10 Best RPG Games You Can Play In VR, Ranked

Virtual reality gaming, the ultimate form of escapism in post-pandemic 2022, continues to increase its lifelike immersion for gamers looking to get away from their everyday routines and explore exciting new worlds. When the most immersive role-playing games (RPG) on the market are combined with VR headsets like Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR, HTC Vive, Valve Index, etc., players can really feel part of the world and make the most of exciting experiences.

While there are many RPGs that can be played in VR, the crème de la crème tend to balance visceral immersion with top-notch storytelling, fluid gameplay mechanics, excellent graphics, and more.


10 Nobody’s heaven

A giant role-playing game in space, Nobody’s heaven is one of the most immersive cosmic explorations you can experience in VR. Players identify themselves as The Traveler, an alien humanoid tasked with scouring the infinite expanses while collecting items, fighting monsters, surviving the environment, and trading with others. While individual game elements have certain flaws, the sum is greater than their parts.

Praised for its procedural game mechanics that use algorithms and random number generators to create over 18 quintillion planets to explore, No Man’s Sky broke its shady reputation upon release in 2016 to be one of the most satisfying VR RPGs of the year to be in 2022.

9 Blade & Sorcery

Whether the PC or the ingenious Oculus Quest headset version, the early access Blade & Sorcery remains one of the most popular action-based melee VR RPGs of 2022. Praised for its superb physics-based engineering tailored specifically for VR, few sword fighting games feel quite as enjoyable, realistic, or replayable. Players can choose to be a warrior, sorcerer or ranger tasked with making their own discoveries and fighting a multitude of hardened enemies.

While it lacks the extensive open-world exploration that keeps players busy for the long term, Blade & Sorcery is ideal for those who prefer brutally intense melee, ranged, and magic combat. While the game doesn’t offer a multiplayer option, those looking to be as creative as possible while fighting in virtual reality need look no further.

8th Journey of the Gods

As most VR gamers know, minimalism and simplicity usually equate to the smoothest, most satisfying gameplay. This is to be proved Journey of the Godsa straightforward but delightfully charming affair that follows many clues That Legend of Zelda solve jigsaw puzzles. Set in a gigantic open-world setting, the first-person action role-playing game challenges players to act as a magical god and battle deadly monsters of all shapes and sizes summoned by the Chaos Moon.

While the game’s visual style is fairly simple, the balanced gameplay mechanics are ideal for VR players who want to move around the room instead of playing from a seated or fixed standing position. With approximately six hours of content to discover, Journey of the Gods is polished. Plus, using the sword, shield, and crossbow feels authentic with the Oculus Touch.

7 A township story

A township story consistently makes any serious VR gamer one of the absolute must-play titles exclusive to Oculus Quest 2. The acclaimed medieval fantasy MMORPG allows players to work together with friends online to colonize, found a society, scour dungeons, and… to work as a blacksmith. Lumberjacks, archers, miners, warriors and more, each with their own stories to fulfill.

An excellent community building game that prioritizes cooperative teamwork, A township story is ideal for VR gamers who are less interested in harrowing combat and better equipped to build, craft, explore and turn a barren piece of land into a unique settlement from the ground up. While the visual tableau might be too cartoony and childish for hardcore gamers, the game has very few other downsides.

6 The Magician’s Story

The closest approach to a Harry Potter VR experience, The Magician’s Story is an essential single player role-playing game that allows players to face creepy ghouls, goblins, deadly traps and a labyrinthine hideout that will keep them occupied for more than 10 hours from start to finish.

An offshoot of The Story of the Bard, the mystical VR quest challenges players to save their magical mentor from hideous beasts, force them to cast spells, learn new magical incantations, and slay deadly monsters along the way. The production values ​​are second to none, the pace fast and furious, and best of all, The Magician’s Story is available for Rift, Vive, PSVR and other VR headsets. The only real downside is a linear, non-open world story that doesn’t offer a multiplayer option.

5 Half-Life: Alyx

Currently with a Metascore of 93, Half-Life: Alyx is arguably the most enjoyable VR first-person shooter RPG out there. Players familiar with the world of half-life will receive a nostalgic dose of terror as the story takes place between events that happened half-life and half-life 2 Players can control Alyx Vance as realistically as possible.

Alyx joins her father in bringing down the nefarious Combine and is tasked with solving puzzles, exploring mysterious environments and surviving hostile alien forces in the most innovative ways, with players taking full responsibility to make the right decisions. Half-Life: Alyx was awarded Best VR/AR at the Game Awards 2020, indicating its outstanding performance across the board.

4 OrbusVR: Reborn

Famous for being the first supported VR MMORPG released to the masses, OrbusVR: Reborn remains a must for gamers looking for the most immersive VR gaming experiences available. Designed for dynamic space-scale movement, the game features over 100 hours of explorable content for players to battle monsters, race dragons, brew potions, craft weapons, and more.

Featuring 8 playable classes, 5-player dungeons and 10-player raids, free updates, player swapping, pet dragons, and other unique RPG options, OrbusVR: Reborn reworks the aesthetic of the original game and offers each player the opportunity to join the game on their own terms. As such, it’s a top contender for one of the most entertaining and immersive VR RPGs out there.

3 Zenith: The Last City

In an astronomical open world specially created for virtual reality, Zenith: The Lost City is everything players can expect from an Early Access release. Combining top-notch VR combat mechanics with smooth multiplayer functionality and immersive graphics, the epic expanse of the land will inspire, engage and awe players for over 100 hours.

Whether crafting, fighting, exploring, forging alliances, joining raids or blazing your own path, Zenith: The Last City does a wonderful job of really making players feel like lone survivors in the galaxy whose choices matter for the future of humanity. The best part is that it is available on all major VR headsets.

2 demeo

The popular tabletop role-playing game from Resolution Games demeo was named VR Game of the Year in 2021, making it a prime contender for those looking to immerse themselves in an unforgettable gaming experience. The revered fantasy dungeon crawler offers three distinct and extremely well-written adventures for players to take on, in which they can spend their days as a hunter or assassin in what has been described as the closest thing D&D VR game on disc.

The intricate detail and polished finish of the game’s visual design is beyond reproach, allowing players to play alone or with friends in online co-op, and there’s even a fantastic cross-platform multiplayer option. Available on almost all VR headsets, Demeo is one of the most satisfying social VR engagements out there.

The granddaddy of all VR RPGs, the sheer size, scope and scale of Skyrim is what keeps the game at the top of the heap. Elder Scrolls was a stellar title even before the VR addition, but with it the experience goes beyond just gaming and becomes a fully immersive investment that feels authentic and cinematic at the same time, making players feel thrown right into the heart of a harrowing game to become game of Thrones Final.

With 25 hours of content in the Special Edition and over 200 hours for players who want to explore every aspect of the game, Skyrim has been widely acclaimed for its endless maze of content that keeps players fully engaged throughout. The massive open-world VR game is still played by millions of players every month and is recognized as the main influence of breath of the wild. Between the excitement of VR immersion and the huge impact it has had on the gaming industry, Skyrim still reigns supreme.

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