10 Epic Stories Hidden In FromSoftware Games

FromSoftware has a very different approach to storytelling than most developers. Their games don’t tell their stories in advance. Players can end a game without having a very small idea of ​​what is going on. All they need is a few ambiguous cutscenes, weird NPC dialogue, and environment stories.

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That’s not to say FromSoftware’s titles don’t have a story, however. games like Dark Souls and elden ring are full of lore and background details that explain a lot about the area. They also have plots and side stories, albeit ones that are open to interpretation and often remain hidden. Some of these are epic enough to rival any story told by other developers.

10/10 The tainted deceives the three fingers

elden ring

The three fingers that communicate with the Tainted in the Elden Ring

elden ring has a clearer story than titles like Dark Souls or bloodborne. Nonetheless, one of the greatest and most awe-inspiring stories possible requires the player to make every effort and overcome the game’s toughest challenges. The Tainted can choose to embrace the Three Fingers beneath Leyndell. This gives them a chance to burn the Earth Tree without killing Melina.

This usually locks the player into the ending of Lord of Frenzied Flame. However, you can avoid this fate. When players complete Millicent’s questline and defeat Malenia, Blade of Miquella, the Tainted acquires Miquella’s Needle. Using this in a specific location in Farum Azula will remove the Raging Flame. The Tainted can take on an Outer God and win – but it’s almost impossible to figure out how.

9/10 Siegward ends the life of an old friend

Dark Souls III

Siegward's cutscene from Catarina during the boss fight against Yhorm the Giant in Dark Souls III

Most NPC storylines in the Dark Souls Franchises are easy. They consist in talking to the NPC in the right place at the right time. However, Siegward’s quest from Catarina is more active. The player must fight alongside him on numerous occasions and help him out of his predicament in the Cathedral of the Deep.

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When the player does so, Siegward joins them for a crucial battle. He will join them to fulfill an old promise and kill Yhorm the giant. The fight against Yhorm is already a very cinematic fight. That Siegward fights at the player’s side only adds to its spectacle and emotional clout. A brave knight kills an old friend to end his misery and the player must help.

8/10 Lucatiel of Mirrah forgets himself

Dark Souls II

Lucatiel from Mirrah talks about her brother in Earthern Peak Dark Souls II

Hollowing out is one of them Dark Souls‘ primary sources of horror. As the undead keep dying, their willpower begins to dwindle. If it completely disappears, they become a mindless hollow. This is present throughout Dark Souls Trilogy. However only Dark Souls II explore it in depth with NPC Lucatiel from Mirrah.

Lucatiel is a recurring ally and NPC throughout Dark Souls II‘s world. She comes with a sad backstory and wild abilities. However, as the game progresses, Lucatiel begins with Hollow. Her story is not grand and bombastic. However, it’s a sober and surprisingly emotional story as it begins to lose its identity.

7/10 Ranni the witch defies a god

elden ring

Ranni the Witch after her fight with Two Fingers in Elden Ring

elden ring‘s Ranni the Witch has an unusually deep and long-running story. It spans most of the game and offers an alternate route that can give the player a different ending. It’s also one of the most obvious side quests in the entire franchise. Still, it’s a challenge to finish it.

The player must defy Ranni’s orders to leave her several times and perform other vague moves. If they succeed, they will witness an inspiring story. Ranni’s plan of the century comes true. She is able to fight with her two fingers and shrug off the fate inflicted upon her. If the player follows all the correct steps, he will see another of elden ring‘s gods outwitted.

6/10 A hunter survives the hunt and becomes something else


The simple doll with the good hunter as a toddler Great One in the Bloodbone game

bloodborneThe main story of is a bit more direct and guided than any of the others Dark Souls. Despite this, it is still vague and open to many interpretations. However, its clear events are appropriately epic. A hunter wakes up in Yharnam. Unarmed and weak, they fall prey to a beast and wake up in a hunter’s dream.

