10 Horror Shows That Could Be Great Video Games

With the horror genre in a renaissance, there’s never been a better time for fans to enjoy a good scare. Horror has always found a home in cinemas, but television has increasingly embraced the genre’s storytelling, and some of the most impressive horror offerings of the decade have come from television and streaming services.

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There’s still a strong relationship between television, movies, and video games, and it’s not uncommon for the biggest TV and movie franchises to get adaptations of video games. Gaming adaptations can occasionally poison great properties, but there are also many horror franchises on television that would actively thrive in a video game environment.

10/10 Chucky’s tiny fright makes for simple multiplayer madness

Zackary Arthur keeps Chucky at school in the Chucky TV series

With seven feature films, one reboot, and now a two-season television series, Chucky is pretty much number one in the killer doll subgenre. chucky has translated effortlessly to television, and it’s not hard to imagine the same thing happening in video games.

Asymmetric horror and action games have become effective vehicles for conveying the genre’s warped power dynamics. A horror title in this style with strategy elements where players control either Chucky or the group of kids that land on his radar would be a lot of fun. So many variations of Chucky have gone into the series that even one killer doll would work for everyone, either as a minigame or as a simple starting requirement.

9/10 Asche vs. The Evil Dead creates a rich world with a lot of love

Ash Williams with his team in Ash Vs. The Evil Dead series

Ashes vs. Evil Death is a canon television series that picks up on the events of Sam Raimi’s films and expands on their lore, introducing a worthy cast of supporting characters to fight Deadites alongside Ash. leftovers from Ashes vs. Evil Death have appeared in video games.

However, there was never a direct adaptation of it evil Dead TV Shows. There’s just enough content in the series that a modern horror game with action elements could properly retell the events of the TV show as well as the original trilogy of films to create the finale evil Dead video game.

8/10 Channel Zero can live on through a video game resurrection

In Channel Zero: Butcher's Block, the monsters hold hands

Anthology horror series have never been more popular on TV and across the four seasons channel zero is a particularly frightening endeavor that isn’t on many people’s radar. Each six-part season adapts a different “creepypasta” from around the web and finds truly disturbing ways to tell powerful, emotional stories.

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channel zero‘sAnthology structure lends itself to an episodic game that breaks down each of the season’s spooky stories. There’s also the potential in a game of this nature to tease a new one channel zero story by adapting the show’s seasons, but also taking this opportunity to bring a hypothetical “fifth season” to fans’ screens.

7/10 Archive 81 is chilling investigative horror that gets under your skin

TV Kaelego enters the real world from Archive 81

Many horror video games are very active and action-packed, but some of the genre’s scariest titles are built entirely from atmosphere, with a character reading documents and uncovering disturbing bits of the story. Archive 81 is a Netflix horror series based on a podcast of the same name, in which a video archivist discovers something sinister from the past while digging deeper into old video footage.

Archi 81‘s isolating, intimate research might become even more alarming when translated into a video game. Some of the scariest moments from the start resident Evil and dead space Titles are the notes that the player discovers and Archive 81 offers players many horrors worth discovering.

6/10 Yellowjackets uses realistic survivalist horror

The teenage girls stand in the wild in yellow jackets after a costume party

At Showtime Yellow jackets, a high school girls soccer team crashes in the wilderness and struggles to survive the harsh conditions. There’s strong material here for a sparse survival horror game with a touch of The last of us thrown in, that doesn’t have to resort to monsters.

A Yellow jackets The game might even avoid the material from the current timeline entirely and not attempt to force an unnecessary component of mystery into the experience. Survival, strategy and sim management in difficult conditions is all that Yellow jackets game must succeed.

5/10 Evil is the old fashioned monster of the week mayhem for modern audiences

Aasif Mandvi as Ben Shakir in Evil

Mean is one of the most entertaining and anarchic horror series on TV, happily hugging each other X files‘ Believer/skeptic dynamic with an emphasis on procedural paranormal stories. On Mean Video game could be structured like silent Hillwhile characters are repeatedly confronted with strange activities.

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Robert and Michelle King, the creators of Mean, are also big fans of playing with technology and modern trends. It would be very brand compliant for them if they wrote an original story for you Mean Video game that specifically uses and comments on its new medium.

4/10 The Haunting Of Hill House aims to be the definitive haunted house game

The Crain family in Haunted Hill House.

Mike Flanagan has become a modern day horror writer and his genre production for Netflix has an impressive track record. The first season of Flanagan’s haunted The anthology series is widely considered his scariest and most mainstream production. A devastating story about the family unfolds and The Haunting of Hill House is a TV show that would really benefit from one pt type treatment.

hill house doesn’t have to be a video game, but the series’ themes, structure, and jumpscares fit that formula so well. fatal frame is another horror franchise that The Haunting of Hill House could be retrofitted effectively.

3/10 Stranger Things’ Hawkins is a hotbed of horror

Creel's house turned upside down in Stranger Things

Some may argue that stranger things is technically sci-fi, but later seasons have become increasingly horror-centric, offering real-life horrors and brutal murders. stranger things is a colossal hit that is the ideal choice to live on as a video game.

The correct approach here would be not to belittle an adaptation stranger things and tinker a Grand Theft Auto-like open world from Hawkins, Indiana that can serve stranger things‘ Immersive lore and passionate fandom. At the same time, a Beyond Good and Evil or fable Angles could also be applied where players can live upside down and experience a more crushing existence.

2/10 Midnight Mass traps players on an island with monsters

The angel before the congregation at midnight mass

Mike Flanagans midnight fair is such a personal and dialogue-filled horror series that it’s not the first title that comes to mind for a video game adaptation. midnight fair becomes an intriguing deconstruction of religion and belief when an island community is exposed to a vampiric “angel” and given the opportunity, so to speak, to evolve.

It is the closed nature of midnight fair that could make it a terrible video game. There’s a lot of potential to be stuck on an island that’s increasingly overrun by monsters that roam free at night.

1/10 American Horror Story becomes a cornucopia of frightening tropes

Spalding with his many dolls in American Horror Story: Coven

Ryan Murphys American Horror Story is one of the biggest horror titles on TV, even if most viewers believe that the show’s prime is over and that it doesn’t know how to survive its landings. Tempo and editing issues aside, American Horror Story is responsible for many memorable horror icons.

The anthology series has also explored witches, vampires, ghosts, and everything in between. There is enough American Horror Story Material in its connected universe that a video game that remixes all seasons into one ridiculous horror story would be a lot of fun for both fans and those who just like different horror tropes.

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