deck itself. fans of the portal -Series will love it, and it’s a great introduction for those who haven’t touched the Puzzle Platformer masterpieces.

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