10 Best Video Games That Were Almost Never Made

Video game development is neither easy nor stable. Even a small AAA project requires a huge budget, a large team, and a lot of time. Many projects are not realized. They are repeatedly delayed, team members are reassigned, or they are eliminated entirely during development.

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It’s not just bad games that risk cancellation. There are many popular, iconic video games that almost never existed. In some cases, their premise was considered too risky. Others suffered from problems during their development. These games all made it through to release and were loved by fans, but it was a close call.

10 Battlefield 1’s concept was considered risky

The front cover for the game Battlefield 1

battlefield 1 stands out from most first-person shooters in a simple way. It was discontinued during World War I. The rest of the genre focuses more on WWII, modern warfare, or the distant future. World War I is considered too static, horrific, and grim to make for an enjoyable video game.

battlefield 1 was loved by many upon release. It was considered one of the best games in its entire series. Fans particularly praised the large-scale set piece fights and surprisingly sensitive story. Nonetheless, at least once, top officers in EA have wholeheartedly rejected a trench warfare game. The team had to bring on Chief Design Officer Patrick Söderlund in order for the game to be released.

9 Grand Theft Auto was created by an accident

Grand Theft Auto 1997 screenshot information note

Grand Theft Auto quickly became one of the most popular and popular franchises in video game history. However, the very first game was almost never made. Its entire premise came about because of buggy code. The original idea of ​​the game was called Race’n’Chase. Players would participate in street races and dodge cops.

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However, the Bulls did not perform as planned. They started clashing with playtesters. In turn, playtesters began to prefer dueling with the police to racing. Eventually the developers saw the potential of such a game and changed its design. even then Grand Theft Auto had a difficult development. Almost every important development milestone was missed.

8th Dragon Age was not expected to get a sequel

The cover of the game Dragon Age II

dragon age 2 was the most controversial game in its franchise. Nonetheless, its smaller story and strong characters made some fans very excited about it. However, executives at EA never thought of it Dragon Age: Origins would get a sequel. They believed that the game was too outdated and not in line with contemporary tastes.

However, Dragon Age: Origins proved to be a bull’s eye for Bioware, comparable to mass effect. That’s what EA was supposedly hoping for Dragon Age: Origins would just be balanced. Instead, it proved so successful that they pushed for it dragon age 2 to do almost immediately.

7 Devil May Cry was almost Resident Evil 4

Dante shoots demons in the game Devil May Cry

Devil May Cry was loved as one of the most sophisticated and stylish action games of all time. Its mechanics and tone, however, almost entirely went to an entirely different series. Resident Evil 4 had built a large number of prototypes. All this tried to change the gameplay of the first three titles.

the Biohazard 4 2000 Prototype dealt with two super-powered brothers fighting their way through various Umbrella bases. It was seen as too radical a departure from the mood and genre of the first resident Evil games. However, the developers saw the potential of the gameplay. So they turned it into their own very successful franchise.

6 Fire Emblem shouldn’t hold up to three houses

Byleth with Dimitri, Claude and Edelgard in the game Fire Emblem Three Houses

Fire Emblem: Three Houses was one of the most critically acclaimed contributions to the franchise. It radically changed the franchise’s storytelling and gameplay, many of which found wide audiences. It proved to be one of the most successful and well-received titles of the entire series. Nevertheless, the fire sign Franchise almost came to an end long before that.

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fire sign fell into a long decline Fire Emblem: Awakening. Its games suffered from falling earnings as sales struggled. had awakening Underperforming or even broken, the franchise would have been terminated. However, awakening proved to be a hit in its own right. It revitalized the entire franchise and allowed Three houses to release afterwards fates.

5 Final Fantasy XV was announced as a different game

Gladio, Ignis, Noctis and Prompto prepare their weapons in Final Fantasy XV game

final fantasy came out with a large number of titles. Not all had a smooth development. When Final Fantasy XV was released, it found a sizable following. Its shift to real-time combat has appealed to many, as has its personal and emotional story, which follows a small group of friends. However, the game was not first announced as Final Fantasy XV.

The very first mentions of the game were under the name Final Fantasy verse XIII. It was conceived as a spin-off Final Fantasy XIII, according to another story. However, after the announcement, there was little information. It took ten years to develop, during which the game changed concept several times. Ultimately, it was released in 2016 as Final Fantasy XV. bit of Against XIII survived.

4 The Witcher II: Assassin of Kings almost ran out of money

Geralt of Rivia and Triss Merigold on the cover of The Witcher II: Assassin of Kings game

The Witcher II: Assassin of Kings wasn’t as popular as the incredibly successful one The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. However, it still helped to set The Witcher franchises on the map. It built on the success of the first game and made the series a big name in the video game industry. On arrival, however, it was almost dead.

Developed CD Projekt Red assassins of kings when outsourcing The Witcher: White Wolf to widescreen games. White Wolf proved expensive as CDPR ran up a lot of debt. This paired with assassins of kings‘ Own difficulties due to its branching plot, almost killed the game. White Wolf was aborted and all resources were used The Witcher II.

3 Pokemon has been rejected multiple times

The covers of Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue

Pokemon is one of the biggest media franchises of all time. The original Pokemon Red and Blue were some of the most iconic games of its generation. However, Nintendo repeatedly rejected Game Freak’s idea for the game. It took Shigeru Miyamoto’s personal intervention to get acceptance. Even after it entered development, many Nintendo executives were skeptical.

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Pokemon Red and BlueInitially mediocre sales of seemed to confirm that belief and ruin any chance of a franchise. However, word of mouth made the franchise a massive sleeper hit. Pokemon Red and Blue were the first of dozens of games.

2 The development of The Last Guardian survived One Studio

The boy and Trico from The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian was like a unique game Shadow of the Colossus and icon. Team Ico started development in 2007. Unfortunately, it wasn’t released until 2016. This was due to many technical difficulties. The game was developed for the PlayStation 3 but ended up not even being a launch title for the PlayStation 4.

The Last GuardianThe development process of was lengthy. Team Ico ran into trouble and a number of other Sony studios stepped in to help. Eventually, the team would actually disintegrate during development. Elements of Team Ico, including director Fumito Ueda, reformed as GenDesign. GenDesign would work with Sony and Japan Studio to complete the game after many years.

1 Super Metroid’s ambition almost killed it

Samus escapes from the planet Zebes in Super Metroid

Super Metroid was revolutionary when it was released. It codified many conventions of the Metroidvania franchise. It even eclipsed his two Metroid Prestige predecessor. However, it almost never made it to consoles. Series co-creator Gunpei Yokoi was having trouble with his development team. He remarked that the game was not art and criticized the time it took them to do it.

Super MetroidThe development of went so far beyond expectations that it was almost canceled. Not once, but three times. It made it through the skin of its teeth by developing. Nonetheless, it won critical acclaim, fan adoration, and a legacy that continues to this day.

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