10 Fantasy Video Games With Unique Magic Mechanics

How much work a developer puts into their magical systems can make or break a video game. Fantasy titles often don’t have much that sets them apart; so many games want to have monsters and elves and gnomes. But the magic system is where developers can really make the game shine, both in and out of combat.

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The right developers can make using magic feel like something that might not be a must, but it changes the game so much that people always want to try it. Many developers have found unique ways to incorporate magic into their universes and have fans raving about their games.

10 The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt relies on signs instead of spells

In the world of The Witcher, Mages are rare and the player cannot join them. Instead, they take on the role of a witcher, an augmented human who fights monsters. However, being boosted is not enough when their job is to fight monsters. Without access to spells, they are forced to rely on magical “marks” that allow them to mimic magic.

Witchers have access to four different characters, each doing something different, in The Witcher 3: Wild Huntplayers can switch between alternate versions of each character. Researching to know which signs work on which monsters helps players feel like a real witcher.

9 Dragon Age lets you combine spells for new effects

The power mages use in dragon time makes them dangerous, but also a must have for any military. In the original dragon time titles, the player could combine different types of spells to create different effects. in the inquisitionthe player can combine the schools of magic to become a specialist.

Some mages are able to manipulate the very fabric of magic themselves as Rift Mages. The only problem is that being a magician means connecting with nothingness itself and hearing the voices from the other side. strangest inquisition but what player tip do: None of the mages in this game can heal, meaning players must rely on other elements to do so.

8th Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning creates custom classes

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning was unlike any other fantasy game at the time. Within this game, players had complete control over how they wanted to build their character. Each new level granted them a skill point that could be spent on mage, warrior, or rogue branches.

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Selecting multiple branches created hybrid classes, represented by cards that granted stat boosts based on the hybrid class selected. Higher level mages received the best spells, while anyone who mixed two or more classes had a cap on what they could do.

7 Fire Emblem has limited uses for any spellbook, no matter how powerful it is

in the fire sign, Mages are just another part of an already large army of warriors. But of course not every magician in this world is created equal. Here units can cast different spells depending on which spellbooks they have. Only select spellbooks can be purchased from the shops, with the rarest usually only found on the strongest units.

And just like any other weapon in fire sign, a mage’s spells can only be used until all uses are exhausted. This means that within the game players are forced to count each spell as they could easily lose their favorite book before the game is over.

6 Final Fantasy VII: Remake grants high customization possibilities with Materia

Final Fantasy VIIThe Materia system is unlike any other system even within the Final Fantasy series. Players equip their armor, accessories, and weapons with various magical spheres known as materia, and bestow magic.

The Materia system offered a great deal of customization, as single target spells could be converted to dual casts or based on area of ​​effect Miscellaneous Materia equipped at the same time. This is one of the best systems in games, but the only company that copied it was Falcom with theirs Legend of Heroes: Traces of Cold Steel Series.

5 Dragon’s Dogma introduces a longer cast time to create stronger spells

Most games have gotten past the idea that casting spells is something that takes a lot of time. Long cast times can result in players not even wanting mages in their party. But Capcom found a way to revamp wizards and actually bring back the idea of Pour Magic.

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While it may take some time to cast the spell, the spells themselves are powerful and graphically stunning. in the the dragon’s belief, it can feel like magicians are superheroes walking the earth. That’s all without examining the later-introduced higher-level specializations.

4 Final Fantasy VIII lets players equip spells to affect their stats

That Final Fantasy VIII The magical system was divisive from its inception. Fans thought they had already peaked with the Materia system, making it a surprise when that system was scrapped for the next game.

in the Final Fantasy VIII, all battles revolve around the “tie” system. With this system, players can literally draw the spells from different enemies they encounter. It’s even possible to find hidden magic spells in the right enemy. Drawn spells can also be equipped on party members to increase their stats…but those stats drop as the drawn spells are cast, meaning players must choose between the two.

3 Octopath Traveler provides the ability to boost spells

Octopathic Traveler takes a lot of classics final fantasy ideas and combine them into something new. Inside octopatheach character could learn classes based on other characters in the party, as well as new classes that might be discovered out in the world.

Classes could be mixed and matched as needed to make all eight characters unique. The game also had a mechanic that allowed characters to boost their spells and attacks to deal more damage. Each turn was a balancing act of deciding whether to attack with the boosted spell or wait another turn to finish off the opponent.

2 Pillars of Eternity allows players to create custom spells

With pillars of eternity, Obsidian Entertainment set out to create a unique computer role-playing game that is second to none. And while the game is not as well known as Skyrim or other massive RPGs, it’s still a popular title among fans. Much of this can be attributed to the intricate way players can roleplay as different classes.

In the case of magic users, the Chanting class allows players to create their own custom spells by combining different chants. Other classes offer their own bonuses, such as B. Priests and Paladins who are more devout are more powerful in battle. It’s just a shame the game performed horribly on the Switch.

1 Divinity Original Sin II Let magic affect the environment around you

Divinity original sin II aimed to make combat as interactive as possible. Wanting the game to feel like a pen-and-paper role-playing game in video game form, Larian made sure players were free to do anything they could think of in combat.

For example, if the field was oily, a fire spell would spread much further and hit more people than normal. Fire could also burn through certain obstacles. That made deity Mage more versatile than in most games.

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