10 Best-Selling Games In The Series

The Game Awards on December 8 saw many awards for 2022’s games of the year, as well as numerous announcements of what’s to come in 2023. A moment that combined retrospect and outlook was the award for the most anticipated video game of 2023. To no surprise, the winner was the Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdomthe continuation of breath of the wild.

The Legend of Zelda has flourished since its debut in 1986 and has since gone on to be an incredible franchise that has spawned some of the best video games of all time. Over the years, Major zelda Games dominated and were some of the best-selling games of all time.


A Link Between Worlds official art.

The 3DS was a fantastic era for Nintendo gamers and the only brand new game released for the 3DS zelda franchise was A connection between worlds which sold 4.42 million units. This game takes place in the same Hyrule as A Link to the Past, with many of the same dungeons slightly modified.

RELATED: 10 iconic video games turning 10 in 2023However, it is not a remake and is set generations later. The game is incredibly fun and offers fantastic new features like Link’s new ability to fuse with walls. Many fans were in awe of Lorule, the mirrored world of Hyrule that featured the parallel counterparts of some iconic characters.

The Wind Waker – 4.43 million

Video game art for the GameCube The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker was one of the best-selling GameCube games and was a huge sensation that continues to be a fan favorite. The game also received an HD remaster for the Wii U, which sold 2.36 million copies.

RELATED: 10 iconic video games turning 20 in 2023The Wind Waker featured a vibrant and colorful world where Link could traverse the open sea and dock at multiple islands. The game has managed to stick to old and well-known concepts from previous games while offering a completely new and unique experience for gaming in general.

Link faces Moldorm in A Link to the Past.

A connection to the past was an instant gamer favorite when the game was released, and it helped define many important aspects of the Zelda franchise, such as one of the best swords in video games, the Master Sword.

The game brought back a more familiar playstyle like the first Legend of Zelda and helped drive the future of 2D zelda To play. This game is very similar to A Link Between Worlds but features a very different story and another world for Link to travel to, the Dark World.

Phantom Hourglass – 4.76 million

The Legend of Zelda Phantom Hourglass

It’s quite surprising that the Phantom Hourglass managed to have more sales than wind alarm clock with a total of 4.76 million. However, this is probably because the game is a sequel to wind alarm clock and its release on the Nintendo DS, Nintendo’s best-selling video game console of all time.

The game feels much more boring and simple compared to Wind Waker and there isn’t a lot of repetition zelda The fans loved the game. This negative reception may also have been the reason ghost tracks didn’t sell nearly as well, although it was on the DS too.

The Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening Battle

The original Link’s Awakening has sold well in the past, with the first release selling over 3 million units and the second just over 2 million. However, the latest remake for the Nintendo Switch blasts both numbers out of the water with 6.08 million sales.

This is largely thanks to the incredible amount of sales the Nintendo Switch has been able to amass and is one reason why there will likely be more remakes and remasters of it zelda games in the future. Link’s Awakening is by no means a bad game and a perfect sequel to A connection to the past much more focused on a lighter and more peaceful world.

Ocarina of Time 3D – 6.40 million

Link with Navi in ​​The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

ocarina of time has long been known as one of the greatest video games of all time and there weren’t many Zelda fans who didn’t jump at the opportunity to get the 3D remaster when it was released on the 3DS.

There weren’t too many changes from the original and most of the game featured improved graphics and touched on minor issues and bugs that the original game had. Regardless, this was the best-selling handheld zelda Game.

The Legend of Zelda – 6.51 million

Promotional image from the original Legend of Zelda, with link in front of an aerial view of Hyrule.

The first zelda The game is considered to be one of the best 2D games to date Legend of Zelda Games in the franchise and one of the best selling. The original game can be quite difficult, especially without the use of some kind of guide or map.

It doesn’t feel overwhelming or impossible, however, and figuring out where to go and what to do becomes less and less of an issue the more the player plays. The game opens to a breathtaking experience as one of the most unique video games of all time.

Ocarina of Time – 7.6 million

Young Link in front of the dying Deku Tree in Ocarina of Time Zelda.

ocarina of time was the best selling zelda Game for years and if it were to combine sales with its 3DS counterpart it would be second best zelda game overall. The game was released on the Nintendo 64 and totaled 7.6 million sales.

RELATED: 10 harsh realities of repeating Ocarina Of TimeThat was absolutely brilliant zelda Game that gave players a 3D zelda game for the first time. Since then, zelda Fans constantly awaited the next big 3D zelda game just knowing it was going to be an incredible experience.

Twilight Princess – 8.58 million

Link and Hero's Shade from the Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess.

Twilight Princess is easily one of the best of the Legend of Zelda games, so it’s not surprising that the game garnered 8.58 million sales destined for the GameCube and Wii. Unfortunately, it barely sold over 1 million units on the Wii U with its HD remaster, but that’s more due to the console’s poor sales numbers.

Regardless, Twilight Princess is one of the most addictive and satisfying games of all time, featuring the most intricate combat for Link, an immersive story, and an incredible world that’s built better than before. The game serves as the perfect successor to ocarina of time and is full of references from the game.

Breath of the Wild – 28.2 million

Link overlooking the vast land of Hyrule in Breath of the Wild key art.

breath of the wild was released on the Wii U and Nintendo Switch with over 28.2 million sales between the two consoles. This has been the most discussed zelda game ever, and it completely redefined the franchise by throwing Link into the very first open-world game zelda.

Every inch of the game is incredibly well designed with a beautifully vibrant world for Link to explore endlessly. While some longtime fans may not like how many old tropes are gone in the new game, there are plenty of old references featuring the same regions and races.

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