10 LucasFilm Games We Wish Weren’t Canceled

After the success of the original war of stars trilogy, the wind blew in the direction of CGI. However, the technology available at the time was not mature enough to realize Lucas’ vision of the prequels. So a department was formed to experiment with computer graphics – LucasArts.

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In the late 80s to early 90s, licensing agreements prohibited any game affiliations war of stars or Indiana Joneswhich forces the company to offer original features such as The Mystery of Monkey Island, day of the tentacle, Grim fandango, and much more. Unfortunately, several titles found their way into the Sarlacc pit.

10/10 Vanishing Act was aptly named

After the success of The Curse of Monkey Island, Jonathan Ackley and Larry Ahern came up with the idea for an adventure title that puts players in the shoes of a thief posing as a wizard. Unlike the duo’s previous graphic adventure titles, vanishing law would have been an action game with puzzle-solving elements and narrative throughout.

The game would also have avoided curse hand-drawn graphics and adopted 3D polygonal graphics. Unfortunately, according to Ahern, “Management wasn’t happy with that‘, which eventually led to the annulment of the title.

9/10 Star Wars 1313 was cast in carbonite

Set in a galaxy far, far away, this title would have taken the series in a much darker direction and put players in the footsteps of bounty hunter Boba Fett as he journeyed through the decrepit underground city of Level 1313. It would have been more of a coming-of-age story focusing on the early years of Boba Fett’s adulthood.

George Lucas and LucasFilm were reportedly heavily involved in the production of the game. Unfortunately, the title was shelved after it was purchased by The Walt Disney Company and LucasArts disbanded. However, the city of 1313 appeared in the clone wars tv show.

8/10 Zombies Ate My Neighbors 2 went back to his grave

The original Zombies ate my neighbors was a delightfully zany set of horror B-movies backed by addictive run-n-gun gameplay and a diverse roster of supernatural villains. A fully independent game has been remastered as a semi-sequel in the form of Underwhelming ghoul patrol, while Herc’s adventures shifted the formula into a parody of Greek mythology.

It wasn’t until many years later that a real sequel was worked on for the PlayStation 2 and the original Xbox. Unfortunately, there are hardly any details about this aborted sequel, only a few static screenshots serve as proof of the title’s existence.

7/10 Loom’s cliffhanger ending would never be resolved

Probably best known for his humorous advertisements in The Mystery of Monkey IslandBrian Moriartys loom deviated from the usual tropes of graphical adventure titles. Instead of picking up random objects and using them to solve puzzles, Bobbin used his magic distaff with the spells he learned during his adventure. Players could even cast the spells backwards to get the opposite effect.

Despite the game’s cliffhanger ending, there was never a sequel. Brian Moriarty said that subsequent games focused on the other factions Bobbin encounters, such as the Shepherds and the Blacksmiths.

6/10 Indiana Jones and the Iron Phoenix was later told in comic book form

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is one of the most critically acclaimed archeology game titles, so it’s no surprise that a sequel was in development. The game’s graphics would have been much more ambitious and would have drawn a lot of inspiration Batman the animated series. Unfortunately, Germany has strict laws that prohibit the depiction of Nazis in media intended for children, such as video games.

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Since the Third Reich played a central role in this title and a large part of the revenues from graphic adventure games came from German markets, The iron phoenix was potted. However, the story was told years later in comic book form.

5/10 Free Radicals Star Wars Battlefront III was almost done

Before EA restarted the franchise, British developer Free Radical had almost completed the third installment of the original Star Wars Battlefront Series. The studio boasted an impressive record of shooters like that time splitter trilogy and second look, making them a seemingly ideal candidate for skirmishes in a galaxy far, far away. However, after two years of development, Free Radical Design’s contract with LucasArts fell through.

Co-founder Steve Ellis said the game was “pretty ready” but was canceled when LucasArts felt the ad spend was too costly. However, GameSpot reported an anonymous LucasArts employee accusing Free Radical of missing deadlines.

4/10 The Full Throttle sequel was so beautiful it was canceled twice

Tim Schaefers flat out was a critical and commercial success, prompting LucasArts to commission a follow-up. However, Schafer was eager to work on his next idea, Grim Fandango, As such, development on the sequel was instead directed by Jonathan Ackley and Larry Ahern. The first pitch was called Repayment, where Ben would attempt to foil a corrupt politician’s plot to rid the streets of bikers.

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However, creative differences led to the duo leaving and calling in a second iteration of Sean Clark hell on wheels. This would have strayed from the first game’s graphical adventure roots to offer a fully fledged action title. This too was eventually cancelled.

3/10 Star Wars Ragtag couldn’t escape the EA empire

An original story in the war of stars universe written by Unexplored and inheritance from Cain Writer Amy Hennig and developed by a team responsible for the Empty room Series? What could go wrong? The answer is EA. Doubtful about the game’s financial prospects, the company decided to devote its resources to the much-maligned company Star Wars Battlefront 2.

The gaming press criticized the closure of Visceral as another example of AAA publishers’ apathy towards single-player narrative games. Hennig later speculated that it was Respawn Fallen Jedi Order was an attempt by EA to placate single player consumers ragtag Cancellation.

2/10 Telltale rose from the ashes of Sam & Max’s freelance police force

Sam & Max are on their way is one of the funniest and most popular graphic adventure games of all time, so there was great anticipation when a sequel was announced. Freelance Police would have brought the duo into the third dimension while retaining the same writing team and voice cast that made the original title so popular.

The game was very late in production when LucasArts decided to give the game the ax and lay off its adventure games staff. Luckily, the team would form their own studio called Telltale Games and bring the duo back into their own titles.

1/10 The mouse placed the kibosh on Knights Of The Old Republic 3

That Knights of the Old Republic games are considered to be some of the best titles based on the war of stars Franchise with a diverse cast of intriguing characters, unforgettable stories, and robust RPG mechanics. You’d think a third entry would be a no-brainer, but each attempt was met with disruption from the squad.

After development of the second entry, Obsidian’s offer for a follow-up was apparently turned down when LucasArts VP Jim Ward decided to have it developed in-house. While Bioware would eventually make the MMO title The Old RepublicDisney would shut down LucasArts before a proper third entry could be made.

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