10 Most Exciting Games Coming Out In The Second Half Of 2022

The year 2022 has produced some amazing video game titles so far, from big hitters like elden ring to indie darlings, tunic and Stray. But even as 2023 approaches, more highly-anticipated releases are on the way. Several established franchises will be releasing the latest in their relative series, but there are also some new names poised to bring intriguing concepts to the table.

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Excitedly waiting for a new release always carries the risk and danger of being disappointed when actually playing the game, but that sense of anticipation means everything to the average gamer. PlayStation, Xbox, Windows and Nintendo have even more in store for the year, and many of these games will undoubtedly carry players into the new year.

10/10 Get ready for chaotic absurdity with High On Life

Rick and Morty is known for its ridiculous absurdity, and the show’s Justin Roiland will bring that weird and wonderful chaotic creativity high in life. The new title will arrive as one of the most important Game Pass releases of the year for PC and Xbox.

high in life tackles a unique premise of wielding and using talking alien weapons with hilarious results. From the footage released so far, all of the voice acting seems to add to the general hilarity even further. Players will have to wait a little longer for this one until December 13th, but will no doubt be treated to a crazy and fun experience when it arrives.

9/10 A Plague Tale: Requiem is the unexpected sequel to the dark original

After its release in 2019, A Plague Story: Innocence was seen as an immersive and dark game with a unique premise. Back then, fans of the game never expected a sequel, but they will get one on October 18th. Titled A Plague Tale: Requiemthere’s a lot of anticipation and intrigue about where this sequel may go.

A Plague Tale: Requiem will again follow the siblings Amicia and Hugo, although rats are still a big nuisance. However, after their harrowing journey in the original, both have improved significantly, discovering new and improved ways to overcome the hordes of rats and other obstacles in their way.

8/10 The ninth generation of Pokémon comes with Scarlet & Violet

There will no doubt be those who miss the simplicity of Pokemon‘s olden days before countless new species, types and concepts were added to the franchise. However, the forthcoming release of Scarlet & Violet on November 12 has both die-hard and casual Pokemon Fans are dying to get started. The new Gen IX games will shake up the norm Pokemon Games where the main attraction is the freedom to explore an open world without restrictions.

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Players can accept the usual arena challenge if they wish, but two additional stories also follow. Four-player co-op is also introduced, going further than the raid battles out Sword & Shield. This newfound freedom is something Pokemon Fans have been screaming for the past two decades, and technology and ambition have finally caught up with expectations.

7/10 Mario + Rabbids Sparks Of Hope will be a fun return to this particular crossover

To kingdom fight was generally rated positively, Mario + Rabbids will be there again in 2022, with spark of hope. It’s a crossover that often slips under the radar compared to others happening at Nintendo, but the chaotic nature makes it incredibly entertaining.

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope Coming to the Nintendo Switch on October 20th. The sequel sees the heroes take on a new challenge, the villainous Cursa, with new and returning characters teaming up to save the galaxy. Expect the gameplay to be refined and improved while retaining the core charm of the original.

6/10 The long-awaited Bayonetta 3 has huge shoes to fill

When Sega decided to cancel bayonet 2 Midway through development, few could have predicted that Nintendo would not only revive the project, but knock it out of the park. Eight years have passed since then bayonet 2 hit the Wii U and arrived for the Switch in 2018, but now, in 2022, the third installment is almost there.

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With bayonet 3 Ready to throw fans right back into the middle of the series, October 28th can’t come fast enough for fans of the franchise. bayonet 3 on the Nintendo Switch will receive unrivaled attention a little over two weeks before Pokemon Scarlet & Violetreleased, but it could keep players interested for longer if it lives up to its high expectations.

5/10 Gotham Knights looks mesmerizing and exciting

Gotham Knights will arrive on October 21st and is a highly anticipated novelty Batman Game, only without Batman himself. The premise concerns Batman’s death, throwing Gotham into chaos and encouraging new heroes to rise up. Players can switch between four characters – Nightwing, Batgirl, Red Hood, and Robin – as they try to wipe out the rise in crime.

Gotham Knights will be an exciting new experience for fans of the Batman Gaming universe but will only be accessible to those who have the latest consoles. PS4 and Xbox One versions have reportedly been scrapped to focus on giving players the best gaming experience possible. The addition of two-player co-op is another big selling point that adds to the general excitement.

4/10 Harvestella is an ambitious twist on The Life Sim

Life and farm simulation RPGs have been a popular commodity in recent years after having such harvest moon, stardew valley, and animal crossing pave the way for new twists on the genre. 2022 has already experienced it Disney Dreamlight Valley Enter the mix and bring beloved Disney characters into a world of farming, mining and more.

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On November 4th, Square Enix will throw its hat into the ring Harvestella. While dream light valleyThe attraction of is the integration of well-known characters in an immersive world, Harvestella makes its immersive world a real danger for the player. It seems to thrive on its similarities to both final fantasy and rune factorymaking it an awaited release for many.

3/10 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II brings back Captain Price & Friends

call of Duty has been a successful first-person shooter franchise since its inception in 2003, but its mainline games have waned in popularity in recent years. Indeed, the free-to-play war zone generally generates more hype and excitement. On October 28th, however, the sequel will be released Modern Warfare Reboot of 2019 is coming, with the return of Captain Price and his crew.

There will always be confusion with the franchise using them Modern Warfare Names again, but the reboot was probably the last call of Duty Game to have a memorable campaign. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II could well be a return to form for the franchise, and fans are excited to get started.

2/10 The Callisto Protocol aims to be a space horror experience to remember

The Callisto Protocol will be the space horror thriller of 2022. The spooky survival game will be released on December 2nd on multiple platforms. It will probably bear some resemblance to that Empty room Play as your co-creator Glen Schofield is the director of this project.

The Callisto Protocol will be there too transformers actor Josh Duhamel, The young‘Karen Fukuhara and be humanSam is a widower. Players will navigate an awe-inspiring prison and fend off a terrifying alien invasion, promising an exciting and tense journey.

1/10 It’s finally time for God of War: Ragnarok

God of War: Ragnarok is the highly anticipated sequel to the massive hit of 2018 God of War. Taking place three years after the original, Ragnarok will once again follow the father-son duo Kratos and Atreus, the latter having aged further into his teenage years.

PlayStation has secured some impressive exclusives over the years God of War stands at the top. The 2018 God of War was only recently launched for PC in 2022, and the sequel will once again launch exclusively on PlayStation. God of War Fans won’t have to wait much longer as the game is set to release on November 9th.

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