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From there, they grow in power as they battle their way through Yharnam. By the end of the night, they are able to slay a divine great in battle. However, you can do even more. If the player finds all third umbilical cords, he advances one step. They decline Gehrman’s offer to leave the dream and face the lunar presence. If they win, they become something of a god of their own.

5/10 Patches last for countless millennia

Dark Souls III

Lapp remembers that he is Patches in Dark Souls III The Ringed City DLC

Patches is the souls the most common NPC in the series. He appears in both at opposite ends of the story Dark Souls and Dark Souls III. On top of that, he even shows up demons souls and bloodborne. Nevertheless it is in the Dark Souls Series in which he shows how impressive he is.

In Dark Souls III‘s The Ring City DLC the player meets a knight named Lapp. It’s thousands of years in the future and he’s starting to lose his memory of Hollowing. When players help him, he remembers his identity as Patches. As cowardly and villainous as he may be, it’s epic to see that Patches has survived thousands of years against all odds.

4/10 Solaire of Astora finds his sun

Dark Souls

Solaire from Astora's first appearance in Dark Souls

Solaire by Astora is iconic Dark Souls. He is one of the first friendly NPCs in the entire franchise. His sayings like “Praise the Sun” and “Jolly Cooperation” are fandom catchphrases. However, it is very difficult to keep him alive and witness the happy ending of his story.

Solaire spends Dark Souls in search of his own sun. If the player only speaks to him in the right places, he will find him in the form of a glowing maggot that will kill him. The player must complete another side quest to kill this maggot early and spare him. If they do, they can summon him to fight Lord Gwyn. Upon victory, Solaire gains his sun in the form of his own First Flame.

3/10 Millicent dies as herself

elden ring

Millicent location in Haligtree Elden Ring game.

Millicent has one of these elden ring‘s more extensive side quests. The player first meets her in Caelid, where she is afflicted with the Scarlet Blight. If they help her, she starts to travel the world. The player can support Millicent several more times if they follow similar paths. Millicent’s foster father, Gowry, asks the Tainted to keep an eye on Millicent, but his pleas grow more sinister.

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In Millicent’s happy ending, the Tainted protects her from her sisters. Reaching her destination, Haligtree, she lets Scarlet Rot kill her. It’s bittersweet, but Millicent can explore the world on her own terms and stay true to herself. The story can also end on a dark note. The Tainted can betray her and doom her to be reborn as the Valkyrie of the Scarlet.

2/10 The divine child of rejuvenation saves a life

Sekiro: Shadows die twice

The Rejuvenation Divine Child speaking to Wolf in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Sekiro: Shadows die twice tells a simpler story than most FromSoftware games. Most players can grasp the plot without having to do much digging. Nonetheless, the game hides much of its story in optional areas. It’s entirely possible to miss the Rejuvenation Divine Child in an entire playthrough.

However, if a player makes an effort to find them, they reap the rewards. The kid and Kuro form a kind of friendship just because Sekiro talks to both of them. If the player meets the right conditions, the child agrees to save Kuro’s soul. Sekiro: Shadows die twiceThe resulting ending to “Return” is the only one in which Kuro and Wolf both survive.

1/10 The painter creates a new world

Dark Souls III

The Painter in Ashes from Ariandel DLC Dark Souls III

The painter is a recurring character throughout Dark Souls III‘s DLC. She is a rare friendly face left in the painted world at the end Ashes of Ariandel. She sends her protector, the slave knight Gael, on a hunt for new paint. Gael is a friend of the Ashen One himself. However, he loses himself in this quest and becomes the final boss of The Ring City.

That doesn’t mean it’s over for the painter. If the Ashen kills Gael, they can collect the dark soul’s blood from his body. The painter uses this to create a new world. A dark world, but one that is safe. It’s a rare happy ending in the murky Dark Souls Franchise. Nonetheless, it’s one that the player really has to work for.

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