10 Forgotten Games Based On Classic Anime

There are many anime out there that look like video games. From action-adventure storylines to epic and powerful combat, characters pit themselves against each other and evil villains in ways fans love and would love to be a part of. Video game adaptations of anime allow fans to take control of their favorite characters and immerse themselves in these fictional worlds.

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From 2D fighters to shooters to dating sims, almost any anime can be placed in any game genre. Contemporary anime gets regular game adjustments, but it’s nothing like a new idea. Anime games have been released on platforms like Super Nintendo and Sega Saturn, and even further back on arcade cabinets. Some of these games have been lost over time as some never left Japan, but are remembered by the hardcore fans who love the anime they are based on.

Ranma 12 Battle Renaissance fighting game for PlayStation

Ranma 1/2 was an anime and manga that followed the rather hilarious story of a teenager who becomes fully devoted to martial arts but is cursed to switch genders when splashed with hot or cold water. in 1996, Ranma 1/2: Battle Renaissance was released on the PlayStation 2 as a 3D fighting game.

There are several Ranma 1/2 Fighting games out there, this was the first for the PS2 and the only one featuring the characters Ryu Kumon and Rouge. The game has a story mode, a versus mode and a battle mode. The game is pretty simple and only has eight playable characters, but for fans of the anime, it’s a fun nostalgic journey.

9/10 Rurouni Kenshin: Ishin Gekitouhen was basically Tekken, re-skinned

Rurouni Kenshin Ishin Gekitouhen game for PlayStation

Rurouuni Kenshin is an anime series set in late 19th-century Japan and follows a former assassin who vows to protect the people of Japan without taking another life. In 1996, the anime received a video game adaptation of the first season, released on the PlayStation One.

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the Rurouuni Kenshin The game was a 3D fighting game, similar to Tekken, with story and versus modes. In story mode, players competed against iconic characters intertwined with cutscenes from the actual anime. While this was the first game based on the series, several more have been released on the PS2 and PSP, also featuring the anime’s characters J-Stars win vs.

8/10 YuYu Hakusho Final was the fourth game in the series for the SNES

YuYu Hakusho Final SNES game

Yu Yu Hakusho was an anime that followed the adventures of Yusuke Urameshi, a boy who was given powers after a car accident who became a “Spirit Detective” and investigated cases involving demons and spirits. There have been several games based on the SNES franchise, but the last one in the series, YuYu Hakusho Finaltook the best bits from previous games and brought the fans a great fighting experience.

YuYu Hakusho FinalPlayers can battle with 13 characters from the anime in versus mode or in a story mode covering the back end of the anime’s Black Chapter saga. Combat featured standard moves and power moves that reflected battles in the anime.

7/10 Face your enemies in Jojo’s bizarre adventure

CapCom's JoJo's Venture game

It was recently remastered yoyo game came out Jojo’s bizarre adventure All-Star Fight R, but there have been several games based on the wild, combat-based anime. One of the first was called JOJO’s dare. It was originally released as an arcade game but later ported under the name to PlayStation and Dreamcast consoles Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Legacy of the Future.

YOYO’s venture‘s gameplay follows the standard formula for fighting games, but included “stands”, the supernatural beings that manga and anime focus on. This original game loosely followed the plot of Stardust Crusaderthrough battles from each character’s perspective. It’s not an innovative game, but JoJo fans will likely enjoy it.

6/10 Vampire Hunter D was Resident Evil with vampires

Vampire Hunter D game on PlayStation

Vampire Hunter D follows the adventures of a vampire fighting against supernatural forces in a world where vampires and humans coexist. 1999 the Vampire Hunter D Game was released on the PlayStation. It was a survival horror game, similar to resident Evilwith fixed cameras, puzzles and fights.

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The story of the game followed the second film, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust, where the player must navigate through a mysterious castle to rescue a woman kidnapped by a vampire. Fans of the anime will enjoy the game even though it feels dated. However, as one of the few competently executed horror games based on vampire lore, it’s still worth checking out.

5/10 Captain Tsubasa received high praise from the fans

Captain Tsubasa SNES games

In 1988 the first NES, or Famicom as it was called in Japan, was released Captain Tsubasa Video game based on the anime of the same name. The anime followed the sporting adventures of a Japanese high school soccer team competing against other countries in a world tournament.

The game had a unique concept of being a sports RPG/strategy and cinematic action game that followed the story of the anime. Captain Tsubasa was a hit among fans and released several more games over the following years that improved the game’s soccer and strategy mechanics.

4/10 Become a Major or Batou in Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex Game for PS2

In the year 2005, Ghost in the Shell: Stand alone complex released on the PS2 as a third-person shooter based on the anime of the same name. Players can control either Makoto Kusanagi or Batou through action-packed levels and make their way to the next level. The two characters play differently, with Makoto being more agility based and Batou focusing on heavy weapons.

There was a small hacking element stand-along complex Game as Kusanagi can use a “ghost hacking” ability, but it was minor and overall the game felt like a generic shooter. Still, it’s a fun playthrough for fans of the anime, with great graphics for its time.

3/10 Neon Genesis: Evangelion Iron Maiden was a dating sim full of emotions

Neon Genesis Evangelion Iron Maiden dating game

Neon Genesis: Evangelion lends itself to a huge mech-brawler action game, but thanks to the complexity of the anime’s actual characters, there were actually several evangelion Dating sim games released in the late 1990s. Neon Genesis: Evangelion Iron Maiden eventually expanded the franchise in some weird directions.

Evangelion: Iron Maiden‘s story revolves around a new girl, Mana, who transfers to Shinji’s school and the developing relationships between Shinji, Mana, Asuka and Riyoji Kaji. Rei appears, but more as a background character. The game mainly asks players to wander through locations until they trigger the next plot element. Towards the end, players can choose a character to pursue romantically and can unlock one of three endings.

2/10 Carry that weight in Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy bebop game for PS2

Cowboy Bebop saw two video game releases on PS1 and PS2. The first, Cowboy Bebop, was a third-person flying game in which players piloted SPike’s Swordfish II ship and hunted bounties. the second game Cowboy Bebop: Serenade of Memory released on the PS2 and gave players a brand new story.

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Players control Spike, Faye, and Jet while receiving missions from Ed in action, puzzle, and vehicle-based levels. There are loads of extended cutscenes that tell the story with full voice acting. Both games were only released in Japan, as was the English version Serenade of Remembrance was canceled.

1/10 Drift around the mountain pass to the epic Eurobeat in Initial D

AE86 Trueno from Initial D Arcade Stage.

Initial D is a racing anime perfect for video game adaptation. The anime features intense drift races over mountain passes and the video games captured that perfectly. During Initial D Games started out on arcade cabinets, they also saw multiple console ports on the PS2, PS3 and PSP.

the Initial D The games followed the anime’s storyline, letting players create their own characters and then compete in races against notable figures such as Takumi and Itsuki, as well as the challenging Red Suns and Emperor racing teams. The games featured the legendary Eurobeat soundtrack and mimicked the cell-shaded design of the anime itself. They are awesome driving games focused on auto tuning, drifting and epic music.

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