10 Best Video Games Featuring Black Panther

As the release date for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever As we get closer, MCU fans will be more excited to see who takes over the Black Panther mantle from T’Challa. The confirmation of Namor the Submariner as the villain has also caused a lot of excitement. And while the premiere date is still a while away, there are plenty of other ways fans can immerse themselves in Black Panther content.

A major way fans can get into the Black Panther experience is through video games. Although the Ruler of Wakanda doesn’t have a solo game yet, he’s been a part of many incredible PC, console, and mobile games over the past few years. But which one of them represents the character better while providing fans with a great gaming experience?


Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 (2009)

Developed by Vicarious Visions, the game focuses on one of Marvel’s biggest events, the “Civil War”. Heroes who support the Superhero Registration Act (including Black Panther) can fight against those who don’t support it.

With over 30 playable characters, the game feels bigger compared to it Captain America: Civil War, which contains only select heroes. Black Panther fans will particularly appreciate the voice work of the legendary Tim Russ, who encapsulates T’Challa’s chants very convincingly. The gameplay doesn’t just mimic the standard Mortal Kombat Kind of face-offs either. Several cool features are available, most notably The Fusion, which allows two heroes to combine their powers momentarily, resulting in devastating effect.

Co-developed by Capcom and Eighting, the game pits Marvel Super Heroes against Capcom Heroes. Black Panther is an NPC but he is an integral part of the storyline as he has a romantic relationship with one of the best X-Men characters, Storm.

In a game that’s mostly about fighting, the side story involving Storm and Black Panther is very refreshing as it reminds Marvel fans of one of the surprising moments in the comics when the two heroes became lovers and ruled Wakanda together. And thanks to the in-game quick swap feature, there’s more fulfillment for players as characters don’t have to die too quickly. Any hero that becomes weak can easily be replaced.

Marvel Strike Force (2018)

The FoxNext game is exclusively for iOS, iPadOS and Android. And within it, STRIKE assembles teams of superheroes to stop Ultimus and his forces. Black Panther is an unlockable character that can be achieved with three stars.

There are many things to love about Black Panther here, the most prominent being its movie-accurate costume as the game was released a few months after the Chadwick Boseman film. As for the action, it’s not just a scenario for every superhero as Black Panther can summon the Dora Milaje depending on the level. This has advantages because whenever he’s supported by Wakandan allies, an attack can’t be blocked, making the superhero even more dubious. With such cool features, it’s no surprise that Marvel Strike Force won the Mobile Game of the Year trophy at the SXSW Gaming Awards (via The Verge).

Lego Marvel Super Heroes (2013)

Marvel superheroes are tasked with stopping Doctor Doom and Loki as they plot to take over the world. Players can choose from up to 189 characters, and Black Panther is among the options.

The Traveler’s Tales game limits Black Panther to just one move, the “Jump and Shred”, but that doesn’t come across as odd since flexibility isn’t really a thing for Lego characters. On a lighter note, the storyline balances out the limitations of combat, and it’s one that MCU fans will love too, given its similarity to the movie. T’Challa inherits the throne from his father T’Chaka and is also allowed to fight Ulysses Klaw. Black Panther takes aside, players will have a harder time completing the game because there is so much to do. With 15 main missions and 11 side missions, it’s clear that variety is something the creators care about.

Marvel Heroes (2015)

The events in the Gazillion Entertainment game revolve around Marvel superheroes trying to stop Doctor Doom after he gets his hands on the Cosmic Cube. Black Panther is among the numerous playable characters.

The game is based on the “What if?” Narration as heroes can acquire their counterparts’ powers when the player reaches certain levels. Therefore, depending on the player’s skills, it is possible to watch Black Panther shoot nets or fly. Dialogue is also emphasized, and that means don’t miss out on phrases like “Wakanda Forever!” The “Raid Mode” is also very enjoyable as it allows the Avengers to rally and stage a collective attack.

Marvel Contest of Champions (2014)

The Kabam video game is also only for IOS and Android and is at its best in the best Marvel crossover events, the “Contest Of Champions”. Among the 207 playable characters is Black Panther.

Given the large number of options available, players can live out all their dream battles. But it all depends on how good a player is since only 1-star superheroes are available in the beginning. Because the battle arena is rendered in 3D and 2D levels, the characters can’t move much, but just as there’s a variety of characters, there’s a variety of locations. So it’s entirely possible to have a fight like Captain America vs Wolverine in Wakanda.

Disney Infinity 3.0 (2015)

Published by Disney Interactive Studios, the sandbox game mainly focuses on the Star Wars franchise. However, there is a “Marvel Battlegrounds” segment where Loki and Ultron manipulate superheroes to fight each other.

Few games integrate different franchises into one without feeling convoluted Disney Infinity 3.0 creates a mini Disney festival without any flaws. Along with the likes of Luke Skywalker and Black Panther, players also have options like Dory and Riley. Fans will also appreciate the focus on the Marvel Battlegrounds segment, as it’s the only one that allows for four-player local gameplay. Therefore, Black Panther can team up with anyone.

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online (2011)

Co-produced by The Amazing Society and Gazillion Entertainment, Marvel Superhero Squad Online has superheroes who face off against multiple henchmen before reaching the final boss. Black Panther is included in the arcade version of the game.

With minimal skill moves, the game is best suited for younger audiences. And they are guaranteed to have a lot of fun as the missions are not complicated. Players also have more control since they don’t have to rely on some of Marvel’s best teams. They can fill in Nick Fury’s footsteps by creating their own squads of superheroes

Fortnite Battle Royale (2017)

In Epic Games’ offering, characters are dropped off in different locations and have to fight for survival. Black Panther is one of many purchasable characters.

A fight between Black Panther and the Terminator wouldn’t happen anywhere else, but it’s entirely possible here. Fans who are tired of seeing their favorite heroes only face off against characters from their franchises can experience all kinds of dream crossover matchups. But it’s all something to work for, so players will get better at the game while trying to earn enough to purchase the best characters.

Marvel’s Avengers (2020)

Based on the MCU version of the group, Kamala Khan reassembles the Avengers for various missions in the brawler game Crystal Dynamix. Black Panther was a late addition to the game, first appearing in 2021.

The most enjoyable part of the game is the graphics, which make the dialogue scenes seem like they were lifted out of the MCU. Using the AIM as a villain organization also feels revitalizing as it’s not among the most prominent outfits. Additionally, using Kamala Khan as the central character helps set her up for her MCU prominence. As for Black Panther, fans get the usual moves and storylines, but in a game where everything looks real, that doesn’t seem like an issue at all.

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