10 Great Horror Games To Play This Winter

Horror classics like The glow and the thing showed how winter can provide the perfect setting for spooky stories. Out in the wild, there’s no telling what mysteries lurk beneath all the frost and snow. When creating a story where characters are forced to stay in a dangerous and remote place, snowstorms are an effective plot device.

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Just like books and movies, there’s no shortage of horror games that take advantage of the fear and isolation that snow and ice can bring. Regardless of whether they’re indie or AAA titles, the weather outside isn’t as terrible as it is with these spooky titles.

10/10 Frustrating theme De-Fanged Dracula unleashed

Bloofer Lady from Dracula Unleashed

Infocoms Dracula unleashed serves as an unofficial sequel to Bram Stoker’s novel, in which players take on the role of Quincey Morris’ brother, Alexander. During the Christmas season, the young Texan explores the streets of London to uncover his brother’s death and confront the risen Earl.

Dracula unleashedThe FMV nature of led to some idiosyncratic design decisions. Players were required to have a specific item equipped before entering a room. Unfortunately, once players fail a puzzle, the game becomes unwinnable, although the game doesn’t bother letting players in on the mystery. Poor design makes this game frustrating, but its humor, intentional and otherwise, makes it worth checking out.

9/10 D2 is another whimsical title from a gaming auteur

Laura survives the inhospitable cold

Although they share the same developer and protagonist of the same name, D2 had almost nothing to do with Kenji Eno D or the aborted sequel to the ill-fated M2 console. The game puts players in control of a young journalist named Laura Harris who survives a plane crash in the snowy wilderness. Players had to survive the inhospitable landscape while fending off bizarre plant creatures.

During D2 Praised for its presentation and ambitious narrative, the gameplay provoked a polarized reception from critics. However, D2 is worth a quick look for those interested in one of gaming’s weirdest authors.

8/10 Players must avoid the Big Sleep in Kona

Fight wolves as a first person shooter in Kona

Kona calls private investigator Carl Faubert to meet with wealthy industrialist William Hamilton to discuss recent acts of vandalism on his Lake Atamipek property. When he arrives, however, the PI’s meeting is turned upside down by a car accident. Trapped in the abandoned city, players must survive the harsh environment and discover the truth behind this seemingly innocuous quest.

Kona is played from the first person perspective as players investigate and survive. The game’s terrifying tone combined with noir tropes, including a gumshoe protagonist and a Chandler-esque narrative, make it a unique and interesting challenge.

7/10 Mundaun sports a distinctive pencil art style

Mundaun's Dread Mountains

In mundane, players take control of a young man named Curdin, who ventures to his grandfather’s hometown to attend his funeral. However, when he discovers his relative’s empty tomb, Curdin decides to traverse the mountain and solve the mystery. mouthaun is played from the first-person perspective and gives players various options to overcome the many obstacles and puzzles that await them.

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mouthaun offers multiple possible outcomes depending on the choices players make. It also includes a distinct sketchy, monochromatic art style that blends beautifully with the frosty setting. It’s a unique game with a unique charm.

6/10 EA made Dead Space 3 less terrifying than its predecessors

Isaac Clarke on the cover of Dead Space 3

As Visceral’s third appearance with Isaac Clark, dead space 3 made the controversial decision to bring 2-player co-op into the survival horror franchise. While optional, adding an extra player reduced the loneliness and sense of dread that are crucial to horror titles.

Nonetheless, the game still offers the same excellent gameplay and graphics dead space Franchise is known for. The snowy planet Tau Volantis helps give the third game a distinctive look and feel. Unfortunately, the studio shut down shortly after the game’s release, meaning that the dead space Franchise never quite managed to return to form.

5/10 Silent Hill Shattered Memories brought the series back to its roots

Harry Mason, the protagonist of Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, shines his flashlight

Climax Studios’ second attempt at Konami’s psychological horror franchise turned out to be a bit mixed. On the one hand, Silent Hill: Shattered memories should be credited for returning the series to its psychological roots thereafter homecoming penetrated further into the action area.

Akira Yamaoka returned to provide a suitably atmospheric score for Harry Mason’s journey as well.

Shattered memories even has some original ideas like interactive therapy sessions and the way it incorporated the Wii Mote into its gameplay. Unfortunately, the game was hampered by the inexplicable decision to only show hazards in designated pursuit sections. However, the game’s storyline and presentation manage to enhance what could have been a lackluster experience.

4/10 Until Dawn is a playable slasher flick

Sam at the foot of Blackwood Mountain in the game Until Dawn

supergiants Until dawn Put players in control of multiple characters whose lives are threatened in a violent night on snowy Blackwood Mountain. In stark contrast to Telltale’s efforts, any character in this game, even the playable ones, could get the axe. What set this game apart from other graphic adventures was its much-heralded “butterfly effect” mechanic, where characters could all die as the game’s story progressed.

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Until dawn had an impressive cast for its motion capture and voice acting, including Rami Malek, Hayden Panettiere and Peter Stormare. Unfortunately, the game’s writing wasn’t as strong as Telltale’s the Walking Dead or The wolf among usbut it’s become a favorite for horror gaming fans everywhere.

The character who roasts meat over an open fire in the game Don't Starve

Although some players might argue that Don’t starve doesn’t quite qualify as a horror title, it’s a survival game. As Chris Avellone of Stand out Glory said: “Survival is a subset of fear.” The game puts players in control of Wilson as he tries to survive a dangerous world while unraveling the mystery behind the mysterious Maxwell.

In Don’t starve, cold weather changes the game mechanics. Freezing, longer nights and declining sanity are just a few of the new dangers players will face during the 16-day period. This makes winter a special challenge that most players fear.

2/10 Metro Last Light brings an acclaimed novel to life

A Metro soldier wearing a gas mask protects his eyes from the glare.

Based on the acclaimed novels of the same name 4A’s metro -Games present players with a dark future devastated by nuclear weapons. Society survives the radiation-filled surface by taking refuge in underground subways. The subway last night Brilliantly blends narrative and first-person shooter gameplay without sacrificing player input. In a nice combination of social commentary and game mechanics, ammo is also used as currency.

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The subway last night brings the apocalyptic world of Dmitry Glukhovsky to life with stunning graphics and no shortage of supernatural horrors. last light improves the strengths of metro 2033 with more sophisticated camouflage and less frustrating missions that will help the franchise move forward while instilling tons of fear into the fans.

1/10 Resident Evil Village stacks in Camp and Body Horror

Ethan Winters watches the sunrise in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil 7 successfully returned the series to its survival horror roots and breathed new life into Capcom’s undead franchise. for the follow-up, Resident Evil VillageEthan Winter’s second outing shifted the setting from a cottage in the middle of nowhere to an entire village.

When Winters’ wife is shot and his child is stolen by a mercenary team led by Chris Redfield, Ethan is forced into another terrifying journey that will push him to his absolute limits. Resident Evil Village successfully builds on the previous game’s mix of body horror and camp and features some of the most disturbing set pieces the series has ever seen.

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