10 Board Games That’ll Make You Laugh

Board games are great entertainment for a night out with close friends or at a party. Games offer a variety of experiences, some aiming to be strategic, educational, stressful, calming, fun, or a combination of these. Games designed with laughter in mind vary in content and style, but the result is always the same: lots of laughter.

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From extremely adult card games to ridiculous impromptu games, there are great board games to dig out for an evening of fun and laughter. Even if players are nervous about being put on the spot, these games offer helpful suggestions to get those creative juices flowing.

10 Secret Hitler delivers a wealth of betrayal and humor

Secret Hitler sends players back to 1930s Germany and assigns them a role, either liberal or fascist, while one player becomes secret Hitler. Everyone closes their eyes and the fascists reveal each other. The Hitler player raises his hand but remains in the dark as to who is who.

The fascists must try to spread tricks and deceit so that the Hitler player can become chancellor, while the liberals must sort out and assassinate Hitler. Secret Hitler will test friendships as players betray and blame each other, trying to achieve their goal while hilarity sets in.

9 Make your best impressions in monikers

A game that mixes impressions and charades, moniker challenges players to get their teammates to guess the name of the person they are trying to be. Players have three rounds to help their teammates guess by starting by saying anything they want, then saying just one word, and finally making gestures.

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moniker based on the game celebrities but has a larger pool of well-known personalities to choose from. Keeping a straight face during this game is almost harder than making some impressions.

8th The speak battle is real with Speak Out

in the Pronounce, players must draw a card and say the sentence on it while a timer counts down. It seems simple enough, except that the player wears a mouthpiece that prevents them from fully closing their lips or forming proper syllables.

As the player struggles to get the sentence out, their teammates must decipher what is being said to get this card. The team with the most cards at the end of several rounds wins. Viewing the shape of a player’s mouth with the mouthpiece in place provides a wild and hilarious experience.

7 Bluff and trick your way to victory in Spyfall

espionage is a game that sounds like it came out of an episode of Whose line is it anyway? All players get a card that shows the same location, casino, mall, etc., but one player gets a card that says Spy on it. Players take turns asking each other any questions they can think of and trying to weed out the Spy.

The spy must look for clues and decipher where the secret location is. If the Spy is correct, they win. If the Spy is outed, the other players get points. Full of creative deception, improvisation and detective work, laughter and tension are sure to follow as the cliffs begin to fly.

6 We’re Still Good puts a funny spin on bad scenarios

We’re still good is a new card game from internet creators Rhett and Link Good mythical morning. The game is a play on her show’s now-iconic lineage, claiming that “we’re still good” even when things went wrong. The game offers tons of fun and focuses on positivity by turning a bad scenario into a good one.

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in the We’re still good, one player chooses an event card with an empty space, and the rest of the players choose a card from their hand to fill in the empty space, creating a horrifying scenario. Each player needs to write down a reason why “we’re still good” after such a horrific strange event.​​​​​​

5 Survive hilarious scenarios with 3 things

When players are thrown into a ridiculous survival scenario, they must choose three things that will help them create a survival plan. in the 3 things Players draw a card with a strange scenario. Then they have 30 seconds to choose three cards from 80 cards and create their plan.

The player brings their case before the judge and wins survival rations. After several rounds, the player with the most rations wins. 3 things is a game of quick and creative thinking and will get some laughs as players try to convince the judge that items like high heels will help them survive an alien invasion.

4 Say it all, break the ice with fun questions

Say something helps players to find answers to these difficult questions between friends. Players draw a card and ask one of the questions on it: “What is the best war of stars Movie?” for example. Players write their answer on their suit-assigned card and toss it face up on the table. No duplicate answers are allowed.

The questioner secretly selects an answer with a spinner, and players must bet on which answer they think will be selected. Players bet chips and the player with the most chips at the end wins. For extra laughs and a little spice, Say it all: Uncensored asks bolder questions.

3 Stupid Deaths is funny and factual

Stupid Deaths is a game of fact or fiction in a race against the Grim Reaper. Players draw cards each turn, revealing a silly way someone died. Players have to vote if it’s right or wrong, and if they’re right, they move up the board.

Each player who guesses wrong must move the Grim Reaper piece one space to their own. If the Grim Reaper touches a player, he dies, but can use a life token to try again. For those who don’t mind a black humor, Stupid Deaths promises a really outrageous time.

2 Telestrations: After Dark can get wild

The standard telestrations works like a game “Broken Telephone” where players have to take a drawing pad, choose a topic and write it on the first page. Players then close the book and pass it to the person on their right. This person looks at the previous page and either draws the word or writes a word to describe the drawing they see.

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Telestration: After dark, as the name suggests, replaces all family-friendly theme suggestions with grown-up, sassy versions. Drawings and identifications really get out of hand, especially when some adult beverages have been consumed.

1 Cards Against Humanity is an absolute classic

cards against humanity, and all its extensions, remains one of the best laugh-tightening games out there. Players turn over a card revealing a phrase containing one or more spaces. Then players take turns choosing a card from their hand to fill that gap. The player who turns over the suggestion card chooses the answer they think is best.

Cards against humanityOutrageous, politically incorrect and utterly absurd, the answers and suggestions from are guaranteed to have a wild time. There are even blank cards that players can use to add their own fun suggestions.

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