10 Games PlayStation Fans Still Want Remakes Of

The PlayStation has a huge library of games and exclusive products. Sony fans have many excellent games available to play. However, fans don’t always want something new. Game development is constantly evolving. Sometimes fans want to combine progression with nostalgia and see an old game remastered.

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Game remakes can be controversial, especially when they change things up on beloved classics. However, a well-done remake can help a game in many ways. It can better realize the original concept with more advanced technology. It can introduce the game to a new audience. Especially with remakes like The Last of Us Part I and Horizon Zero DawnThere are older games that fans would like to see with an updated touch.

10 Bloodborne begs for better technology

The hunter faces the moon in central Yharnam.

bloodborne is one of the most popular PlayStation 4 exclusives. It combines FromSoftware’s signature action-RPG gameplay with a unique Victorian aesthetic and horror stories. It is considered one of the best games not only on the PS4 but on any console of all time.

However, bloodborne has some limitations. Notably, the game is also locked to 30 frames per second on the PS5. On the original PS4, the frame rate can drop below that in places. A remake could enhance the game’s beauty and ambition without sacrificing technical performance. It could even bring the game to PC to reach a much wider audience.

Big Boss talking to Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

A remake isn’t always just about improving a game. Keeping games is of great importance to some people. PlayStation 3 exclusive games are harder to obtain than many other games due to the console’s unique hardware. Metal Gear Solid 4: Weapons of the Patriots is considered one of the best games of all time. However, it is not available on other consoles or even later PlayStations.

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A new edition could solve this problem. A reissue of Metal Gear Solid 4: Weapons of the Patriots could bring the game as is to the more conventional hardware of the PlayStation 5 and allow porting to other consoles. Alternatively, a remake could bring the gameplay more into line Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Combining the franchise’s best story and gameplay would please many fans.

8th Valkyrie profile is unique but outdated

Lenneth in Asgard in Ending A to Valkyrie Profile

The original Valkyrie profile was made new once Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. It was re-released on PlayStation Portable seven years after its debut on PlayStation 1 in 1999. It was also made available on PS4 and PS5 through emulation. However, Valkyrie profile deserves a full blown remake in keeping with modern sensibilities.

There’s a lot to like about the original version of Valkyrie profile. Its Norse mythology-inspired story and unique characters resonate for years to come. The actual gameplay, however, is traditional dungeon crawling and turn-based combat with button mashing. A remake with modern RPG or action RPG gameplay could become a modern classic.

7 Heavy rain deserves a second try

Ethan and Shaun in the park in the game Heavy Rain.

heavy rain is one of the most unconventional PlayStation games of all time. It codifies much of the Quantic Dream formula and the writings of David Cage, which later became better known Detroit: Become Human. heavy rain is a captivating and moving experience. It is also a heavily flawed one.

heavy rain suffers from boring gameplay and glaring plot holes in its story. With the benefit of years of hindsight, a remake could do away with the worst of them. Quantic Dream could look at similar narrative games like those from TellTale Games or Supermassive Games for inspiration on how to keep the gameplay entertaining.

6 Final Fantasy X would benefit from similar treatment to VII

Tidus on the cover of Final Fantasy X

the final fantasy Franchise has always made remakes of its games. However, none was as significant as that Final Fantasy VII make new. It completely changes the gameplay of the original, and its plot takes a sharp left turn to diverge the story. If any game fits Final Fantasy VII in status, it is Final Fantasy X.

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Final Fantasy X features one of the best stories in the franchise. However, the gameplay follows a very similar one final fantasy Formula. Realtime style remake of Final Fantasy VII could create a brand new experience. It would be controversial if a Final Fantasy X Remake also made extensive changes to the story.

5 There is still nothing quite like Space Channel 5

Ulala reclaims the news channel in the game Space Channel 5 Part 2

space channel 5 is a very unusual game. It’s a rhythm action game that follows a news reporter, Ulala, as she fights aliens and criminals through dancing and gunfights. It takes the inherent weirdness of the rhythm-action genre and ups the ante to eleven. There is nothing like it space channel 5 while playing.

It’s a franchise that could easily be continued through sequels. However, none come. Space channel 5 part 2 is available on newer consoles such as PS3 and Xbox 360. However, there is nothing from the franchise on newer consoles. Many fans would be happy to see the series reappear in modern times, even as a remake.

4 inFAMOUS could be reborn

Cole McGrath surrounded by lightning in the inFAMOUS game

inFAMOUS is one of PlayStation’s smaller franchises. There were three games in the series. They were all successful and well received, but none were revolutionary or perfect. Nonetheless, they have a dedicated fan base and plenty of appeal for casual gamers. A remake of the first inFAMOUS could benefit from it.

The first inFAMOUS is praised for its ambition and depiction of Cole’s powers, but is also known for a variety of technical issues and repetitive design. More powerful technology and modern design could help. A remake could also attempt to bring protagonist Cole McGrath up to par with sympathy inFAMOUS: Second sonis Delsin Rowe.

3 God of War could show ancient Greece in all its beauty

Kratos looks at Olympus in the game God of War

God of War is a consistent presence on PlayStation. his latest entries, God of War and God of War: Ragnarok, were massive hits for the PS4 and PS5. Still, the franchise’s origins languish somewhat. The original God of War and its sequels remain outdated and difficult to access.

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A new edition in particular could benefit from this God of Waris aesthetics. God of War: Ragnarok is known for its stunning graphics. The same technology and visual design applied to the original game’s Ancient Greece could result in one of the most beautiful games of all time. Gameplay would be more of a challenge. It’s likely that fans would be alienated either way if the game kept classic gameplay or updated it.

2 Journey could bring fans back together

A robed character gazing at the distant mountain in the Journey game

travel remains a standout experience on PS3, but it’s lost some of its magic. An essential part of travel is its unusual multiplayer. As players travel through their world, they may encounter other players in the same area. Through this temporary connection, they can communicate, help each other, or keep each other company.

This is vital travels experience. As the game is as old as it is, it’s rare to find another player online. So everyone who plays through travel will likely miss a beloved part of the game. A modern remake could bring the game back a large player base and help players experience something artistic and beautiful.

1 Wipeout could use a coat of paint

A player turning a corner in the wipeout racing game

obliterate remains the legendary high-speed racing series. It pits players and NPCs against each other in dangerous races using futuristic technology. It had a major impact on the racing game genre while also spawning a successful franchise. New versions for obliterate are thin on the ground.

obliterate still fills an untapped niche in racing games. The franchise’s strengths, including realistic physics, unique visual design, and smooth action, are all things that benefit from better technology. Replica of the original obliterate would show how far game development has come in almost three decades.

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