10 Best The Legend Of Zelda Games, Ranked By Metacritic

That Legend of Zelda series is a fantasy action RPG series that needs little introduction. The first title in the series was the sprawling 1986 game Famicom Disk System The Legend of Zelda: The Hyrule Fantasy.

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The series took a leap in quality when it switched to Super Nintendo in 1991, and gamers soon welcomed the SNES release. A connection to the past as one of the greatest video games of all time. The franchise spawned more than two dozen titles and spinoffs, and delivered games that garnered high scores on sites like Metacritic.

The fourteenth Zelda game and direct sequel to The Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass shares much of the look and feel of its predecessor. The twin-screen setup presents a familiar and soothing take on the Zelda world, giving it a distinctive user interface.

Very popular with both GameRankings and Metacritic, Phantom Hourglass remains a classic. Praised for its innovative user interface and distinctive graphics, it received positive reviews upon release. Retrospective reviews have been kind, but some reviewers don’t appreciate the looser playstyle.

A distant sequel to the legendary A connection to the pastthe franchise A connection between worlds brings back interdimensional gameplay. The title showcases the light world and the dark world, making both crucial to solving the game’s mysteries.

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A connection between worlds adds a stealth gameplay mechanic to the series that allows Link to transform into a mural and for a limited time slide around walls and cross gaps that would otherwise be uncrossable. A connection between worlds‘ Gameplay is a fun twist on a popular classic.

8th The Legend Of Zelda: Oracle Of Ages/Oracle Of Seasons told 1 story over 2 games (Metacritic Score: 92)

A pair of connected games forming an arch, Oracle of the Times and Oracle of the Seasons were two of many games that duplicated the Pokemon dual nature of the series. That oracle Games have expanded the format, using multiple versions of the game and the Link Cable peripheral to tell a full story.

Highly acclaimed by critics and fans alike, the dual narratives provided an interesting reason for players to pick up both titles. Oracle of the Times and Oracle of the Seasons took the classic Zelda storyline and stretched it across two intriguing titles that contained unique features.

The classic from 1991 for two decades A connection to the past was the first game in the zelda action until Skyward Sword came out in 2011. Set hundreds of years before the earlier game, Skyward Sword‘s floating island, flight-based gameplay, and motion-detection combat mechanics all received critical acclaim.

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A decade later, some of the shine has worn off. Some criticize the game mechanics for being dependent on Wii motion sensor technology. However, what remains is a very playable and popular game worthy of it zelda Heritage.

A classic Super Nintendo title released within the first year, A connection to the past is one of the most respected video games of all time. Generations of gamers have praised the game’s tight controls and well-curated list of power-ups that complement the gameplay and areas well.

With intelligent, challenging level design, A connection to the past got everything right about the first year of Super NES games. The title’s design showcased the console’s features without overemphasizing gimmicks like Mode 7, and the gameplay has aged very well.

A sequel and side story to the legendary ocarina of timethe cyclic gameplay of Majora’s mask was the crucial aspect of the game. Takes place two months later ocarina of timeLink must solve the destruction of the world over a period of three days.

The game mechanics required repeated failures before a success could be achieved, giving the game a slow pick-up. Over time, opinions about the game arose and after many years it was recognized as one of the best games the franchise has ever produced.

Twilight Princessa launch title for the Wii, was rated top zelda game of its time wind alarm clock. With advanced enemy AI and complex puzzles, it was a step forward for the zelda Series.

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With right-handed controls inherited from the transition to Wii, Twilight Princess was the first Zelda game to feature Link as right-handed. Its WiiU HD remaster was slightly less well-regarded than the beloved original, but it remained a solid title for an otherwise disappointing system.

One of the strongest Zelda games of all time wind alarm clockThe nautical theme and adventurous gameplay turned mockery of the cartoonish graphics into cheers. Released for the GameCube in 2002, wind alarm clock became one of the true classics of the series.

Met with widespread critical acclaim, the game’s reception has become more positive over the years. Hailed as the GameCube’s best adventure game, the lukewarm response from the population upon the game’s initial release improved as players warmed to its unique approach.

breath of the wild takes the zelda trends that have evolved over the past 25 years, making it a masterful launch title for the Switch. Players’ rapid adoption of the Switch made the Wii U version look like an afterthought.

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Described by IGN’s Jose Otero as a master class in open-world design, breath of the wildThe breathtaking vistas and realistically distant horizon complemented well-crafted storylines and intelligent AI. breath of the wildThe reception of has only gotten better over time, and it seems poised to become a genre classic.

The highest-scoring Zelda game of all time is the Nintendo 64 Classic ocarina of time. The first of the two N64 games in zelda Series, ocarina of time modernized the series’ formula, adding time travel mechanics and three-dimensional puzzles to the popular Zelda formula.

ocarina of time became the first Zelda game since 1988 to break out of the top-down isometric perspective Zelda II: The Adventures of Link. It delivered a better Zelda game, better balanced the difficulty, and gave the players a satisfying experience.

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