10 Mistakes That Still Haunt Insomniac Games

Since 1996, Insomniac Games has had no shortage of phenomenal games that helped shift units for their respective hardware. Your resume includes the first three Spyro titles, numerous Ratchet & Clank games, Resistanceand two suitably amazing Spiderman games. With the success of tear apart and another Marvel connection in the pipeline, there seems to be no stopping the Burbank studio.

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Unfortunately, no developer is infallible, not even one as famous as Insomniac. Development is a rough process with multiple factors that can make or break a game. While Insomniac has reliably delivered quality titles, their occasional blunders have certainly resulted in some sleepless nights.

10/10 Disruptor’s cutscenes undermined its tone

Some soldiers are briefed in a film by Disruptor

Insomniac’s debut title was a sci-fi first-person shooter known as interrupter. The game was originally going to be developed for the 3DO before publisher Universal suggested it move to the PlayStation. The gameplay was similar to titles such as demise and the first Dark Forcesbut the psychic abilities known as “Psionics” have helped set the game apart from other FPS titles.

Another thing that did interrupter Standing out was something Ted Price would later regret – the inclusion of live-action cutscenes. During interrupter was supposed to be a serious title, the cheesy performances and dialogue undermined that a bit.

9/10 Sunset Overdrive didn’t quite get into the numbers

Promotional graphic from the game Sunset Overdrive

in many ways Sunset overdrive was very much an amalgamation of game mechanics and ideas from previous Insomniac titles. Of Ratchet & Clank, it needed the fancy weapons and emphasis on humor. Of Sypro, it needed the cathartic movement and wide open spaces. Despite boasting the studio’s glitz and quality gameplay, it didn’t get the sales it so deserved.

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Sunset overdrive marked the studio’s first collaboration with Microsoft, and its tone may have alienated a fanbase more used to titles like gloriole and war implements. The writing was also the subject of much criticism, with many finding the constant banter offensive rather than humorous.

8/10 The stealth sections in Spider-Man stung worse than a spider bite

Mary Jane secretly traverses Spider-Man

insomniac Spiderman delivered the first great game in over a decade that made the webcrawler a star. It refined the web swinging and open world formula of Treyarch’s great titles. Unfortunately, there were sections that stalled this exciting gameplay to give players control over Peter’s unpowered friends.

The stealth sections were absolutely abysmal, held back by trial and error design and instant deaths once discovered. The occasional pipe dream-like minigames certainly didn’t help either. Thankfully, Insomniac took the criticism to heart and ditched those missions when it came time for Miles Morales to shine.

7/10 Ratchet & Clank is another terrifying film adaptation

Clank, Captain Qwark and Ratchet celebrate their victory

James Stevenson claimed that Insomniac wanted to make a film adaptation of Ratchet & Clank for years. Directing duties were turned over to Kevin Monroe TMNT fame while Rainmaker Entertainment handled the animation. Series writer TJ Fixman was involved with the script during the film’s production, but left due to his commitments at 20th Century Fox and “a simple disagreement“With Monroe.

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In stark contrast to the PlayStation 4 game that was released to promote it, the film was a critical and commercial failure. Critics berated the animation and generally found the film mindless and derivative.

6/10 Ted Price regrets Spyro’s characterization in the first title

Spyro the Dragon stands proud on the title screen

The first title to star the fire starter saw him voiced by Carlos Alazraqui of Rocko’s modern life and the Taco Bell Chihuahua fame. Alazraqui portrayed the young dragon as a very Bart Simpson-esque radical youth with the requisite wit and scathing attitude. While critics generally enjoyed Spyro the dragonComplaints were made against the hero they controlled.

To make Spyro more likeable, Insomniac made some adjustments. For the sequel Ripto’s rage, Sypro’s personality has been significantly altered. He was also recast with SpongeBob SquarePants himself, Tom Kenny, who breathes life into the little dragon.

5/10 Ted Price regrets Ratchet’s characterization in the first title

Ratchet & Clank will receive a message in a cutscene

Years later, Insomniac would have the same regrets when it came to Lombax’s debut title. Ratchet & Clank for the PlayStation 2 was another hit for the studio, but critics were less kind to the eponymous duo themselves. Ratchet was widely considered unlikable, while Clank was seen as a bit of a nerd.

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The continuation, command go, would recast Ratchet, with James Arnold Taylor taking over Mikey Kelley’s duties. Also, scenes where Ratchet shows more concern for his robotic companion have been added to endear himself to the players.

4/10 Peter Parker’s Model Change Polarized Fans

Insomniac Peter Parker's models on PS4 and PS5

During Spiderman for PlayStation 4 received rave reviews, it saw its fair share of controversy. Many petulant grumbles were made about the game’s visual downgrade from pre-release screenshots in several corners of the internet. These minor complaints did little to hamper the game’s critical and financial success.

However, the game found itself in hot water during its re-release for PlayStation 5. Peter Parker’s character model underwent a massive facelift, leading fans to speculate that the decision was made to match Tom Holland’s likeness. In response to the criticism, actor Yuri Lowenthal tweeted that the change was made to better suit his vocal performance.

3/10 Ratchet & Clank All 4 One was notoriously buggy when it was first released

Ratchet and rattle all 4 a qwark doctor nefarious standing

All 4 one marked the first and only 4-player co-op title in the Ratchet & Clank Franchise. The genre shift sparked a somewhat polarized reception from fans and critics, with outlets like GameInformer praising the title and others like GameTrailers denouncing it. Regardless of where the players stood, the game was an absolute buggy mess when it was first released.

Gun shops didn’t work properly, characters often died for no reason, and players who dropped out of co-op could potentially lose their hard-earned bolts and guns. Luckily, some patches have fixed most of these issues.

2/10 Universal is the reason the company lost its dragon

The logo for Universal Interactive Studios.

Ted Price claims that by the third Spyro On entry, the team found the character extremely limiting when it came to developing new gameplay mechanics. Additionally, both Insomniac and Naughty Dog found their partnership with Universal Interactive to be flawed. Year of the Dragon would be the last title Insomniac would develop for the publisher before partnering with Sony.

Unfortunately, the worlds, lore, and characters of Spyro would be retained by Universal and lead other studios to take on development responsibilities of the franchise. What followed were abysmal titles like Enter the Dragonfly, A hero’s tailand the Legend of Spyro Trilogy.

1/10 Overstrike has been reworked into the more generic Fuse

The four characters that will later later be reworked for the game Fuse.

Long before titles such as Fourteen days and overwatch, The market was heavily saturated with realistic brown and gray shooting franchises such as battlefield and call of Duty. No wonder Insomniac’s pre-rendered trailer is named after a tongue-in-cheek spy shooter rollover caused quite a stir when it debuted at E3 2011.

However, during development, Insomniac found it difficult to translate the gameplay into a T-rated title and chose to rework it to be darker and more realistic fuse. Unfortunately, many publications have criticized this change, viewing the new look and tone as uninspired. Reflecting on the game, Ted Price said: “In hindsight, we should have stuck to our guns.

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